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Cryptocurrency Development Services

Want to make your crypto project secure and scalable? 4IRE delivers top-notch blockchain development services to make your on-chain transactions simple and safe.


Scale Your Project Faster with a Native Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency development is one of the 4IRE bestselling services. It helps projects scale quicker by allowing users to conduct on-chain transactions hassle-free, reducing commissions, and earning a passive income. 4IRE experts can help you in all cryptocurrency creation aspects, from full-scale coin/token development to consulting and blockchain protocol creation. Take advantage of our company’s 14 years of industry expertise and inside-out knowledge of the crypto market. 

Build Your Cryptocurrency with 4IRE

Creating a brand-new cryptocurrency is a technically challenging task with many nuances. Thus, working only with trustworthy, reliable service providers is essential. 4IRE has hands-on expertise in various cryptocurrency development, tokenization, and bridge creation projects. We’ve also created and launched a blockchain bridge, showcasing a high level of tech mastery and safety. We combine the latest technology with analysis of the latest blockchain trends to come up with cutting-edge solutions for clients. 

Our Cryptocurrency Development Services

Crypto Wallet Development

Users are constantly searching for convenient, safe, and feature-rich crypto wallets for asset storage and transactions. You can join the booming market with a cutting-edge product fitted to your project’s cryptocurrency and matching your users’ needs.

Multisig Wallet

Multisignature wallets are rising in popularity because of the cybertheft risks. You can offer safer alternatives to your users by creating a multisig wallet working only upon authorization by multiple stakeholders. It’s the best way to keep your users’ crypto funds safe.

Blockchain from Scratch (PoS, PoW, PoA)

4IRE engineers work with well-known blockchain technologies and can create a blockchain project for you from scratch. We deal with PoS, PoW, and PoA blockchains similarly well, giving you the upper hand on the blockchain market with technically secure and innovative solutions.

Token Development

4IRE can develop and launch a token to bring your project to life. Tokens fuel transactions inside blockchain projects. Their value increases with the project’s rising popularity, and users can use tokens to earn a passive income, conduct transactions, or play a role in the chain’s governance.

Blockchain Explorer

Blockchain explorers are like Google for the web. They help users search for transactions of interest and give structure to the realm of on-chain operations. 4IRE experts can create and link this software to the blockchain of interest via a safe, robust API.

Crypto Bridge

Link your projects to the realm of other blockchains to ensure interoperability and frictionless cross-chain transactions for your users. 4IRE engineers build secure bridges to enhance cross-chain integration and increase the scope of functions your project can cover.

Stablecoin Development

Stablecoins are the solid basis of crypto transactions. They offer stability and predictability amid the storm of crypto volatility. 4IRE can build a custom stablecoin for your blockchain infrastructure to increase your users’ trust and security of investments.

ICO Development

We can lead your cryptocurrency project through all technical stages of creation and development, finalizing our partnership with a successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on any of the popular crypto exchange platforms. The properly organized ICO will ignite your crypto for success.

Cryptocurrency Consulting Services

You can test a business idea and get a 360-degree view of the market landscape in your niche by ordering a consultation from our experts. It’s a safe method of testing the project and planning its budget before engaging in long-term development commitments.

STO Development

Security token offerings (STOs) are a new word in the crypto market. They presuppose token creation based on a tangible or intangible asset from the securities market. Digital trading of security tokens is safer and simpler than the low-liquidity OTC trade, giving you an additional market opportunity.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Crypto trading is a world of huge earning opportunities. 4IRE can help you enter this market with a robust, feature-rich, and user-friendly crypto exchange platform. Minimal fees and an appealing interface can make your exchange appealing and highly profitable.

Altcoin Creation Service

Altcoins are a vibrant world of opportunities in the crypto world. They power transactions on crypto startups and come with immense growth potential. Give your users a chance to invest in your project at the venture phase with a safe, technically perfect altcoin.

Tokenomics Design

A project with appealing tokenomics attracts more followers and arouses greater user loyalty. 4IRE marketers and engineers can help you develop an appealing vesting scheme, organize airdrops, and set staking and farming pools for dedicated token holders to ignite user interest.

Dedicated blockchain + native coin

4IRE can design and code a blockchain from scratch based on your project specifications, powering it with a unique native cryptocurrency. 

You win: 

Owning a unique project with a native coin is the best way to scale and adjust the project as you go. You’re in full control of the project’s architecture and can follow the users’ lead in its improvement without limitations.

Blockchain fork

4IRE engineers can utilize an existing open-code blockchain solution to develop a clone cryptocurrency with distinct features and tokenomics. It can fuel your project and function separately from its underlying blockchain. 

You win: 

The fork development approach is much cheaper and quicker than cryptocurrency creation from scratch.


Cryptocurrency launch on a third-party blockchain

We can develop and launch a cryptocurrency on well-known blockchains for your project needs. It will possess a unique design but will operate within the chosen blockchain ecosystem, such as Ethereum, EOS, or Tezos, among others. 

You win: 

Using tried and tested blockchain tools is a safe and quick way to launch a cryptocurrency. Still, the customization scope is pretty limited.


4IRE Contributed as Developers to Aurora

Official integrators of Near Protocol

4IRE was proud to participate in the development of Aurora, a NEAR-based solution enabling NEAR to operate as a layer-2 Ethereum protocol. The launch of Aurora in May 2021 helped hundreds of developers and NFT artists using Ethereum to minimize their fees and speed up on-chain operations. Aurora reduced the ETH fees by 1,000 times and increased the system’s throughput, thus offering viable solutions to the ecosystem’s pressing bottlenecks.

