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Supercharge your Web3 business with cutting-edge tech solutions. We have 150+ blockchain coders and engineers on board, able to design smart contract logic of any complexity for your project. 

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    4IRE Smart Contract Developers

    Blockchain Architect

    Oleksandr is experienced Blockchain Arhcitect focused on backend development, blockchain, bleeding-edge tech and service architecture.
    Being passionate technology enthusiast and everaging deep expertise in Blockchain and DeFi, he creats robust and simple architecture for Substrate-based solutions. Oleksandr also develops smart contracts & custom blockchains using Parity’s ink!, Rust and Substrate.

    Java Kubernetes Rust Typescript
    Senior Blockchain Developer

    Elena is a BCS with a background in Android development and Computer Vision. For more than 3 years, she has been developing blockchain solutions, designing blockchain architecture, providing
    technical consultations, and leading blockchain teams. She developed projects of the various technical stack (Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, etc.) and complexity, including the design and development of Yellowpapers and Architecture.

    Bitcoin Ethereum Hyperladger Fabric R3 Corda Solidity
    Solution Architect

    Valeriy is a Blockchain Solution Architect with 5+ years of experience in building complex blockchain projects and leading development teams in Blockchain, Fintech, and DeFi. Experienced Solidity Developer, skilled in PHP, Laravel, Angular and Golang, provides high-level technical advisory, participates in technical plannings, prepares technical discovery and documentation, handels developers evaluation process.

    CSS MySQL PHP Solidity
    Lead Blockchain Engineer

    Working in IT since 2003 and having a wide-range expertise, Eugene built more than 50 projects of different complexity in various industries. Recently focused on primarily Blockchain and DeFi projects, mentoring Solidity developers, developing and implementing architecture on Blockchain projects (vesting, yield farming, NFT, games) and implementing smart contract audits.

    AWS CSS Express.js Hardhat Java Mocha MySQL Nest.js Node.js PHP Solidity Spring Vue.js
    Head of Engineering

    Yaroslav is a Head of Engineering with a unique combination of strong technical, consulting, and management skills. Leveraging 5+ years of experience in Solidity, he leads world-class blockchain dedicated development teams, prepares the architecture vision for the DeFi and FinTech projects, conducts smart contract audits. Yaroslav participated in more than 30 ICOs ERC20 tokens development, and solution development for contracts deployment to the mainnet.

    .NET C# CSS Mocha Mongo MySQL Node.js Python Solidity Truffle Web3
    Solution Architect

    Kyrylo is an experienced blockchain solution architect and Solidity developer with extensive expertise in Ethereum, Tezos, NEAR Protocol, Polkadot, Solana, Symbol, Stellar, and other blockchain platforms. Being a member of the ToIP Consortium and a winner of 3 challenges at BlockchainUA hackathons in 2018-2020, he has a track of 20+ years at C-level position in software development and telecom sectors.

    Business Analysis JavaScript PostgreSQL Product Management Software Development
    Rust Developer

    Andriy is a blockchain engineer with a background in backend development, design and development of DeFi applications for the Solana blockchain and Polkadot ecosystem. The projects he has developed utilized proven tools of the respective ecosystems: Anchor framework for Solana and FRAME pallets/Open runtime Module library for Substrate Framework.

    Rust Solana Substrate
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    Want to smart contract developer?

    Who we are

    4IRE has been the frontliner of Web3 and blockchain transition in Europe since the dawn of these technologies. We have a large team of in-house and remote blockchain coders specializing in secure, cost-effective smart contract development and auditing. Thus, with 4IRE expertise and dedication, you can quickly move your project to a new level of Web3 presence and success.


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    Providing Blockchain Services for 12+ Years.

    4IRE Hiring and engagement model

    Full-time hiring

    The 4IRE team of smart contract coders is available for full-time engagement in your project via staff augmentation. You can quickly close talent gaps and hire a smart contract developer for your project, knowing that they will be fully dedicated to your tasks on a full-time basis, though working remotely from the 4IRE office. 

    Part-time hiring

    Those who don’t need smart contract developers for full-time employment can opt for the part-time collaboration model. This way, you get a flexible and cost-efficient solution to cover your project tasks and ensure that all smart contract-related development work is completed on time. The part-time coders will work on several projects simultaneously, attending to your project when you need them to. 


    Time & Material

    This alternative is the most flexible and affordable for companies requiring smart contract development staff for separate tasks emerging from time to time in the course of project work. You only pay for the hours our coders spend on your tasks, never overpaying for coder recruitment and maintenance in the in-house team.  

    Our Smart Contract Development Services

    Web3 is the new word in the digital space, and smart contracts fuel the functioning of Web3 projects. Thus, every forward-looking business should tap into the innovative and quickly expanding blockchain niche to reap its immense potential and derive business revenue. 4IRE is ready to help you transition to the Web3 digital space with secure, robust, and functional smart contracts of any complexity. We use a large mix of blockchain technologies and tools to customize solutions to unique business needs and help you outperform the competitors in your niche. 

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    What our clients say

    4IRE is a blockchain development company with extensive experience in migrating projects to NEAR – a next-generation layer 1 protocol for independent powering of the emerging Open Web.

    Our Awards and Recognition

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    Where are your smart contract developers located?

    4IRE is a Ukrainian-Swedish collaboration with 150+ in-house developers and a large team of remote employees spread across Western Europe and residing in other countries (e.g., Canada). The company has three delivery centers in Ukraine and Sweden and caters to international clientele. You can connect to our developers and managers in the 4IRE offices or via online meetups and consultations.  

    Can I hire a smart contract developer within 24 hours with 4IRE?

    Yes, it is possible to receive the resumes of smart contract coders meeting your project requirements within 24 hours after order placement. However, the timing of recruitment depends on the timeliness and speed of your hiring decisions. We can select the staff with an appropriate tech stack and provide their candidacies, while the rest depends on your final staff selection for the team.  

    How much does it cost to hire smart contract developers?

    There is no single hourly rate for hiring a smart contract developer at 4IRE because the final quote depends on your project’s complexity, required tech stack, and the underlying blockchain technology you want to use in your project. The standard hourly rate for smart contract development ranges from $70 per hour to $150 per hour, with the consideration of the coder’s experience level and the project’s technical specifications. 

    Will I get a project estimation before starting the work?

    Yes, the 4IRE team of managers prepares the full estimation of your project and a roadmap of its completion for client review and approval. We strive to make all terms and conditions of collaboration clear and transparent to all clients, ensuring that you never overpay or face hidden fees or unexpected expenditures in the smart contract development project. The 4IRE team starts working on your smart contracts only after the client confirms, approves, and pays the estimation. 

    What technologies do you work with?

    We have a large team of blockchain architects, developers, and engineers on board, ready to complete smart contracts in any programming language for the clients’ versatile Web3 projects. Our experts are well-versed in popular blockchain technologies like Ethereum, TRON, Polkadot, BSC, Substrate, Solana, Polygon, and Avalanche. We are also officially recognized as a NEAR integrator, so our coders can build robust solutions for your project using the NEAR functionality.