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Stay Ahead in Finance: Transition to Crypto Banking with 4IRE

Unlock the full potential of crypto banking with 4IRE’s comprehensive solution crafted by industry-leading experts from the Banking and FinTech sectors. Our holistic approach includes crypto banking software, expert business consulting, legal and compliance services.

The mission is to enable a seamless transition of traditional banks and FinTech startups into the new world of crypto banking.


Embrace the New Financial Era with Crypto Banks

With over 25,000 banks worldwide, the emergence of crypto banks signifies a new epoch in the financial industry. As the crypto revolution gains momentum, traditional banks are inevitably faced with the need to adapt and integrate new features to stay relevant in this rapidly evolving landscape.

At 4IRE, we understand the significance of this paradigm shift and offer a comprehensive crypto bank software to help businesses embrace this future of finance. Whether you are a bank, financial institution, startup, or established business looking to enter the crypto market, our ready-to-use crypto banking solution is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our All-in-One Crypto Banking Solution

Our crypto banking software development  is up to 2x faster than custom development from scratch. It combines well-designed backend logic, automated business processes, and a range of out-of-the-box features. From 3rd party integrations and card management to back-office operations and comprehensive reporting, our solution covers all aspects of running a successful crypto bank.

With our team of experts and years of experience in blockchain, we’ll guide you through the entire implementation process, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal performance. Provide your customers with a crypto banking platform that empowers them to manage their digital assets effortlessly.

Support for all traditional banking products

Accounts in multiple digital currencies

Immediate and easy cross-border transfers

Access to ever-growing crypto market

Identity and compliance verification

Supercharge Your Crypto Bank Development with ProcessMIX

Our crypto bank software is powered by ProcessMIX low-code solution offering a compelling set of advantages. It accelerates backend development, delivering results up to three times faster while simultaneously reducing costs by as much as 50%. ProcessMIX won the trust of prominent banks, as we successfully implemented complex systems for First Abu-Dhabi Bank, BasisBank, and Danske Bank.
ProcessMIX promotes flexibility with no vendor lock, allowing you to effortlessly upload your code to a Java repository. It also enables seamless project growth beyond the MVP stage and integrates seamlessly with the ProcessMIX cloud, eliminating the need for external services like Amazon.

Why choose 4IRE cryptobank development service?

DeFi has become the new normal of digital transactions, with millions of users resorting to cryptocurrencies as handy, confidential assets. If you want to join the DeFi community as a provider of crypto-asset storage and transfer services for users, the cryptobank is your way to go. The 4IRE team of developers and blockchain engineers will be happy to help you create a crypto-financial institution by applying our 14 years of practical expertise with blockchain to meet your business needs.

Our Clients

What are the benefits of the 4IRE crypto banking solution?

Pre-Built Solution and Modular Design

Accelerate the implementation process while maintaining the ability to tailor the solution to meet your unique requirements. Ready-made framework and modular design empower you to quickly launch and continuously enhance your crypto banking services, staying ahead in the rapidly evolving digital finance landscape.

Strategic Consulting and Compliance

Our crypto banking solution goes beyond just development – we offer a complex approach that encompasses strategy, business consulting, and legal and compliance services. You gain access to a team of experienced professionals who understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the crypto banking industry.

Secure and Compliant

With fully remote and 100% compliant KYC and onboarding processes, we ensure that users can onboard seamlessly while adhering to regulatory requirements. Our risk and compliance management tools enable robust user management, access control, and transaction monitoring, providing a secure environment for financial transactions.

4IRE Cryptobank White-Label Solution

crypto banking software

Fully custodial solution with centralised management system, including Multisig layer for listening transactions on BSC with ability to deposit /withdraw BEP tokens.

  • Infrastructure: Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes
  • Backend: Node.js + TypeScript
  • Database: MongoDB (replication) + PostgreSQL (replication)
  • Key Management: Isolated DB in LocalNetwork with Hashicorp Vault

Functionality includes bidding between users (order book), ability to connect internal p2p exchanges/ ANY ERC-20 / BEP-20 tokens, integration with TRON Network, the ability to make a custom service commission. 

  • Bitcoin node (p2sh, p2pkh, bech32 compatible) with Multisig layer
  • Ethereum node (geth) with separated LevelDB for storing blockchain state separately (for quick sync) with Multisig and ERC20 layer by Gnosis
  • TRON node (TRON full node with TRON Grid and TRON event service) – with separated LevelDB for storing blockchain state separately for quick replacement of blockchain state.

