Chromaway & 4IRE Collaboration

07 Oct 2020 updated
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4ire Labs has long been specializing in integrating cutting-edge blockchain development solutions in a variety of industries. One of our partners is the blockchain development company ChromaWay. Founded in 2014, ChromaWay is the creator of a highly innovative, adaptive relational blockchain technology and the Chromia platform.

Here we share some highlights of our collaboration and explain the fundamentals of Chromia to show how a variety of businesses can benefit from considering it as their next high-tech innovation.

Green Asset Wallet: the onset of collaboration

In the fall of 2019, the Swedish Green Asset Wallet (GAW) project was launched under the auspices of the Stockholm Green Digital Finance (SGDF) company to enable the transparency and efficient validation of Green Bonds.

The GAW platform is a government-sponsored project, so it was necessary to develop bulletproof blockchain technology for building a rock-solid foundation for its functioning and processing of transactions. The decision was made to power it by the Chromia relational blockchain, the one created by the ChromaWay, and 4ire Labs was chosen as its primary integrator because of our broad presence and a positive reputation in Sweden.

4ire Labs experts had to master Chromia as a fundamentally new blockchain product. That posed particular challenges because of the blockchain’s capacity to become both a private and public blockchain with one technical functionality. However, after 3 intensive workshops and 3 months of close collaboration, 4ire Labs managed to launch the GAW project on Chromia.

green asset wallet

What is Chromia?

Chromia tops the list of unique blockchain platforms due to its flexibility and universality in integration. It was designed as a blockchain and a relational database to solve the inherent challenges of existing platforms.

As a result, Chromia is highly adjustable and can power a broad range of Dapps regardless of the industry and business size.

Due to the technical features of Chromia, it offers numerous benefits to users, including Dapp sustainability, quick loading, a reasonable I/O throughput, and overall positive user experience related to interactivity and usability.

Chromia is user-friendly for both developers and end-users, which, coupled with its endless scalability, makes it a flexible product with concrete future perspectives.

Chromia runs on the Rell language, suiting the relational data model and distinguishing Chromia from other kinds of blockchain programming solutions. Rell is used for flexible Dapp programming because of its specific scripting elements available for coders, such as model and schema description, query, and procedural application codes.

Rell’s benefits are indisputable; while focused on blockchain-specific data and transaction safety, it also enables meta-programming and offers the ease of use and convenience so much appreciated by the modern programming community.

Why work with us as Chromia integrators

Still remaining an innovative product, Chromia is still enjoying ever-growing demand and popularity on the market of blockchain solutions for businesses. To date, there is intense interest in the blockchain observed from businesses operating in banking, registries, gaming/gambling, and the like.

Some of the pioneering blockchain development solutions of Chromia have already been implemented by an official bank (LHV) and a public sector agency (Swedish registry).

4ire Labs engineers have already mastered all the intricacies of Chromia. They have implemented a ready, working solution in the GAW, which serves as a testimony of our practical expertise and readiness to bring your Chroma-powered project to life.

Besides, the 4ire Labs team took part in the AEGEON project, which presupposed the creation of a financial investment platform running on Chromia. We completed the design sprint and contributed to idea validation through consulting about Chromia blockchain services integration.

At present, we are starting a new Chromia integration project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, assisting with the initial idea validation and SRS preparation steps. Thus, we can proudly say that we have reached certain heights in Chromia expertise and can deliver top-notch results at all project stages, including blockchain consulting.


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