Green Finance Development

We help clients integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into sustainable financial solutions to spearhead eco-friendly business growth.

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Effective solutions to pressing internalization of environmental issues through active environmental damage mitigation.

Hindering of unsustainable growth patterns through green financial incentives.

Fostering the establishment of a sustainable financial system through green investments and green bonds.

Attainment of transparent, sustainable investment criteria (ESG) in the green finance ecosystem.

Let’s contribute to sustainable development

Our Expertise

4IRE has in-depth practical expertise in implementing green finance projects and a dedicated team working on engineering sustainable finance products. We were part of the Green Assets Wallet startup, the project held under the auspices of the Stockholm Green Digital Finance (SGDF) organization, responsible for the Chromia blockchain integration. Our team leveraged Chromia based on the ChromaWay blockchain to achieve innovation and adaptivity of GAW solutions and enhance data transfer and storage safety. 

As a result, GAW became the first blockchain-based platform chosen by Lighthouse MASSIV to connect sustainable investors to green finance resources after its presentation at 4IRE 2019 FinTech Meetup in Stockholm.

Technologies we use

We implement smart contracts to automate business operations with the following blockchain technologies.

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Our success stories

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Green Assets Wallet

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Klash: Film Collaboration Platform

Check out how 4IRE team helped to develop the film collaboration platform addressing the main challenges of the global film industry and providing effective interaction between all the participants in the film production.

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Corda Use Case for a Blockchain-Based Application

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Our strategic partner in FinTech innovations

Our approach

idea validation Idea validation
Assesment Assessment
Strategy and Concept Strategy & Concept
development Development 
Integration Integration 

Idea validation

You come to us with an idea in mind, and our team assesses it technically to see what time and resource requirements it involves. We validate the idea’s viability and confirm the market demand for it by researching the existing offers and target audience.


Once you have a ready idea for a financial product, our IT specialists and engineers conduct a comprehensive assessment of your existing infrastructure and technical capacity to recommend optimal ways for the product’s implementation.

Strategy & Concept

Blockchain is a disruptive, innovative technology that develops quickly to revolutionize modern finance. We help your company strategize and build a sustainable development concept that will help you keep a competitive edge in the industry for years to come.


You confirm the major project milestones and timeline prepared by our managers, and the software development team of 4ire labs starts developing the green finance solution for your business. You monitor the process and give feedback to guide the developers.


The problem of many blockchain technologies available today is their poor interoperability. Experts of 4IRE consider your existing IT infrastructure and develop solutions that will integrate seamlessly with your existing system.


Why does sustainable finance matter?
The pressure to keep to ESG criteria has recently urged banks, financial institutions, and investors to adopt new approaches to financial transactions and asset management with greener, more sustainable options in mind. The variety of green finance services available to the population today include green car loans, energy efficiency mortgages, green credit cards, and eco-savings deposits, all contributing to incentivizing greener practices among consumers.
How to use blockchain in sustainable finance?
With the volume and speed of green bonds’ growth globally, the missing component hindering the wide dissemination of green finance is traceability. The latter is what blockchain can solve by offering tokenization. Blockchain has provided a new level of credibility and safety for private market issuances, fueling investor trust and enabling broad green portfolio diversification. Besides, blockchain-powered tokenization can grow the pool of capital available for green bond issuers, enabling small and large investors to enter the field and contribute to green finance growth.
What are the benefits of blockchain in green finance?
Blockchain comes with many benefits for financial solutions and revolutionizes them to become greener and more sustainable. With blockchain-powered green finance, operations and storage are designed with proper regard to the environmental and social implications of the financial industry. Besides, blockchain technology use, automation it enables, and smart contracts can contribute to the industry’s digitization and reduce administrative costs for participants. An additional benefit is transparency – the feature inherent in blockchain and able to increase investor trust, attract more investment in green projects, and stimulate the over sector’s growth.
Which problems can blockchain solve?
First, blockchain takes out the need for intermediaries and bureaucratic regulations, thus reducing the carbon emissions and resource waste on separate transactions. Second, blockchain makes financial operations securer and more private, thus removing the issues that conventional financial organizations experience. Blockchain is immutable, so no information it contains can be manipulated or forged, which is especially significant for financial transactions. Third, blockchain solutions are specifically geared to introducing innovation, making it an ideal medium for green finance initiatives.
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