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Contemporary White-Label Crypto Bank Features

Buy and Sell Crypto

Users can easily buy and sell crypto directly from their account. Whether they want to invest or explore new and emerging digital assets, our platform offers a convenient and efficient way to trade cryptocurrencies.

Card Management

The feature allows users to take control of their card portfolio with comprehensive card lifecycle management, including card issuing, blocking, and reissuing.

Risk and Compliance Management

Mitigate risks and ensure compliance with comprehensive user management, access control, limits, and transaction monitoring. Gain valuable insights into transaction history to facilitate effective risk management and compliance practices.

Easy Customer Onboarding

Effortlessly onboard customers with a fully remote and 100% compliant KYC and onboarding flow, ensuring a smooth and secure registration process.

Multiple Payment Routes

Users can enjoy multiple payment options and transfer funds with ease through P2P transfers, card-to-card transfers, and SWIFT/IBAN. There is also an option of Apple Pay and Google Pay integration.

Access to Crypto Exchanges

Users gain direct access to leading crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance or Kraken from their account, where they can trade digital assets, monitor market trends, and take advantage of price fluctuations in real-time.

User Key Management

Ensure the utmost security for your customers' crypto assets with robust user key management, offering enhanced protection and peace of mind.

Flexible Back-Office

Customize your banking operations on the go with real-time commission and fee management. Ensure compliance through tiered access control and benefit from a full accounting model for accurate financial management.

Case Study

Loop: eWallet and Payment Platform for a Saudi Arabian Client

Discover how 4IRE revitalized a stalled digital banking app project for Saudi Arabian startup BayanPay. Overcoming previous subcontractor failures, the team delivered a secure and seamless eWallet solution in just 6 months. Learn more in this case study.

Case Study

Transforming the Green Finance With Blockchain

Explore how 4IRE played a pivotal role in the Green Assets Wallet (GAW) project, fostering transparency and immutability in green bond investments through Chromia blockchain integration. Delve into this case study to witness blockchain transforming green finance.

Build your cryptobanking solution!

FAQ about launching Crypto Bank

What is a cryptobank?

In a nutshell, a crypto bank is a financial institution working only with cryptocurrencies. You cannot use fiat currency in such banks, operating only crypto assets. A typical set of operations covered by crypto banks is similar to usual banking institutions: lending to customers, storage of assets, financial transactions, and account opening/card issuing procedures. However, everything is adapted to the digital nature of crypto assets. So, cards are virtual, most banking operations are conducted online via desktop or mobile applications, and asset withdrawal is possible only via accredited crypto-cash ATMs.

What are the benefits of cryptobank solutions?

Creating your own cryptobank may give you a strategic advantage in the crypto market, as the significance and spread of crypto-asset use are growing in leaps worldwide. More and more people opt for the crypto transactions as a less expensive, faster, and more accessible method of transacting funds. Besides, millions of people have resorted to investments in crypto assets, also expanding the customer base in this niche. By offering financial services on the crypto market, you can thus increase your revenue and expand client outreach.

Can your crypto banking solution be integrated with existing systems?

Yes, a white label crypto banking solution can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems and infrastructure. This allows businesses to leverage their current banking infrastructure, back-office processes, and customer databases, enabling a smooth integration between the crypto banking solution and their existing operations.

What features does 4IRE's crypto banking solution offer?

Our all-in-one crypto banking solution provides a range of features, including easy customer onboarding with remote and compliant KYC processes, comprehensive card management for full control of card portfolios, multiple payment routes for seamless fund transfers, direct access to leading crypto exchanges for trading digital assets, and the ability to buy and sell crypto directly from the platform. It also includes user key management, risk and compliance management tools, and a flexible back-office for customization. More features are on-demand.

How long does it take to launch a crypto bank?

The time to launch blockchain banking solutions can vary depending on the complexity of customization and integration requirements. However, with our well-established pre-built solution businesses can significantly reduce the time to market compared to building a solution from scratch. On average, the implementation and customization process can take several weeks to a few months.

Can a white label crypto banking solution support multiple cryptocurrencies?

Yes, our crypto banking solution supports multiple cryptocurrencies. This allows businesses to offer a wide range of digital assets to their users, catering to diverse customer preferences and market demand.

Is 4IRE's crypto banking solution secure?

At 4IRE, we implement robust security measures, including advanced encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and strict compliance with industry standards and regulations. With our strong track record in security and data protection, you can trust that our crypto banking solution provides a safe and secure environment for your users’ assets and personal information.

How can I get started with 4IRE's crypto banking solution?

To get started with our crypto banking solution, simply reach out to our team and discuss your requirements. We will guide you through the implementation process, ensuring a seamless transition and optimal performance. 

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