4IRE Labs Announces Partnership With DAO Maker

29 Mar 2021 updated
11 min

How it was

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between 4ire LAbs and DAO Maker, a launchpad and accelerator focusing on building, growing, and catering tokenized businesses. 

DAO maker announce

DAO Maker has numerous proven products and several services that generate worth within its ecosystem. Its mission is to provide value and benefits for both crypto projects and their communities. The company broadens the technologies and builds communities for startups while reducing the risks for investors.

DAO Maker’s product range consists of 3 different categories: 

  • Funding Products
  • Technological Products
  • Enterprise Services. 

The product that made DAO Maker so popular is the Social Mining SaaS, among Strong Holder Offering and Dynamic Coin Offering as well as fundraising solutions, compliance, and regulatory services, omnipresent marketing support, token ecosystem modeling, community incubation, and governance technology.

The company also owns product lines concluding the developmental phase such as Venture Bond, Venture Bond exchange, YieldShield, and dTeams, enabling access to the venture capital created for the masses.

Why 4ire Labs?

4ire Labs have deep expertise in banking and traditional Fintech and are backed by strong partners in the financial sector. Mastercard is one of the leading ones, who has a wide range of experience in launching neobanks and dealing with the digital transformation of banks. 4ire Labs also leverages such innovative technologies as blockchain and AI for banking and Fintech to bring value to the potential partners of DAO MAker.

We also have our own white-label solutions for neobank, including KYC, SaaS, and Data Science platform for B2B, which help to solve business cases for banking and fintech. We also have our own community of blockchain engineers to help implement blockchain projects and organize hackathons. As blockchain development company with 10+ years of expertise, 4ire Labs is also partnering with Parity, and is an official integrator of NEAR, and Chromia blockchain. 

The 4ire Labs team is pleased to be technical partners of DAO Maker, as they are investing in various blockchain projects and planning to work with banks, which is the area of our main focus.


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