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Decentralized Exchange Development (Dex) Services

Let first-class blockchain developers at 4IRE build a custom DEX with a rich set of trading features, operating across different blockchain networks. We can move your crypto business to the next level with decentralized exchange development services.


Build a Secure, High-ROI DEX with 4IRE

It takes much effort, technical superiority, and creativity to make your DEX project stand out in the booming, competitive crypto market. Use the top-tier industry expertise of 4IRE coders to build a secure, fast, and functional DEX platform to please your users with smooth transactions, low commissions, and fancy features.

We provide enterprise-level decentralized exchange development services that will make your DEX rock.

Enjoy Fast and Flawless DEX Development Services at 4IRE

4IRE developers can create a top-tier DEX platform for your users to enjoy safe, instant trading of DeFi tokens and NFTs. Our custom software is built in line with the highest industry standards. It can satisfy even the pickiest audience with flawless trading flows, comprehensive cybersecurity measures, and technical excellence of the selected blockchain solutions.

Choose a Blockchain for Your DEX Platform

The 4IRE team of developers, engineers, and designers is ready to handle your DEX development using many blockchain technologies. Here’s what you can choose from our dex development solutions.

We Deliver DEX 2x Faster and Cost-effective With our Experienced Blockchain Engineers

Our professionals deliver custom decentralized exchange development solution on all projects and equip all created platforms with cutting-edge DeFi and blockchain technological innovations.

By engaging our decentralized crypto exchange development service, you can succeed on the DEX market and gain a fair share of target users by offering them unique features and flawless platform functionality.

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Our DEX development process

Gathering the Requirements

We determine your project's technical specifications and identify the most appropriate technology for your project's development.

DEX UI/UX Design

UI/UX is a vital contributor to the project's adoption by users, so we approach the design phase carefully by developing a simple, intuitive DEX interface.

DEX MVP Development

We develop the MVP to test the project's key features and viability with a group of test users. Improvements are made based on the MVP feedback.

Testing Phase

The final product is developed and tested by QA analysts. All bugs and vulnerabilities are identified and corrected before its official launch.

DEX Deployment

This step is the culmination of DEX development, allowing your users to join the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform and start using its features.

Technologies we use

We implement smart contracts to automate business operations with the following blockchain technologies.


How do you benefit from a decentralized exchange platform?

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No Middlemen

DEXs are powered by blockchain, meaning that you can conduct transactions with other system members without a central intermediary’s oversight. Such DEX infrastructure guarantees a new level of privacy and confidentiality for users.

Flawless Transactions

All operations within the blockchain are powered by smart contracts – self-executing algorithms completed only after both of the transaction parties have fulfilled their obligations. This principle makes the system immune to hackers and thieves.

No Central Authority

The absence of a central controlling authority is reassuring in terms of human freedom and confidentiality. On the other hand, it guarantees complete money ownership, universal access to crypto funds, and low to zero commissions.

Enhanced Security

All blockchains are immutable, suggesting that no external intruder can manipulate the data stored in the distributed ledger. As a result, blockchain-powered transactions are immune to intercepting and manipulation, giving advanced security to all users.

User Privacy

When using DEXs, users can enjoy complete privacy and confidentiality in the system. Such platforms don’t require KYC filling, as a rule, and don’t need an identity verification to complete swaps, sales, and purchases.

Faster Trading

Most DEXs enable instant trading and operations because of their use of liquidity pools and automated matcher algorithms. Thus, if you see an offer that satisfies you in terms of the currency exchange rate, you can complete the deal in instants by linking your wallet to the DEX.

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Planning a DEX Launch? Get in touch with 4IRE experts to create your cryptocurrency exchange platform and enjoy high ROI and quick user base growth.

CTO Yaroslav Tumanov

Our DEX Features

Enrich your DEX platform with as many user-friendly features as you need. The 4IRE solutions are flexible and feature-rich, allowing you to experiment and deliver the best service to users.

  • Swap;
  • Liquidity pools;
  • Farming;
  • IFO;
  • DAO voting;
  • Lottery;
  • Automated Market Maker;
  • DEX Dashboard Analysis;
  • Crypto wallet connection with metamask;
  • Trust and Brave Wallet;
Build your own decentralized crypto exchange solution!
4IRE Case


4IRE developed smart contracts for a US-based company’s Ondo protocol to guarantee smooth, safe transactions for liquidity provision across multiple DEX platforms using the Solidity and React JS tech stack. We also worked on the company’s major website redesign and fine-tuned its front-end functionality.

4IRE Case


4IRE assisted the US-based project Contractland in expanding its technical infrastructure and providing liquidity of tokenized assets across multiple blockchains. The solution was implemented with the help of a multi-chain technological bridge – the Terra Bridge protocol – suitable for transactions between BTC and ETH blockchains.

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How to choose the right technology for DEX development from scratch?

There are too many blockchain technologies today, so choosing which one to go for is often problematic. You may choose, for instance, Ethereum, if you want a proven platform with well-functioning smart contracts. The only minus is its PoW algorithm, though the creators promise to add PoS soon. NEO is another promising technology operating on PoS and aiming to create a full-fledged smart economy. Polkadot has resolved the issue of cross-chain compatibility, while BSC is a robust solution with excellent features, easy development, and impressive security. Thus, it’s your turn to conduct research and determine the required tech stack before engaging a decentralized exchange platform development company

What are the regulations required for building decentralized exchange software?

At present, DEXs are not regulated identically to CEXs in legal terms because they technically don’t match the definition of an exchange. In other words, users don’t store their assets on the platform and use DEXs simply for informational purposes, to get in touch with peers with whom they agree on a P2P transaction. In this way, the micro-systemic risk of DEX users reduces, and DEXs are exempt from regulation by securities laws. The SEC has no control over the crypto market as cryptocurrencies don’t quality as securities. At the same time, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) in the USA takes active measures to get the DeFi transactions under tighter control. Overall, there are no uniform regulations that would control DEX operations to date. 

Why choose 4IRE as a decentralized exchange software development company?

4IRE is a reputable decentralized exchange software development company with years of experience in the DeFi, blockchain, and FinTech industries. We have a large team of experts ready to develop blockchain-based products of any type for customers. Besides, we can showcase our expertise on the examples of successfully accomplished blockchain projects and fruitful partnerships with European and international blockchain entities. Thus, 4IRE is proud to be at the forefront of blockchain development and innovation, delivering robust, revenue-generating products to our loyal clientele. 

How much does it cost to develop a decentralized exchange platform?

The cost of a decentralized exchange platform development service depends on the project specifications. First, you need to consider the number of cryptocurrencies your DEX will support, as they require separate functionality. Next, it’s vital to select the required tech stack and underlying technology, contributing to the final bill. The servers you will use, the projected volume of transactions, the number and variety of features to be included in the UI, etc., all affect the project’s final cost. Thus, on average, by using pre-made white-label scripts, you can cut the development cost to about $15,000, while the development from scratch will cost no less than $50,000-$80,000 for a standard DEX. Overall, the sky is the limit to such projects’ financial value as large-scale enterprise solutions may reach far beyond $150,000-$200,000.

How much time does it take to create a decentralized exchange platform?

It’s hard to determine the exact duration of a DEX creation project because each task is individual. Some businesses with extensive budgets and extended deadlines can order decentralized exchange software development services from scratch, which may take up to 6-12 months of full-time work. Others want quicker solutions and opt for white-label scripts like the one 4IRE offers to DEX project clients. With such a pre-made technological solution customized to your requirements, the time to market may reduce up to 2-4 weeks.