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Meet New Outstanding Partners at 4IRE LABS

24 Jan 2021
11 min

We are delighted to have two senior partners joining 4ire Labs: Andrey Klesov and Gregory Ovsiannikov. We are sure that our collaboration will become a success story for all of the parties involved. Together we will continue to provide our customers with first-class service and new solutions on the FinTech market.

We want to introduce them to our customers and so we asked Andrey and Gregory a few questions about themselves.

Let’s get to know better Andrey and Gregory

Andrey Klesov

Andrey is joining 4ire Labs from JoomPay, a licensed neo-bank in Luxembourg, where he served as COO for the last 2 years. Prior to JoomPay, he worked at Mastercard as a Vice President in Central and Eastern Europe. As he comments “My role at Mastercard included developing new digital payment products, as well as launching and scaling them throughout the very diverse and dynamic region”. 

As Andrey states “from launching the neo-bank from scratch to designing and bringing to the market innovative FinTech and payment solutions at Mastercard — all these milestones would not have been possible without my co-workers and partners!”. Today, by his own statement, “he is fired-up about working with the 4ire team!”.

Gregory Ovsiannikov 

Prior to joining 4ire, he worked at McKinsey as an Engagement Manager. Gregory mentioned that “In McKinsey, I led teams involved in the strategy development for big systemic banks. Also, I led several major transformations where my team worked with the customer to create company-changing initiatives and worked on their implementation.” 

He has admitted that he had a lot of assignments and endeavours in his career which he is proud of.  To name just one, Gregory has co-founded Logika Schools to teach programming for children from 7 to 15 years together with his wife in 2018. Today, there are more than 100 schools across Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey and Czech Republic that create a lasting impact on communities across these countries through enabling access to career-enabling educational content.

Why did you decide to join 4ire Team?

As Andrey admits, his choice was obvious for three key reasons: “4ire has a great team, that is passionate for new technology and continues to broaden their deep expertise in everything that the team does.” 

As he comments: “I am always inspired when working with bright minds — and 4ire Labs certainly is a constellation of smart, enthusiastic and hard-working people!”

Gregory admitted: “4ire Labs has a unique mix of technical expertise in the fintech domain with the entrepreneurial drive to build global fintech-focused products. Bringing my corporate experience from McKinsey, I am eager to build a tech company that offers a range of specialized solutions as well as custom-developed software for our customers”

Gregory is also bringing a lot of entrepreneurial expertise to the partnership with 4ire Labs, which he would be happy to share with startup founders and executives from mature companies.

What are your expectations from this partnership?

Andrey: “I am looking forward to strengthening the FinTech practice at 4ire and co-creating great products here. There is a lot going on in the FinTech space right now and I am sure 4ire is destined to become a significant part of it!”

Gregory: “My only purpose is to have fun while building a global company! My aim is to grow personally and professionally together with people working at 4ire Labs during this exciting journey.”

About 4ire Labs 

4ire Labs is a Swedish-Ukrainian fintech company that has been providing modern, fast and flexible solutions in DeFi, Fintech, and Green Finance since 2010. We have wide-range experience developing best B2B solutions for FinTech market leaders including Barclays, Nordea, and SEB. Our products are based on blockсhain and data science and there are Mastercard Locator, Agendo App, Kidcoin and Ninja Messenger among them.


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