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Blockchain outstaffing is gaining popularity because of the rising number of blockchain-based products and the flexible hiring needs of businesses. 4IRE can give you just that – end-to-end coverage of your Solidity development staffing needs. We work with proven professionals who deliver exceptional products by applying their top-tier Solidity expertise

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    Top Solidity developers vetted by 4IRE

    Senior Blockchain Developer

    Elena is a BCS with a background in Android development and Computer Vision. For more than 3 years, she has been developing blockchain solutions, designing blockchain architecture, providing
    technical consultations, and leading blockchain teams. She developed projects of the various technical stack (Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, etc.) and complexity, including the design and development of Yellowpapers and Architecture.

    Bitcoin Ethereum Hyperladger Fabric R3 Corda Solidity
    Blockchain Architect

    Working in IT since 2003 and having a wide-range expertise, Eugene built more than 50 projects of different complexity in various industries. Recently focused on primarily Blockchain and DeFi projects, mentoring Solidity developers, developing and implementing architecture on Blockchain projects (vesting, yield farming, NFT, games) and implementing smart contract audits.

    AWS CSS Express.js Hardhat Java Mocha MySQL Nest.js Node.js PHP Solidity Spring Vue.js
    Solution Architect

    Valeriy is a Blockchain Solution Architect with 5+ years of experience in building complex blockchain projects and leading development teams in Blockchain, Fintech, and DeFi. Experienced Solidity Developer, skilled in PHP, Laravel, Angular and Golang, provides high-level technical advisory, participates in technical plannings, prepares technical discovery and documentation, handels developers evaluation process.

    CSS MySQL PHP Solidity
    Head of Engineering

    Yaroslav is a Head of Engineering with a unique combination of strong technical, consulting, and management skills. Leveraging 5+ years of experience in Solidity, he leads world-class blockchain dedicated development teams, prepares the architecture vision for the DeFi and FinTech projects, conducts smart contract audits. Yaroslav participated in more than 30 ICOs ERC20 tokens development, and solution development for contracts deployment to the mainnet.

    .NET C# CSS Mocha Mongo MySQL Node.js Python Solidity Truffle Web3
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    Who we are

    4IRE has a large team of experienced blockchain engineers with domain-specific expertise in DeFi, Web3, and crypto available for outstaffing. Our blockchain engineers and architects have worked on projects based on the Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, NEAR protocol, and Solana blockchains. Thus, we can always hand-pick an expert or compile a team of pros with an appropriate tech stack to meet your human resource needs for the next blockchain project.


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    About 4IRE

    Hiring models

    Full-Time Hiring

    Get a full-time Solidity engineer on your team and work with that expert or a team of experts to create your new project. The coders you hire from 4IRE can close any tech stack gap of your in-house team and move your development efforts to a new level of performance.

    Part-Time Hiring

    Those who don’t need full-time Solidity coder involvement can get qualified help with specific project aspects on a part-time basis. The 4IRE coders will work on your tasks by combining them with projects for other clients and will stay available on demand. 

    Time & Material

    You may only pay for the number of hours a Solidity developer will spend on your task without going through the hassle of full-scale hiring. 4IRE can provide timely help and close your talent gaps with relevant staff, no matter how small or demanding the task is. 

    Hire 4IRE Dedicated team

    Getting a dedicated team with in-depth Solidity expertise is simple with 4IRE. Our managers can assess your project’s needs and technical specifications and compile a concerted team with the appropriate tech stack. Our dedicated teams work on your projects from our office, thus ensuring top-level results and preserving the flexibility of your business operations. 

    Official integrators of NEAR Protocol

    Our 4IRE is a blockchain development company with extensive experience in migrating projects to NEAR – a next-generation layer 1 protocol for independent powering of the emerging Open Web. Offering scalability and low costs of operation, NEAR is a real competitor in the world of blockchain.

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    How to start hiring

    Requirements gathering

    We start with an inside-out assessment of your project requirements to produce a precise estimate of time, required resources, and cost. We negotiate the scope of work with the client and develop an optimal roadmap based on our estimates. 

    Research and planning

    The research stage involves rigorous market analysis and evaluation of the market niche in which you plan to launch your Solidity product. Our experts scan the business possibilities and produce customized recommendations to improve your project at the planning stage.

    Development stage

    Next, we proceed to the actual development process. Solidity coders, engineers, and designers work on your task based on the previously agreed roadmap and project plan. You get intermediate reports and participate in the process. 

    Testing phase

    Once the product is ready, we test it with various manual and automated tools to double-check its functionality, immunity to overload, and intactness to hacker attacks. You receive the final product that possesses all the expected features and operates without glitches. 

    Discover our Partners

    4IRE is proud to be part of numerous successful tech projects in the sectors spanning wide across the blockchain application spheres. Our innovative solutions are applied in numerous spheres, from banking to real estate, gaming, and DeFi. Here are a couple of our success stories showcasing our expert contribution to the business success of our clients launching top-tier apps and products in the blockchain market.

    Member of Substrate Delivery Partners Program
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    Official NEAR protocol integrator
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    What our clients say

    4IRE is a blockchain development company with extensive experience in migrating projects to NEAR – a next-generation layer 1 protocol for independent powering of the emerging Open Web.

    Our Awards and Recognition

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    Is 4IRE a freelance platform like Upwork?

    4IRE is not a freelancer platform; we’re an agency with a large in-house and distributed team of coders with a completely different principle of staff recruitment. All developers getting to the team are screened for competency and undergo a series of exams to prove their hands-on expertise in Solidity programming. This selection process concerns both in-house and remote developers, ensuring that 4IRE clients always get top-notch service.

    Can I hire a solidity engineer within 24 hours with 4IRE?

    Yes, the 4IRE procedure of developer recruitment allows for such a speedy hiring pipeline, closing the recruitment task within 24-48 hours after you turn to us. However, the success of speedy hiring depends on how quickly you can prepare the documentation and sign the contract. We count the timing of recruitment only after all details are negotiated between 4IRE and the client, all vacancy requirements are negotiated, and the actual hiring process begins.

    Do your Solidity developers speak English well?

    Yes, 4IRE is a company with a solid international presence catering to clients’ needs across the globe. Thus, we emphasize the English proficiency of all our coders during the recruitment process. We check the command of English at preliminary candidate screening stages and hire coders with at least an Intermediate level of English knowledge. 

    Can I see the Solidity developer's CV?

    Yes, we provide all relevant candidates’ CVs for your review after the process of negotiating your project needs is over. 4IRE recruiters choose the most appropriate Solidity coders from our database to simplify your selection process.

    Where are your Solidity developers located?

    The company’s headquarters and main office, where in-house coders work, are located in Ukraine. Thus, most full-time Solidity developers employed at 4IRE operate from Ukrainian facilities. We also have a large remote team of Solidity engineers operating from different European locations.

    How much does it cost to hire Solidity developers?

    Solidity developers are a highly demanded category of blockchain engineers today, as they work with the primary programming language of Ethereum and other EVM-compatible blockchains. Given the rising demand for Solidity-powered projects, you should expect to pay $80-$100 for one hour of a Solidity coder’s work. Yet, the specific rates depend on your project’s complexity, the tech stack and seniority level of a particular developer, and the hiring model you choose. Feel free to discuss the rate for our dedicated Solidity coders with a 4IRE hiring manager. 

    How do I start?

    The first step you should take is to book a call with our representative. A 4IRE manager will call you to discuss the recruitment terms and your project needs. The more details about your project you share, the more equipped we’ll be to offer you the best dedicated team hiring terms and the most relevant Solidity experts.