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Harness the power of financial industry disruption and integrate decentralized finance solutions into your business system.

Benefit from 4IRE Decentralized Finance Development Service

Are you ready for the next step in business development? Wishing to advance your financial system with innovative DeFi solutions? Our team has 10+ years of expertise in cutting-edge technology implementation, ranging from blockchain and AI to DeFi. With our customized products, you can achieve a new edge in organizing the borrowing, trading, lending, and financial management operations in your business ecosystem. Welcome to the world of financial innovation brought to you by 4IRE Labs!

Technologies we use:

We implement smart contracts to automate business operations with the following blockchain technologies.

What do you get from DeFi development?


DeFi solutions provide a much higher degree of accessibility for all types of users worldwide. Such impressive accessibility gains have become possible due to the absence of a centralized controller and no need for identity verification typical for standard financial services.


DeFi apps can integrate seamlessly to your existing IT infrastructure, with no need to adjust your current system for the new technology. The minimum requirement is to meet the basic interoperability requirements by analyzing your existing technology and compliance of specific DeFi solutions.


The key principle behind blockchain underlying DeFi solutions is self-custody, which means that the custody over transactions is done only by the system’s members, with no third party or central controller overseeing them. Thus, you can easily avoid the KYC regulations and skip the verification process.


Despite the absence of identity checks and verifications by a centralized controller, DeFi systems are perfectly transparent. All transaction data is stored in the open ledger and can be accessed by any system member, securing the users from fraud and protecting their assets. 


The immutability feature of blockchain is another argument in favor of its use. Unlike traditional financial transactions, DeFi operations cannot be forged or manipulated. Thus, nobody can steal your assets or change the data inside the DeFi system.


The permissionless nature of DeFi solutions is closely linked to the self-custody feature. It means that anyone with a crypto wallet and some assets circulating in a DeFi system can join it without registration and identity verification by a central controller. In other words, the user does not need to seek a regulator’s permission to make DeFi transactions.

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Core team
Gregory Ovsiannykov

10+ years in Sales, FinTech and Consulting. Co-Founder @ MobID, KYC & AML SaaS solution. Ex-VP Credit at EU-based neo-bank and Manager @  McKinsey & Company. MBA @ Columbia Business School

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Why choose 4IRE Labs Defi development service?

Professional expertise

With 10+ years of delivering high-tech solutions in the area of cryptocurrency, blockchain, AI, and ML, and in-depth expertise in DeFi system development, we can offer outstanding practical knowledge and turnkey solutions customized to your needs.

Top performance

Our star team includes DeFi solutions engineers and architects with years of outstanding performance on numerous projects. Their track record of work with various blockchain platforms guarantees that your technological solution will be well-designed and flawlessly executed.

Quick turnaround

We have developed an effective project pipeline with a team of experts and project managers working and communicating with clients consistently. This approach eliminates unnecessary delays and shortens the idea-to-launch period.

Continuous support

Once we have developed a DeFi solution for you, we continue supporting its implementation and frictionless integration into the existing IT ecosystem. You can contact our managers and technical specialists 24/7 with any inquiry or problem to resolve.


What is DeFi, and what are the benefits?
DeFi stands for decentralized finance – an innovative technology advancing financial solutions with blockchain. With DeFi, you can revolutionize your business financial transactions by making them permissionless and non-mediated, yet secure and trusted.

Businesses integrating DeFi solutions in their financial systems can generate revenue from transaction fees and internal tokens, as well as investor funding and token rate increases. The use of DeFi systems also promises greater security and transparency of internal business transactions, with no intermediaries engaged in the process.
What are DApps?
Dapps are a collective term designating a variety of decentralized applications, including DeFi apps. They are developed based on the Uniswap, PancakeSwap, NFT, Compound, Yearn Finance, and other DeFi protocols to fit individual financial needs and requirements of businesses. DApps developed as DeFi solutions create cutting-edge financial services based on cryptocurrency use and blockchain technology. Such apps are suitable for organizing lending, borrowing, and exchange operations, as well as for making private payments, with no personal data required from the users. In this way, DApps combine the security of conventional financial solutions with a new edge of privacy and decentralization for which blockchain is praised.
Why is DeFi secure?
The core principle behind the security of DeFi systems is their autonomous, decentralized operation without human participation or interference of intermediaries. Such operation is enabled via smart contracts and audit services, ensuring their non-vulnerability.

Another feature making DeFi completely secure is the total privacy of DeFi system participants. Due to its operation on decentralized blockchain ledgers, DeFi takes the need for a centralized verifier and controller out of the transaction process. As a result, the DeFi ecosystem is completely private, with all users enjoying the speed and efficiency of financial operations coupled with total confidentiality protection.
Which problems can I solve with DeFi?
Trust is pivotal in online financial transactions, with much cyber-fraud and financial data breaches taking place with unknowing customers. Thus, users are growing more reluctant to share their financial details and produce dubious online transactions. DeFi takes the problem of trust out of the transaction process by enabling advanced transparency. Besides, DeFi applications are fully decentralized and totally private, thus combining the absence of a central controller and advanced security.

Another problem that DeFi technology eradicates is economic segregation and lack of user access to financial services. With the global availability of DApps, people from any part of the world can enjoy secure and innovative financial transactions. At the same time, the permissionless nature of DApps simplifies entry for new users without tedious verification and wallet activation procedures.

The immutability and programmability features of DeFi contribute to the technology’s popularity in the financial sector, giving users full control over their funds and adding flexibility to financial operations of any kind.

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