Klash Studio service
Klash: film collaboration platform
Klash is a Swedish cloud-based platform for film project collaboration that streamlines the process of reviewing and managing films worldwide. 4ire Labs has been cooperating closely with Klash since spring 2020 when they contacted us during the MVP development stage.
Hiveonline: marketplace for SMEs and entrepreneurs.
Read how we collaborated with Hiveonline, a Sweden-based startup, on building an MVP of their app helping enterpreneurs get access to credit and new markets.
I find it impressive when the developers give insights on best practices for their respective platforms.
Goran Panic
CTO at Rewell Medical AB

Client Testimonials

Johan Lundin, Founder of Agendo App
business partners
Contractland: Decentralized Exchange
Decentralized exchanges allow traders to transfer their money more securely. Learn how we helped with an architecture vision and the development of the Terra Bridge protocol.
Kidcoin: Blockchain-Powered Family Finances
4ire Labs collaborated with Kidcoin to develop the first blockchain-based family finance and digital wallet for kids.
tennagraph portfolio
Contributing to the Aragon Universe
Check out how 4ire Labs created an extension allowing users to determine the course of the Ethereum ecosystem development by voting for EIPs.
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