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4IRE Announces Partnership with Trade Leaf

24 Feb 2023 updated
11 min

4IRE Announces Partnership with Trade Leaf

4IRE, a Ukrainian-Swedish blockchain and FinTech development company, is happy to announce its partnership with Trade Leaf, an ambitious blockchain startup aimed to unify all stakeholders across the traditional import/export supply chain. The project emerged as a blockchain-based solution for trade digitization to provide all participants of the international trade sector with winning collaboration opportunities in a transparent Web3 ecosystem.   

What Is Trade Leaf? 

In simple terms, Trade Leaf represents a DeFi solution with digital lending services for trade finance businesses of all sizes. Large institutional players have traditionally dominated the industry, giving SMBs little access to trade finance in conventional banking systems. Trade Leaf is a blockchain-based ecosystem that aims to close the trade finance gap and provide trade finance businesses with a set of unprecedented development and networking tools:

  • A deal marketplace;
  • A user panel with key solutions and services;
  • A crypto lending marketplace;
  • A trade finance marketplace. 

The platform is meant to unify traders, service partners, and liquidity providers in one place, giving all participants of the trade finance market a set of understandable, transparent, and equally accessible tools for business development. With this functionality in mind, Trade Leaf is sure to become a unique digital resource with the following benefits for all user categories: 

  • Low entry threshold and fees;
  • Transparent reports and analytics; 
  • Low counterparty risks;
  • Cutting-edge operational efficiency;
  • Tools for attracting and onboarding new clients and business partners;
  • Low non-payment risks;
  • Innovative features and functions;
  • No paperwork;
  • Protection against fraud and data breaches;
  • Robust regulatory compliance across all jurisdictions.

As the project is blockchain-based, Trade Leaf users are also expected to reap additional benefits from the use of the ecosystem’s native token. They can cover in-app fees, get cashback for operations with tokens, and access premium-level services depending on the number of tokens they own. 

Trade Leaf’s CEO is Rod Askarov, a member of the Forbes 30 under 30 List with a solid finance and venture capital background. Mr. Askarov’s primary areas of investment interest are depreciated real estate, disruptive technological solutions, and business investment. He holds a firm belief in the blockchain market’s potential and takes an active interest in FinTech entrepreneurship. His idea behind Trade Leaf is to close the funding gap in trade finance for SMBs and ensure better access to equal trade financing opportunities worldwide.

4IRE and Trade Leaf 

At present, the 4IRE team of blockchain engineers and developers has been tasked with providing technical support, development services, and consulting on the project’s deployment. 4IRE developers will work on the software aspect of the Trade Leaf platform’s MVP, audit the ready code, and provide improvement suggestions for the platform’s final variant. 

Helen, our Managing Partner, commented on that new collaboration with enthusiasm, saying, “We at 4IRE are happy to become a part of this promising project and understand the strategic importance of technical support and advisory for Trade Leaf as our contribution to driving innovation and growth in the trade finance industry.”


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