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4IRE Meetup in Sweden: Product Innovations in FinTech

05 Sep 2019 updated
11 min

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On 5th September 2019, 4IRE arranged a meetup devoted to innovations in Fintech with Chromia and Regtech Association in Sweden.

We were very pleased to see all participants at the event and host it at WeWork. It was a very cozy space and inspiring startup environment. We appreciated also our local representatives Johan Lundin and Lucas Arrefelt, who were assisting us with the arrangements of the event. Stockholm is a very special city for our company since we have been collaborating with lots of Swedish FinTech companies for over 8 years and are especially honored to be involved in projects supported by SEB, GIZ, and government entities.

Thus, we decided to arrange an event for sharing our background in Defi/Fintech and invited our close partners from Chromaway (TOP 5 Blockchain Product in Sweden 2019), Innobridge Accelerator, helping the FinTech startups with regulations issues in Sweden for sharing their knowledge with FinTech startups founders, Product Owners, and FinTech fans.

Jorgen Mundin, Chief Solution Architect at Chromaway, also shared more info about Chromia blockchain and presented our mutual project in Green Debt Market supported by SEB, GIZ, Ohman, MISTRA, and government entities in Sweden and Germany called Green Assets Wallet. This platform based on blockchain for green investments has already moved from Proof of Concept (PoC) to a permanent technology.

It attracted huge interest among the audience since it showed a real case in using blockchain for transparent impact verification and empowered investors to make sound financial and sustainable choices. The networking party was held at Harry B James Pub and the very appreciate CEO at Chromaway, Henrik Hjelte who couldn’t join the event, however, did his best for being present at the party.


Kiril Kirikov

Senior Solution Architect with expertise in delivering advanced banking solutions, innovative Fintech solutions, remittance systems on blockchain, GDPR Tech Auditor, Researcher. His research and open-source product for cross-chain transfer between Ethereum and Bitcoin attracted interest from Parity and Web 3 Foundation.

Solution Architect on Innovative Swedish FinTech project in the green market – Green Assets Wallet under the lead of Stockholm Green Digital Finance.



Kiril Kirikov, Chief Solution Architect at 4IRE speaking about DeFi vs. Traditional Financial System at the Product Innovation Meetup in Stockholm. Dowload Presentation

Jörgen Modin

Chief Solutions Architect at Chromaway, Systems analyst with a background in supplying collaborations workflows for researchers and architecting and programming bitcoin applications. Experienced educator.

Chief Solutions Architect at Chromaway, that was awarded the TOP 30 blockchain products in Sweden 2019. ChromaWay is also the first company to have the first Western government exploring blockchain for Land Registry with the Swedish Lantmäteriet. Chromaway works very closely with the Fintech Hub and with many start-up ecosystems of the city, like SUP46.


Jörgen Modin, Chief Solutions Architect at Chromaway, was presenting how Chromia blockchain was integrated into Green Debt Market. The mission was to make green bonds more transparent and green impact verification more immutable. It was a mutual project with 4IRE and Stockholm Green Digital Finance. Download Presentation

Richard Rosenholtz

Co-founder Innobridge & Chairman Nordic RegTech Association. A leader in the Nordic RegTech scene, connecting and helping start-up companies & FS firms as they work to build our future. Scoping the Blockchain/DLT scene in the Nordics and how it can be used by FinTech’s, RegTech’s, Banks, Insurance companies, Asset managers, Exchanges.

Co-founder Innobridge – a Stockholm-based foundation, which acts as an enabler to foster cooperation between incumbents and startups primarily in the area of Insurtech, RegTech, Blockchain, AI, and Fintech.


Richard Rosenholtz, Co-founder Innobridge and RegTech Association in Sweden, speaking about advanced technologies like Blockchain, AI in FinTech and how they could impact on the regulations in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. Download Presentation

Stas Varetsky

Product Owner at 4IRE, Certified Facilitator of Design Sprints. Over 3 years managing the innovative FinTech projects launching in Sweden, including the projects supported by government entities in Sweden. Managing the teams of up to 20 specialists.


Stas Varetsky, the Product Owner at 4IRE, presented Design Sprint as an effective way of validating and launching innovative FinTech products into the market. Download Presentation

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