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dApp Development Services

From unique idea generation to smooth deployment, we offer a wide array of services to create functional and high-quality dApps. Our dApp development company knows how to cater to different clients and industries to exceed your expectations.


Our Decentralized App Development Services

Looking for ways to boost your business performance and increase competitiveness through decentralized technology? Getting a cutting-edge dApp may help you achieve the most ambitious goals. Our dApp software development company boasts advanced skills in smart contracts creation, blockchain development, UI/UX design, cybersecurity, and all other aspects of dApp development. We are ready to go above and beyond to offer you a wide array of top-level blockchain dApp development services. Let’s conquer the world of dApps together!

dApp Development Platforms We Work On


Our blockchain dApp development company uses popular and advanced platforms to create amazing dApp solutions.


One of the most popular blockchain platforms, this open access service allows creating blockchain-based products of any level of complexity and functionality. Security and transparency are guaranteed!


Corda’s smart contract technology is the best for businesses looking for strict privacy and security. We can use this open-source blockchain project to build dApps that foster digital trust and efficiency.


This decentralized operating system is widely used to develop, host, and run dApps in different industries. We use EOS to create scalable dApps for real people, which are simple, user-friendly, and flexible.


Using this technology, we can offer the benefits of distributed ledger without limitations. dApps based on Hedera Hashgraph boast unparalleled speed and the highest possible level of security.


This self-service distributed ledger with nearly-zero fees helps develop dApps that bring financial transactions to the next level. We can use Stellar to create almost anything, from games to FinTech dApps.


This open-source blockchain platform offers multiple benefits, such as on-chain governance, smart contract support, and formal verification. In this way, we can deliver well-functioning and bug-free dApps.


dApps based on TRON enable fully decentralized peer-to-peer transactions, meaning that your customers can enjoy unmatched security and privacy. This system also offers high scalability and efficiency.

Let’s talk about your project implementation!

4IRE dApp Development Process

Requirements Gathering

We collect as much information as possible about your business goals, target audience, budget, and expectations. This data is essential for understanding how a custom dApp may help you meet your business goals.

Research and Planning

Our next step is to conduct a thorough study for product validation. We determine whether your product is feasible and how it can benefit customers. Then, we carefully plan each stage of decentralized app development.

Development Stage

This is where the magic happens, and your idea takes shape. We write code and build a dApp from scratch using the selected blockchain tools and programming language at this key stage of the product life cycle.

Testing Stage

Finally, we test whether the created product meets all your requirements. We identify and eliminate any bugs, defects, and issues that make your dApp less than perfect. Now, your custom decentralized app is ready to be deployed.

Our dApps for Various Industries

Software for Banking

Banking and Finance

Our products help banks and financial organizations revolutionize their services by enhancing security, transparency, and productivity.
dApps for Real Estate

Real Estate

DApps provide exceptional transparency to all real estate operations and transactions, making them secure, synchronized, and tamperproof.
dApps for Healthcare


Healthcare data is made more accessible and protected. With blockchain-based dApp solutions, patients can be treated more efficiently.
dApps for Trading


If you want to provide a seamless trading experience, order our finance trading dApp development services.
dApps for Insurance


Our decentralized applications offer immense potential in terms of transparency and accuracy of all insurance-related operations.
Software for Logistics


The lack of visibility in the supply chain is no longer a problem. With a top-level dApp, you can boost visibility, trust, and transparency.

Why Choose Us?

4IRE has been in the blockchain development market long enough to understand that quality and customer-focused services make a huge difference. We value each of our clients and always go beyond expectations in everything we do, from DeFi dApp development to NFT and green finance.

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Our Success Stories

Green Assets Wallet

Our blockchain development team participated in building an innovative blockchain-based solution aimed to ensure transparency and robust control of the financial flows in the green bond sector. The project was implemented in partnership with SEB bank, the governments of Sweden and Germany, and CICERO, held under the auspices of SGDF.

Contractland: Decentralized Exchange

Decentralized exchanges allow traders to transfer their money more securely. Learn how we helped with an architecture vision and the development of the Terra Bridge protocol.

Our Leades

Important Things You May Also Ask

What type of dApp suits your business case?

The complexity and functionality of your dApp depend on many factors, such as your business goals, target audience, budget, industry, and many others. The 4IRE team can analyze these variables and conduct market research to develop suitable blockchain solutions. We encourage our clients to be actively involved in the process of dApp planning, thus ensuring close collaboration and idea-sharing. As a result, you receive an efficient, functional, and meaningful product that brings value to all stakeholders.

What are the advantages of dApps over traditional apps?

There’s a reason why dApps are taking on the business world. They are more secure, cost-effective, accessible, and trustworthy than traditional apps. With these advanced solutions, you can simplify your operations across borders. Reduced downtime is another valuable advantage of dApps. Since there is no single point of failure, your dApp will function seamlessly no matter what. Moreover, dApp use communicates a sense of trust and care for clients, which is crucial for building a loyal customer base and remaining competitive.

Why choose 4IRE for your dApp development?

4IRE team offers custom solutions and client-centered blockchain services. We can adjust flexibly to your demands and create products meeting the highest technical standards. For more than a decade, we have been accumulating knowledge and expertise in various industries, such as gaming, FinTech, banking, NFT, and so on. There is nothing we can’t do when it comes to blockchain, smart contracts, and dApp development. So, you choose reliability, quality, and trustworthiness when you choose us.

How much does it cost to build your dApp?

There is no correct answer to this question as everything depends on the project complexity, deadlines, additional features, and many other factors. Depending on your expectations, prices can range from $45K-$50K to hundreds and thousands of dollars. While this price may seem overwhelming, we can guarantee that your investment is worth it. With a sophisticated dApp in your pocket, you can boost your business performance for years to come. Contact us for more information on our pricing policy to calculate the precise cost of your dApp.