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DeFi Development Services

Get secure, scalable, and functional DeFi solutions from top-qualified experts in the industry. Enjoy bespoke development quality and state-of-the-art DeFi tech expertise.


Ace Top-Tier DeFi Technologies with Expert Developers at 4IRE

Decentralized finance is getting increasingly popular in the world of regulatory limitations, high fees, and annoying intermediary oversight. Web3 users long for frictionless and affordable experiences in cross-border transactions, and DeFi is the way to go. With over a decade of experience, we at 4IRE know how to produce stellar DeFi solutions that satisfy all kinds of end-users and meet rigorous compliance and security expectations of the modern digital space. 

Our DeFi Development Services

DeFi Staking Platform Development

Let your users earn profits from their crypto assets by arranging a staking resource with generous APY and APR rates for investors. Benefit from the liquidity provided by staking participants; organize pools with varying rewards to attract clients.

DeFi Smart Contract Development

All DeFi projects work with the help of self-executing smart contracts, so a well-designed, functional, and safe smart contract is at the heart of any successful blockchain project. 4IRE engineers are experienced in this niche and can build flawless smart contract logic for you.

DeFi Token Development

DeFi projects use native tokens to incentivize users, issue rewards, and organize internal transactions and fee payments. We can build your unique DeFi token, create unique tokenomics for it, and organize its operations and use on the platform.

DeFi Lending Platform Development

Decentralized finance is gaining momentum with flexible and attractive p2p lending options. You can also gain a fair share of the Web3 lending market by launching a safe, functional, and user-friendly lending platform with many exciting features.

DeFi Smart Contract Audit

Smart contracts fuel any blockchain project, so their security loopholes or vulnerabilities can lead to unwanted exploits, data theft, and financial fraud. We at 4IRE don’t let it happen with thorough, detailed smart contract audits and security checks.

DeFi Wallet Development

Users store and move their assets in the Web3 space with the help of DeFi wallets, so you can build a solid presence in the DeFi market by offering a user-friendly, intuitive, and safe digital wallet for cyber assets. We can help you build a unique, feature-rich wallet that users will love.

DeFi Bridge Development

DeFi bridges ensure cross-chain interoperability and frictionless asset movement from one ecosystem to another. Our DeFi bridge solutions are secure, functional, and relevant to the present-day needs of the blockchain space, thus guaranteeing demand for your product.

DEX Development

CEXs don’t attract users anymore because of strict regulations and intermediary oversight; today is the era of DEXs as a more democratic and decentralized exchange option. By building a DEX with 4IRE experts, you can embrace the latest DeFi market trends.

DeFi Solution Consulting

It’s always better to look before you leap, especially with the costly and time-consuming DeFi projects. Thus, you can reach out to 4IRE business analysts with your business idea and get it tested and evaluated with robust market insights and consumer demand analytics.

DeFi Fork

Forking is a simple way to clone the project with a tried-and-tested technology and create its functional offspring without the need to develop a project from scratch. We can arrange frictionless forks of existing DeFi protocols based on your unique business needs.

DeFi Market Maker

A considerable downside of many beginner DeFi projects is a lack of liquidity. With our DeFi market-maker services, you won’t experience liquidity shortages, as we can set up algorithmic market-maker tools or liquidity pools to help your users avoid annoying slippage.

DeFi Yield Farming

Yield farming projects enjoy immense popularity among long-term token holders, as they allow them to earn rewards for the locked tokens. We can create a feature-rich DeFi yield farming resource to help you accumulate user loyalty with attractive interest rates on crypto investments.

DeFi Borrowing

The p2p finance niche is quickly growing, with more accessible financing options for unbanked populations. Hire 4IRE developers to create a flexible and safe DeFi borrowing system where lenders and borrowers will receive safe, lucrative financial opportunities.

DeFi Scoring System Development

DeFi projects fail or fly based on the accuracy of risk assessment. We can create a smart, precise scoring system in line with your unique project characteristics to enable automated credit risk evaluations and reduce the number of bad loans in your p2p lending business.

DEX Aggregator Development

Let your users monitor prices and liquidity across DEXs with the help of a well-designed, functional DEX aggregator. The 4IRE team is experienced with such project design and can create a DEX aggregator from scratch based on your individual requirements.

Why choose 4IRE Defi development service?

Solid Market Reputation

4IRE has been producing DeFi software for 6+ years, working hard to compile a team with a stellar tech stack and competencies. We have carefully reviewed all projects to work on and have built fruitful collaborations with blockchain giants like NEAR and Polkadot.

End-to-end Development Services

We can help you with a DeFi project of any type and complexity from idea to launch, assuming full responsibility for the project’s success. 4IRE experts can handle marketing, development VC investments, and any other project tasks from start to finish.

Robust Cybersecurity

DeFi projects operate in the digital space and deal with user finance. We take care of such products’ full intactness to cyber risks via a comprehensive smart contract audit and provision of end-to-end security protection with smart technology choices.

