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Amplify your business potential with superior AI applications and solutions. Work with the best talent at 4IRE to take advantage of custom algorithms and software of the future.

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    4IRE AI Developers

    AI Developer

    I am a mid-level data analyst with 2+ years of industry experience and profound expertise in blockchain, FinTech, and retail sectors. I’m well-versed in machine learning algorithms and implement various approaches to solving complex business tasks with deep data analytics and processing. I worked with crypto, financial, and e-commerce datasets on various projects and can produce sentiment analysis and user-friendly data visualizations.

    Python MySQL
    Middle Data Analyst

    I am a mid-level data analyst with a track record of 2+ years in data analysis and machine learning. My industry expertise includes telecom projects, ETL process optimization, SQL query development, driving software, no-code platform design, and report-building automation. I can work on projects of any complexity due to my advanced skills in product segmentation, data parsing automation, and complex data validation.

    Python MySQL PostgreSQL
    Strong Middle Data Analyst

    I am a strong middle data scientist with 5+ years of experience and industry expertise in retail and insurance. I possess profound data visualization and analytics skills and can process datasets of any complexity. Previously worked on ETL process automation and optimization, SQL data analysis, and market analytics for competitor analysis and in-depth client assessment. I can build robust predictive models to boost business growth based on strategic data insights.

    MySQL Python
    Senior / Lead Data Engineer

    I am a senior level/Lead data engineer with 6+ years in the industry, with a specific focus on the FinTech domain. I am competent in scalable and resilient data pipeline design and can efficiently clean, organize, and aggregate large datasets of any complexity. My experience of technical writing, teaching, and mentorship (including Hackathon judgement) allows me to lead and organize teams for handling large-scale data science projects.

    Python JavaScript MySQL PostgreSQL CSS
    Senior Data Scientist / Data Analyst

    I am a senior-level data scientist and data analyst with 3+ years of experience and a focus on retail projects. I am competent in large dataset automation, data exploration, and data availability validation. I perform data mining to assess project requirements’ feasibility and translate business goals into functional specifications. Experienced in promo campaign design and analysis of their outcomes, prototype development, data preparation process automation, and product roll-out for clients.

    Python MySQL
    Senior Data Scientist / Data Analyst

    I am a senior-level data scientist/analyst with 3+ years of track record in the industry. I offer a deep understanding of big data, ETL processes, and data processing and visualization. Can offer the best-matching automation models and solutions in compliance with project goals and business requirements. Competent in AI/ML, statistical modeling, programming, and BI development.

    Python MySQL PostgreSQL
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    Who We Are

    4IRE is a Ukrainian-Swedish partnership with a strong focus on innovative software development. We have been specializing in AI-powered software solutions for over a decade now and house 100+ skilled programmers with an in-depth understanding of AI software development, machine learning algorithms, and innovative data science tools for all types of businesses. Our AI/data science products empower your business and give you vital insights for business growth.


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    About 4IRE

    Hiring and Engagement Models


    You can get a programmer or an AI coding team at 4IRE to work on your project full-time without dividing their attention and effort between your tasks and other projects. Full-time teams are 100% committed to working with one client only for the contract period.


    Part-time engagement is more flexible for businesses that need AI tech stack only part of the time and don’t want to cover the full monthly rates of AI developers. In this case, your hired specialists will be simultaneously engaged in several projects along with yours.

    Time & Material

    Pay only for the time that an AI programmer dedicated to your task by using our Time & Material model for collaboration. In this case, you cover the number of hours required to solve your project task, which is highly flexible and affordable for businesses.

    How to start hiring

    Requirements Gathering

    We discuss the project with the client to identify its technical requirements and technology needs. At this stage, we can verify the availability of needed tech expertise and make preliminary estimates of work hours based on the general project idea and your expectations. 

    Research and Planning

    The next stage involves more detailed market and technology research on your project to plan the breakdown of costs and human resources needed for your project’s implementation. It’s a more concrete step that ends with budget and deadline roadmap planning. 

    Development Stage

    If you’re okay with our provided estimates, it’s time to compile a team and get down to the actual coding. We offer candidates, you approve the final team composition, and the dedicated team works under our close guidance to deliver the project to you. 

    Testing Phase

    Once the dev work is over, we undertake extensive QA testing of the resulting product. Our experts run a series of automated and manual checks, review the code logic, and analyze the code’s cybersecurity before the final project submission. 


    How can my business benefit from hiring AI developers?

    Artificial intelligence is everywhere today, helping businesses automate many operations and optimize their operational expenditures without compromising quality. AI-powered software can improve user experience and help you attain steady revenue growth with minimal effort due to better control and analysis of big data generated in the process of your daily business functioning. 

    What is the process for hiring AI developers from your company?

    You need to talk to our managers and discuss your project to determine the AI staffing needs, the number of programmers you need for the team, and the overall workload you want to get done. After the requirements’ assessment, we provide candidate CVs for your review; you hold interviews with the developers you like the most and make the final hiring decision. We can monitor the developers’ work on our side by assigning a Project Manager; otherwise, you can control the process on your side by integrating the 4IRE AI developer into your in-house development team’s operations.

    Can your AI developers work with existing AI models, or do they develop from scratch?

    Our team includes AI developers with in-depth expertise in the AI software development niche, so they can both integrate the existing AI models and algorithms into your business infrastructure and build brand-new AI software from scratch based on your unique requirements and needs. We handle projects of any complexity and can deliver superior quality on any type of AI software task.

    How do you handle communication and collaboration with remote AI developers?

    We at 4IRE always work hard to create smooth, frictionless communication between our office and the client’s in-house team, as the success of communication determines the project’s outcomes to a large degree. We assign a Project Manager to organize communication channels and set a collaborative atmosphere or onboard the developers for management on the client’s side. Besides, we have a set of standard practices for communication scheduling and meetups for progress discussions to ensure the project moves on smoothly, with everyone kept in the loop.

    What is the cost of hiring AI developers?

    AI developers’ hourly and monthly rates vary broadly, depending on their experience level, industry expertise, and tech stack. It also matters where you hire the AI development staff, as Western countries usually have higher rates for AI development. On average, the hourly rate for AI programming ranges from $60 to $100+ per hour, and the annual salary of AI developers is well above $100,000.

    How can I get started with hiring AI developers from your company?

    The first point of reference at 4IRE is our CTO or a manager to whom you can address your inquiry. If you are unsure about your project’s staffing needs, it’s better to schedule an online meeting with our CTO and discuss all the details and project specifics. They will help you determine the development needs more precisely and choose the hiring model meeting your project scope. Managers can also help with project scoping, and the next step is CV review and candidate selection and recruitment for the AI development job.