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4IRE Development Roadmap


No project can progress without a clear definition of the business idea, underlying technology, and project roles. We check the market’s readiness for your project and specify all requirements first.


Now comes the time for conceptualization and design. We negotiate the overall look and style of your project, brainstorm the needed set of features, and set the front-end development plan.


The next stage involves more practical and accurate planning of development stages, deliverables, and deadlines. We assign task priority levels and draw a map from zero to project release.


The product development process includes front-end and back-end buildup accompanied by regular QA monitoring. The client is continually kept in the loop, with feedback on every milestone incorporated in further work.

Why Develop Your Cryptocurrency with 4IRE?

Optimal Cooperation Model 

You’re free to choose among different cooperation models depending on your in-house team size and dev needs. We can handle a full cryptocurrency development outsourcing project or augment your tech team with the required skills and speed up project completion.

Close Collaboration 

You’re kept in the loop throughout the entire project, participating in the team’s meetings and giving feedback on all essential milestones. The 4IRE team listens to clients’ input and incorporates their remarks at all stages of project work to meet and exceed project expectations.

Timely Delivery 

The 4IRE workflow is organized based on the DevOps methodology, with optimal software delivery timelines in mind. We guarantee a quick project start within 1-2 weeks after the initial contact, with frequent intermediate releases for client review (once in 2-3 weeks).

Focus on Security 

All 4IRE products are built with end-to-end security considerations in mind. We implement solid fraud protection and authorization technologies to ensure the user funds’ intactness within the system. Transaction validity is rigorously checked, and all products undergo smart contract audits.

Regulatory Compliance 

As a European-level blockchain development company, we ensure full compliance of all developed projects with national and international regulations, including ISO 27001/27002, AML/KYC, FINRA, GDPR, and the like. Your functioning will be legal and consistent with all regulatory standards.

Flexible Pricing 

4IRE offers several flexible cooperation models that presuppose different pricing approaches. You can hire the full team to outsource your cryptocurrency project, thus paying the fixed rate for project work. Team augmentation can be arranged with hourly rate payments for short-term tasks.

Technologies and Platforms we work with

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Tech we use

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Create a Winning Altcoin with 4IRE

Only safe, technically consistent, and scalable altcoins can survive in the volatile and dynamic crypto market. 4IRE engineers offer expertise and in-depth market knowledge to help you bring your business idea to life and attract users with secure, innovative solutions.

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Case Study


Sports and esports fans can now acquire and trade NFT collectibles from their favorite teams and sports celebrities. 4IRE embarked on the ARterra project shortly before its release to troubleshoot the platform’s architecture, add the missing features, and test the upcoming MVP for quality. 

Case Study

Hash Rush

The 4IRE team tokenized the in-game assets of Hash Rush, one of the first P2E games in the blockchain space, adding the NFT functionality to its architecture. With our input, the game became a blockchain-powered product allowing token mining and NFT asset exchange. 

Schedule a Meeting with Our CTO

Still have questions? Unsure about the best way to go with development? Discuss your idea with a qualified 4IRE expert to clarify the best development path. Talk to our CTO and share your concerns; you’re sure to get valuable tips and development suggestions. 

CTO Yaroslav Tumanov

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Blockchain Use Cases
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What our clients say


What are the four types of cryptocurrency?

The four types of cryptocurrency you can currently use in the blockchain space are utility, payment, security coins, and stablecoins. These are fungible tokens, meaning they are divisible, with their units possessing the monetary value proportional to that of the whole unit. 

Which is the better option: creating a cryptocurrency from scratch or forking a crypto coin like Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency buildup from scratch is costlier and lengthier than forking, so only large businesses with long-term business goals can afford this option. Startups on a budget typically choose crypto coin forking because of the safety of open-source code and the minimal time/cost involved. However, you need to remember that forking leaves little space for customization, as you need to make choices within an already existing architecture. 

How do Crypto Coins or Tokens work?

Crypto coins and tokens are digital analogs of fiat currency, with the only exception of an absence of an intermediary. If you come to a bank and send/receive USD or EUR, the bank will oversee the operation and charge a commission. Crypto transactions are completed automatically, based on the conditions coded in the smart contract for every transfer, once both parties fulfill the terms. 

How are 4IRE cryptocurrency developers different?

Working with a credible, experienced provider is vital for success in the crypto market. You need to be sure that your solutions are safe and technically superior, meeting the latest blockchain technology trends and innovations. We at 4IRE continually invest in coder education and monitor the market dynamics to deliver stellar products to clients. 

How do I start my cryptocurrency project with you?

We offer numerous collaboration models for clients wishing to advance in crypto. If you already have a blockchain project, 4IRE developers can create a cryptocurrency meeting its technical requirements. If you have no project, we can build the platform and cryptocurrency in tandem, giving your business idea a healthy start. 

How much does cryptocurrency development cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cryptocurrency cost calculations. Every project is evaluated individually based on the underlying blockchain, architectural complexity, and project specifics. Thus, on average, you will need to pay $10,000-$30,000 for a simple cryptocurrency, while larger-scale infrastructural projects may cost up to $100,000+.