Advanced Tech Stack

The 4IRE team includes hundreds of experts with relevant blockchain expertise and years of successful development under their belts. Our developers are well-versed in EVM blockchains, Polkadot, back-end development, and advanced DeFi technologies.

Let’s Build Your Next Successful DeFi Product Together

Make a Leap in Your Market Niche with Cutting-Edge DeFi Solutions

DeFi is a rapidly growing niche in Web3, and coming up with a technically superior and secure solution for digital-savvy users can become your sure path to success. Partner with 4IRE to build a functional, feature-rich product made to impress and delight. Here you will work with a team of qualified developers and designers with first-hand blockchain experience. We always focus on excellence in DeFi product design to bridge your business interests with end-user convenience and satisfaction. 

Our DeFi Cases

Throughout years of blockchain development, we have helped many clients transition to DeFi. Here are some cases you can check to see how we deal with DeFi projects.
Let’s talk about your project implementation!

Our Development Roadmap


We start with a review of your project requirements and overall business idea to make a preliminary assessment of its viability and marketability. Our business analysts scan the market to evaluate the project and propose improvements based on market insights.


This stage involves building a detailed roadmap and project estimation to clarify the costs, deadlines, and key deliverables it will involve. The plan is negotiated and confirmed with the client to keep everyone in the loop and settle on a concrete development timeline and budget.


Once the plan is confirmed and a contract is signed, the 4IRE team starts front-end and back-end development. Smart contracts are created and tested to meet the specific DeFi project’s needs and purpose, and code is further integrated into a single functioning resource.


Once the DeFi resource is ready, it is subjected to rigorous automated and manual testing to identify and eliminate security loopholes and vulnerabilities. Only after the testing can we pass the ready DeFi resource for an official deployment to the digital space.

Take the First Step to Bring Your DeFi Idea to Life

Schedule a call with our CTO to discuss your DeFi project and formulate more precise product vision and roadmap estimations.

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What DeFi development services do you offer?

4IRE offers a broad range of services related to creating, marketing, and financing DeFi projects of all kinds. We specialize in DeFi staking and lending platform development, smart contract design, and token development. You can also get competent services for DeFi wallet, bridge, DEX, fork projects, DeFi yield farming, aggregators, and scoring systems. Our experts can also produce a modern, functional design for your project, develop a marketing strategy for any DeFi project, and connect you to venture capital funds of your interest.

What are the advantages of using DeFi solutions for my business?

Blockchain offers a totally new space for digital transactions, characterized by permissionless and safe access to various services for all kinds of users. DeFi resources don’t have a central intermediary and function without oversight and extra commissions, which is the core principle of decentralization. As a result, peer-to-peer transactions become faster, cheaper, and more private, coming with a set of innovative benefits for businesses and users alike. By launching a DeFi resource, you’re sure to embrace wider user categories and monetize your business with flexible and affordable financial services for previously unbanked populations.

Can you integrate existing DeFi protocols into my project?

Our team is well-versed in creating DeFi projects based on the existing and time-tested DeFi protocols and can also develop customized solutions. You may contact our CTO and discuss the technical possibility of integrating the DeFi protocol of your choice into the project you want to create with 4IRE. Our pros are experienced with all EVM-compatible blockchains and have impressive hands-on expertise with NEAR and Polkadot. Thus, we’re always open to your suggestions and preferences, developing a technical solution that meets your core business needs. 

How much does it cost to develop a dApp?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to cost estimation of a dApp project, as all clients come with unique requirements, underlying technology preferences, and feature sets. Thus, we produce a custom quote for each project to factor in the individual features and development peculiarities. Overall, you may count on the price range from $50,000 to $200,000 for a medium-complexity dApp project, while complex, large-scale platforms and resources may go up to $300,000+ in cost. However, some simple business ideas may cost around $5,000 if you use ready-made tools and don’t opt for custom development from scratch.

How long does it take to develop a DeFi solution?

Again, the timing of DeFi project completion also depends on its complexity, the number of engaged human and technical resources, the underlying technology, and the sophistication and number of features you want your resource to have. The simplest dApps may take up to 2-3 weeks to create, with a week or so needed for testing. If you want to build a complex dApp with many fancy features, the development time will go up to several months; the average timing for such projects is 3-6 months. Large, enterprise-level DeFi projects may even take up to one year, with much time needed for development and testing.

Do you offer customization options for DeFi solutions based on my business requirements?

Yes, 4IRE offers the full freedom of customization choices to the client in the process of building a DeFi project together. We’re open to any suggestions from you and can work out a customization strategy before the onset of development. Our Business Analysts can suggest optimal customization options based on the market analysis and your business assessment conducted during the project’s planning stage.

How can I get started with 4IRE DeFi development services?

The first thing you should do is contact our team and schedule an online session with our CTO. You can discuss your project and overall business idea at that meeting, exploring the technical possibilities of its realization with the 4IRE tech stack and resources. Once the project’s overall makeup is ready, we can proceed to more concrete development stage planning, roadmap development, and cost/deadline estimation. If you are okay with the roadmap, costs, and schedule of deliverables, we will sign a contract and start working on bringing your DeFi idea to life.