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Enjoy the full spectrum of professional software development services in one place. Partner with our full-stack coders to receive flawless tech solutions and results.

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    Hire Full-Stack Developers

    Full-stack developer

    Kostiantyn has 8+ years of software development experience and specializes in front-end and back-end development. He is proficient in blockchain project integration (Solana) and possesses competencies in solution architecture and back-end buildup. Kostiantyn handled many complex projects as a full-stack expert, including mobile app design, NFT marketplace development, web game creation, and a telehealth analytic portal, among others.

    React.js Angular.js Node.js Nest.js AWS Solana JavaScript
    Full-stack developer

    Eugene has been in IT since 2003 and has 50+ finished projects in his portfolio, including games, applications, and trackers. He has 10+ years of experience in PHP, including YII and other PHP frameworks, and has been closely engaged in Bitcoin core and Ethereum contract development since 2017. His current sphere of specialization and professional interest is blockchain, AI, ICOs, DeFi, and Solidity-based software products. 


    Solidity Node.js Mocha Truffle Express.js MySQL Web3 Java
    Full-Stack Developer

    A senior full-stack software engineer with 12+ years in software development, well-versed in PHP, Nest.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, and other back-end development technologies. Specializes in blockchain architecture, back-end architecture, microservices, database optimization, and UI implementation using various CSS frameworks. Assumes team leadership in complex projects.

    React.js Vue.js PostgreSQL AWS Web3 MySQL Node.js
    FullStack + Solidity Developer

    Andrii is an experienced blockchain engineer with 3+ years of experience in Solidity programming and 6+ years in full-stack coding. He specializes in blockchain back-end design and can manage full-stack development projects in the blockchain industry. Andrii is experienced in code review, project documentation, and Solidity smart contract development and audit.  

    PostgreSQL Node.js Solidity Typescript Nest.js Hardhat
    Full-Stack Developer

    Stanislav boasts a track record of 12+ years in back-end development using Node.js, which he has applied in blockchain-based and e-commerce projects at 4IRE. He also specializes in FinTech software programming and operates as a Team Lead or full-stack developer on projects. Stanislav possesses solid expertise in high-load application development and is well-versed in a variety of API integration tasks and database design. 

    Node.js PostgreSQL Ethereum AWS
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    Who we are

    4IRE is a Swedish-Ukrainian collaboration focusing on top-quality software development for forward-looking businesses. We deliver cutting-edge Web3, FinTech, and blockchain-based software to push the boundaries of business success and transform our clients’ business processes and technologies.


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    About 4IRE

    4IRE Hiring and Engagement Model


    You can hire an engineer or a blockchain development team at 4IRE to delegate the entire blockchain project to it. Our developers will deliver turnkey solutions to your project by working on it full-time and guiding you from a vague idea to full-scale practical implementation and deployment. 


    If you don’t need full-time commitment from full-stack developers, you can engage them from the 4IRE team on a part-time basis. This way, you will have your development tasks attended to without spending money on full-time staff employment. 

    Time & Material

    This option is the most cost-effective for businesses with minor full-stack development tasks or small project aspects that require a specific tech stack. You hire a coder on an hourly rate basis and pay only for the time they dedicate to your tasks.

    How to start hiring

    Requirements Gathering

    We discuss the project with the client to identify its technical requirements and technology needs. At this stage, we can verify the availability of needed tech expertise and make preliminary estimates of work hours based on the general project idea and your expectations. 

    Research and Planning

    The next stage involves more detailed market and technology research on your project to plan the breakdown of costs and human resources needed for your project’s implementation. It’s a more concrete step that ends with budget and deadline roadmap planning. 

    Development Stage

    If you’re okay with our provided estimates, it’s time to compile a team and get down to the actual coding. We offer candidates, you approve the final team composition, and the dedicated team works under our close guidance to deliver the project to you. 

    Testing Phase

    Once the dev work is over, we undertake extensive QA testing of the resulting product. Our experts run a series of automated and manual checks, review the code logic, and analyze the code’s cybersecurity before the final project submission. 


    How can my business benefit from choosing full stack development services?

    Full-stack development possesses many advantages over other approaches. By hiring a full-stack developer, you guarantee that your project will move on smoothly without any significant tech stack gaps or expertise shortages. You also remove the risks of disagreement or misunderstanding between the front-end and back-end development teams, which may result in software inefficiencies. In other words, you unify all work on your project under one roof, avoiding communication failures and inconsistencies in the collaboration of back-end and front-end coders. 

    Can I hire full-stack developers within 24 hours with 4IRE?

    Yes, completing the hiring process within 24 hours is technically possible if you provide complete specifications and make decisions quickly. Our HR managers can present you with a list of potential candidates in less than one day for your consideration; the hiring speed depends on the speed of resume monitoring and your decision-making. 

    How much does it cost to hire a full-stack developer?

    Your full-stack coder’s hourly/monthly rate will depend on many factors, including their location, seniority level, overall tech stack, and the mode of cooperation (hiring a freelancer directly or working with an agency and paying the developer’s salary plus a commission). The average estimate says that full-stack coders charge from $35 to $60 per hour, while in North America and Western Europe, the rates may go up to $100 per hour. 

    Will I get a project estimation before starting the work?

    Yes, the 4IRE collaboration model presupposes detailed project estimation before signing a contract and getting down to software development work. We first prepare a project roadmap based on the client’s specifications and our market analysis insights to break down the task into several key deliverables and calculate their duration and cost. This way, you always get a transparent estimate to make informed decisions. 

    Where are your developers located?

    4IRE is a Swedish-Ukrainian partnership with three delivery centers in these two countries. Some of our coders work in Ukraine, while others work remotely from Europe and North America. The 4IRE team is thus operating on a hybrid basis, with a part of the staff located in the office and another part working from remote locations. 

    How much experience and skills do your remote developers have?

    4IRE pays much attention to careful selection, performance monitoring, and training of our developer staff. Thus, all full-stack developers employed in our team possess a long list of professional credentials and are completely verified in terms of technical skills and professionalism. We hire middle and senior developers and train junior experts in-house to guarantee high quality of service for clients. 

    How do I start?

    To begin collaboration on your software development project with 4IRE, you should fill out the application form or schedule an online meeting with our CTO for a detailed business idea discussion. Once we receive your inquiry, we can prepare a rough estimate of the work needed on the project and some preparatory steps required for roadmap development. We move through market analysis and specification approval in tandem with you, thus preparing a full project roadmap with cost and time estimates. If you’re fine with those estimations, we can sign a contract and proceed to the actual development phase.