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Blockchain Dev
11 min
Everything you need to know about hiring blockchain developers in 2024
Helen Petraschuk
Managing Partner

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Our news
11 min
Green Initiative Project: Restoring Ecosystems in the Rivne Region
Building a Greener Future: Restoring Biodiversity in the Rivne Region Green Initiative Project: Restoring Ecosystems ...
Our news, Web 3.0
11 min
How Do Carbon Credit Marketplaces Revolutionize Sustainability Efforts through Web 3.0?
Carbon credits are the best way to adjust companies to meet their amount of CO2e. In our latest article, we talk abo ...
Our news
11 min
Clutch Recognizes 4IRE as Estonia’s Best-Ranking B2B Company for 2022
We are excited to announce that Clutch named 4IRE as the best-ranking Estonia`s B2B Company in 2022! Check out the d ...
Our news
11 min
The Manifest Recognized 4IRE as Ukraine’s Top Recommended Blockchain Developer in 2021
We’re pleased to announce that 4IRE is recognized as Ukraine’s top recommended blockchain developer by The Manifest ...
Our news
11 min
Meet New Outstanding Partners at 4IRE
4ire Labs welcomec first-class professionals Andrew Klesov & Gregory Ovsiannikov to our team. We are sure that toget ...
Our news
11 min
Green Assets Wallet won Mastercard Lighthouse MASSIV
On November 23, our partners Green Assets Wallet won the People's Choice Award in the Mastercard Lighthouse MASSIV P ...