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Data science
11 min
How to Hire a Blockchain Developer? | Updated
Helen Petraschuk
Managing Partner

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Finance, Fintech, NFT
11 min
23 Blockchain Business Ideas: Unlocking Opportunities for Success
In our new blog post let's discuss the primary advantages of implementing new business ideas with blockchain.
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How to Build an NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea
Most well-known NFT marketplaces, like OpenSea or Rarible, have an appealing infrastructure and a universal set of f ...
11 min
Top 9 NFT Marketplace Solutions to Launch a Selling Campaign: Market Analysis 2023
The modern NFT industry is ripe for the entry of top NFT companies. In our latest insight, our expert, Diana Zozulia ...
NFT Marketplace Development_ Complete Guide
11 min
NFT Marketplace Development: Complete Guide
In this article, we will share our experience in the NFT niche and explain the process of NFT marketplace developmen ...
11 min
How Music Artists Can Earn More with Web 3.0 Streaming Platforms
SD: In the Web 3.0 space, over 70% of revenues are raised by independent artists, proving Web 3.0's promise of decen ...
Gaming, NFT
11 min
How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Play 2 Earn Game?
The P2E industry becomes one of the most innovative spheres where players can earn money and game owners raise milli ...