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Cryptobank Development Company

Harness the power of blockchain by becoming an innovative financial institution featuring instant P2P transactions of crypto assets among users. Use our team’s 10+ years of experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency to develop your personal cryptobank.


Support for all traditional banking products

Accounts in multiple digital currencies

Immediate and easy cross-border transfers

Access to ever-growing crypto market

Identity and compliance verification

Our crypto-wallet white-label solution

We take pride in offering a pre-made, easily customizable solution to our clients wishing to go one step further in harnessing the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Our white-label cryptobank platform is a robust solution with a technically universal architecture, minimizing project-to-market time and cutting the development costs.

Now you have a unique chance to launch your cryptobank with minimal turnaround and start serving your clients via a well-functioning digital finance platform.

Technologies we use

We build crypto banking solutions with the following technologies:


Why choose 4IRE cryptobank development service?

DeFi has become the new normal of digital transactions, with millions of users resorting to cryptocurrencies as handy, confidential assets. If you want to join the DeFi community as a provider of crypto-asset storage and transfer services for users, the cryptobank is your way to go. The 4IRE team of developers and blockchain engineers will be happy to help you create a crypto-financial institution by applying our 10+ years of practical expertise with blockchain to meet your business needs.

What are the benefits of the 4IRE crypto banking solution?

Fully Custodial

Fully custodial solution with centralised management system, with Web interface and Client as Telegram Bot is powered by Node-RED.


Our customizable elements of the cryptobank (Ethereum wrapper as well as business layer logic) will help save ±30% of development time and cost.


Based on our experience, development time for the cryptobank will take from 5 to 7 months, assuming involvement from the client's side.

4IRE Cryptobank White-Label Solution

Cryptobank White-Label Solution

Fully custodial solution with centralised management system, including Multisig layer for listening transactions on BSC with ability to deposit /withdraw BEP tokens.

  • Infrastructure: Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes
  • Backend: Node.js + TypeScript
  • Database: MongoDB (replication) + PostgreSQL (replication)
  • Key Management: Isolated DB in LocalNetwork with Hashicorp Vault
Cryptobank White-Label Solution

Functionality includes bidding between users (order book), ability to connect internal p2p exchanges/ ANY ERC-20 / BEP-20 tokens, integration with TRON Network, the ability to make a custom service commission. 

  • Bitcoin node (p2sh, p2pkh, bech32 compatible) with Multisig layer
  • Ethereum node (geth) with separated LevelDB for storing blockchain state separately (for quick sync) with Multisig and ERC20 layer by Gnosis
  • TRON node (TRON full node with TRON Grid and TRON event service) – with separated LevelDB for storing blockchain state separately for quick replacement of blockchain state.
Build your cryptobanking solution!

Why build a crypto-friendly bank with 4IRE?

The cryptobank platform developed by our blockchain architects was created based on an in-depth understanding of the financial institution’s functionality. It enables quick customization of essential cryptobank features, including bank account creation and management, payment processing gateways, issuing digital cards, trading functions, credit solutions, and system navigation manuals for newcomers.

Take advantage of our ready-made solution for building your own cryptobank with a record turnaround!


What is a cryptobank?

In a nutshell, a crypto bank is a financial institution working only with cryptocurrencies. You cannot use fiat currency in such banks, operating only crypto assets. A typical set of operations covered by crypto banks is similar to usual banking institutions: lending to customers, storage of assets, financial transactions, and account opening/card issuing procedures. However, everything is adapted to the digital nature of crypto assets. So, cards are virtual, most banking operations are conducted online via desktop or mobile applications, and asset withdrawal is possible only via accredited crypto-cash ATMs.

Is a cryptobank safe?

Yes, crypto banks created in compliance with the SWEPT policy are entirely credible and trustworthy for the use by all categories of customers. However, with the regulatory framework for digital assets still in the making, customers should be extra careful with entrusting their crypto assets to newly emerging banks, checking all documentation, encryption, and protection measures. Businesses wishing to establish crypto banks should, in turn, research the regulatory environment and legal, technical, and financial demands for this project not to let their customers down upon launch.

What are the benefits of cryptobank solutions?

Creating your own cryptobank may give you a strategic advantage in the crypto market, as the significance and spread of crypto-asset use are growing in leaps worldwide. More and more people opt for the crypto transactions as a less expensive, faster, and more accessible method of transacting funds. Besides, millions of people have resorted to investments in crypto assets, also expanding the customer base in this niche. By offering financial services on the crypto market, you can thus increase your revenue and expand client outreach.

Why should you build a crypto banking solution?

Every service provider related to FinTech in some way should consider tapping into the cryptocurrency market because of its massive speed and scale of development. You can establish a separate crypto banking institution or enhance your crypto trading platform with a banking service. In any way, you will expand the service range and ROI by giving crypto-asset holders various features and services for use. Besides, you can attract an entirely new category of clients – the ones that don’t want to engage with crypto trading but seek a secure way to acquire crypto assets from a trustworthy DeFi institution.

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