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4IRE Meetup in Sweden: DeFi Solutions for Nordic Traditional Finance

29 Nov 2019 updated
11 min

Thanks to all the attendees that joined us at WeWork on a rainy day Thursday, 28th of November. We are glad to take another 4IRE Meetup round at WeWork spacious lobby and were happy to see our loyal guests from the first gathering!

Sweden is one of the most profound leaders in the innovative FinTech industry and technology adoption, so no surprise we choose Stockholm for the series of meetups about DeFi and FinTech trends.

The networking party, traditionally if we could say that, was held at Harry B James Pub and we appreciate each and every one of our guests for taking part in it.

Many thanks to our local representatives Johan Lundin and Lucas Arrefelt for assisting along the way.

Below you will find full speeches and join us at our next events!

As CEO & Co-founder of Safello, Frank Schuil is heading efforts to onboard people into the cryptocurrency economy in a safe and compliant way.

Frank is a frequent speaker and moderator at events such as TEDx, Money2020, Coinsummit, Blockchain Week, and the Digital Currency Summit. He is the City Leader for the distributed angel investment network BitAngels and through his investment firm Rhino Ventures he made early investments in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. This talk is dedicated to issues with adoption and working with blockchain technology in Sweden. 

Max Semenchuk is a partner in Dgov Foundation in Europe where the purpose is to support the implementation of the distributed governance through work with the community. The foundation is running the community council, a monthly newsletter with the recap of updates and articles on DAOs, Governance, etc.

Holacracy practitioner, a member in WEF Global Shapers, Designer, Product manager, sometimes speaks and writes on all of the above-mentioned topics. Max talks about the adoption of DeFi technologies and products as well as growing interest in DeFi (Decentralized Finance), DAO, and the future of funds. Download Presentation

Co-founder of Vinter Capital and a lawyer Marco Poblete specializes in financial law and blockchain technology. Vinter Capital is a Swedish cryptocurrency index provider whose clients are large financial institutions issuing cryptocurrency products on regulated exchanges.

Marco has a deep understanding of the legal requirements for blockchain startups to be able to prevail in a heavily regulated space. In his speech, Marco explained the peculiarities of blockchain regulations and the specifics of working with this technology in Nordic countries and Sweden in particular. Download Presentation

Niklas Volcz is an Experienced Security Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology industry and Swedish banks. Niklas has a good background in providing security as a service for the banks, white label neobanks and financial institutions based in Sweden.

This talk is dedicated to problems that many fintech startups face, but don’t know how to deal with. Security is one of the most important points every financial project and product should consider before the release. 

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