Before creating innovations, you've got to assemble the team. Innovatively.

Our story

Since 2010, 4ire Labs has been developing innovative solutions gaining expertise in Fintech and working on financial products implementing such technologies as data science, AI, and blockchain. We not only offer expert consulting and enterprise engineering but also create our own white-label solutions. We are proud to create products that are used by large fintech companies. 


Our team includes experts having an extensive background in business management and development related to the financial industry, such as Andrey Klesov, who previously worked at Mastercard, Anton Vaysburd, who developed credit scoring for Barclays, Kirill Kirikov with 10+ years in the development of architectural solutions. 


Our mission


Providing our clients with a strong team of professionals to help businesses adopt digital transformation, use the latest technologies to keep up, and become even more competitive in the market.


Face-to-face meetings matter and we take steps to make them possible all across the globe. Being headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, we currently have the partners representing us in Scandinavia (Stockholm), Asia (Hong Kong) and North America (Toronto).


Johan Lundin
Stockholm, Sweden

[email protected]

Startup ecosystem builder, Innovator, Fintech expert with over 10 years experience institutional Sales at Pareto Securities and Auerbach Grayson.


Helen Petrashchuk
Kyiv, Ukraine

[email protected]

Partner at 4ire Labs with + 7 years in business development. Connector between the startups and VCs in Scandinavian countries. Building the Nordic DeFi Community with the TOP RegTech companies, Accelerators, banks and local FinTech/ DeFi startups.