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11 min
How to Hire a Blockchain Developer? | Updated
Helen Petraschuk
Managing Partner

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Blockchain, Cardano, Fintech, Polkadot
11 min
Cardano vs. Polkadot: Which ‘Ethereum Killer’ to Look Into?
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Blockchain, Polkadot
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Top 10 Projects on Polkadot You Should Watch Out in 2021
Learn more about the top Polkadot projects in 2021 to join only high-quality projects and reap the benefits of sleek ...
Blockchain, Our news, Polkadot
11 min
4IRE Participated in Polkadot Ecosystem Hackathon
Recently, the 4IRE team participated in Polkadot Ecosystem Hackathon aimed to develop a solution that could improve ...
Blockchain, Polkadot
11 min
Polkadot: Technology That Can Boost Your Blockchain Startup
Wondering what is Polkadot? In this article, we discuss how Polkadot works and why it could accelerate decentralized ...