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Smart contracts fuel the functioning of any blockchain. Get customized smart contracts from the 4IRE team to power your blockchain with user-friendly, operational solutions.

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Our smart contracts development services

Gathering the Requirements
The initial step of our work is to understand your business needs and develop project specifications.
Smart Contract Architecture
The 4IRE team chooses the suitable smart contract architecture for your project.
Smart Contract Development
4IRE developers and blockchain architects work on the technical part of your smart contracts.
Smart Contract Audit
We conduct a series of QA tests to ensure that smart contracts function as they should and don’t contain bugs.
Smart Contract Optimization
Based on the QA results, we polish the technical architecture of your smart contracts and prepare the platform for a launch.

Technologies we use

We implement smart contracts to automate business operations with the following blockchain technologies.

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Why choose 4IRE for Smart Contract Development Service

Smart Contracts Development Expertise
Trusted Development Partner
Support and Maintenance
Focus on Customer Goals
Top Engineering Talent Pool

Smart Contracts Development Expertise

Our software engineers and blockchain architects have in-depth practical expertise in numerous aspects of blockchain development. With our 200 operational projects in our portfolio, you can be confident about the professionalism and customized blockchain solutions we’ll offer.

Trusted Development Partner

4IRE has become a trusted development partner of numerous renowned blockchain platforms and projects, such as Maker DAO, Corda, Green Assets Wallet, etc. We partner with numerous blockchain initiatives in the EU and keep pace with regional blockchain innovation. 

Support and Maintenance

Our collaboration doesn’t end with the blockchain project’s launch. We support all clients throughout the whole project lifecycle by giving timely updates, in-house training of staff, troubleshooting, etc. We can also deliver related services, such as the platform’s tokenization, ICO, and the like.

Focus on Customer Goals

4IRE developers have extensive experience in creating and launching a variety of blockchain projects. Here you can get customized solutions for DeFi, green finance, gaming, insurance, supply chain, and other products developed according to your specifications.

Top Engineering Talent Pool

The 4IRE team includes over a dozen experienced professionals in all aspects of blockchain and smart contract development. We are constantly expanding our talent pool to deliver exceptional results to clients on all types of Fintech, blockchain, and DeFi projects.

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Our strategic partner in FinTech innovations

Smart contracts for businesses

Real estate

Real estate transactions are costly and highly risky, lacking transparency for all participants involved. Smart contracts can remove the ambiguity and risks from the real estate operations by ensuring that the seller gets their money upon the buyer’s completion of the terms predetermined in the contract. Smart contracts can also add transparency to real estate deals, thus reducing the risks of fraud and broker manipulations.

Supply chain

Blockchain currently transforms the global supply chain, making every product item visible throughout the logistics life cycle. Delivery times are reduced, and inventory management becomes simpler, with real-time item tracking. Smart contracts make traceability-directed operations highly automated and increase the safety of financial transactions among shipping contractors.


Smart contracts have much to offer for the insurance industry, promising to reduce inefficiencies and eliminate fraud and errors in the current insurance system. Due to blockchain’s immutability, the user’s insurance policy cannot be manipulated or forged, thus reducing the number of false or duplicate claims, insurance abuses, and financial fraud among all stakeholders involved.

Trade finance

Smart contracts can aid users of financial services and simplify operations in many domains. These include shorter settlement cycles in investment banking, cost savings in retail banking, reduced processing overheads in the financial insurance sector, fraud elimination from financial transactions, and automation of cumbersome processes eating millions of dollars per year.


Smart contracts allow the safe storage of patients’ health records and medical data in the distributed ledger. If patients are served in different medical institutions, the authorized hospital staff can access their medical records and derive/add relevant data there with ease. Health data storage in blockchain can also simplify the process of receiving medical services via telemedicine.


Smart contracts are gaining momentum in the entertainment industry as gamers embrace their potential for completing transactions with other gamers. Users can easily trade game-related assets, armor, or native game tokens without fearing that their money will be lost or stolen. Businesses increasingly use blockchain gaming solutions to give their users a broader realm of features.

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Why does your business need smart contracts development services?

If your business operates a blockchain platform or plans to launch a blockchain-powered project, you definitely need to enable its users to generate smart contracts within your system. Smart contracts represent self-executing digital contracts in which the obligations of both parties are coded. These contracts are native to a specific blockchain, meaning that they derive data from the users’ accounts and self-execute if the parties’ obligations are fulfilled. They serve as a highly secure and innovative alternative to paper contracts as concluding a smart contract takes out all risks of fraud or counterparty manipulations. Besides, smart contracts don’t require middleman involvement, thus cutting the parties’ costs, reducing the bureaucracy, and preserving a high level of security and trust.

What are the main advantages of smart contracts?

With blockchain being one of the modern disruptive technologies promising a genuine transformation of digital space and how people transact in it, smart contracts add security and transparency to all blockchain-related operations. They enable the “trustless” nature of blockchain transactions, which suggests that users can transact with each other without the need for verifications or trust audits. In other words, blockchain users can quickly enter deals with other users without the risk of losing money or being scammed. Smart contracts check whether each of the contract’s parties has the assets they need to supply to the other party and self-executes by enforcing the contractual terms on both participants.

Why are smart contracts secure?

The major advantage of smart contracts for a variety of users is their complete safety and immutability, which is a unique feature securing the rights of all parties in the digital transactions. Smart contracts function on the IF/THEN basis, meaning that a contract’s obligation to one party will be fulfilled only if that party met their side of contractual terms. The smart contract’s terms are written in the specific blockchain’s ledger, making them intact and non-changeable; that is, no party can forge or manipulate the agreed terms. As a result of parties’ activities, the condition is either met (the contract self-executes) or not met (the contract is annulled). Everything takes place automatically, with zero fraud or theft risks.  

Which are the best blockchain platforms for smart contract development?

By default, the Ethereum platform is used for smart contract development as it’s the pioneering network that created smart contracts. Thus, it offers the ideal functionality and set of features to fuel well-functioning smart contracts. 4IRE team can also develop smart contracts based on Solidity/Rust if these are better suited to your project requirements.

Why outsource custom blockchain smart contracts development to 4IRE?

Blockchain development is booming now, but not every company can afford to hire an entire in-house blockchain team to create one project for its business goals. Thus, it’s much more flexible in terms of time and energy to partner with an outsourced provider of blockchain development services like 4IRE. You get a functional team with the guaranteed tech stack and expertise you need for the project. Besides, outsourcing your blockchain development project to an experienced team is cost-effective, with less legal/taxation hassle and the ability to work with a ready team instead of creating your own.

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