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Enjoy the speed and cost-effectiveness of Substrate blockchain development coupled with universal connectivity and compatibility. Let 4IRE experts develop a Substrate-based product for you with a record turnaround.


Main Features of Blockchain Development with Substrate

Substrate, coding language for Polkadot, is a brainchild of Ethereum’s developer, Gavin Wood, who realized the inherent constraints of the Ethereum ecosystem and poor upgradeability. Thus, Substrate emerged as an alternative to the linear transaction approach of Ethereum by implementing the innovative blockchain infrastructure with numerous interconnected yet autonomous blockchains. The unique multichain design of Polkadot poses no constraints on the blockchain’s throughput and allows a stunning degree of interoperability.

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4IRE is proud to be part of numerous successful tech projects in the sectors spanning wide across the blockchain application spheres. Our innovative solutions are applied in numerous spheres, from banking to real estate, gaming, and DeFi. Here are a couple of our success stories showcasing our expert contribution to the business success of our clients launching top-tier apps and products in the blockchain market.

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Substrate & Polkadot

Thus, Polkadot is a symbol of blockchain innovation, and forward-looking businesses create dApps for this blockchain to keep pace with tech progress. All apps created on Substrate are fully compatible with the Polkadot blockchain, thus giving a new project unlimited access to the resources and features of other parachains linked to the mainnet via Polkadot slots. By having a Substrate-based project and connecting it to Polkadot, businesses can enjoy unrivaled security, interoperability, and performance of this ecosystem.

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Build Your Blockchain with Substrate

Plug and play framework 

The unique Substrate architecture enables building new blockchain projects within 15 minutes. The module library of Substrate and Substrate Core offers many ready-made modules for quick blockchain construction and customized configuration for various uses.


Complete security 

Every blockchain connected to the Polkadot mainnet is considered fully integrated into it, thus enjoying the comprehensive security coverage by the Polkadot protocol. This model is referred to as shared, or pooled, security within the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem.


Native Polkadot compatibility 

By default, all blockchain projects built with Substrate are native to the Polkadot mainnet. Thus, as soon as the project connects to the relay chain via one of its slots, there should be no connectivity or cross-chain compatibility issues between them (and other parachains).


Fork-free upgrades 

The Substrate architecture enables the chain’s logic update without a hard fork. This effect is achieved with the help of the hot-swappable function of the WebAssembly block function, giving the coders freedom to introduce updates without frictions.


Multi-language support 

Coders working with Substrate-based blockchain project development are not limited to one or two coding languages. They may choose the language according to their skill, tech stack, and convenience. Substrate works with all languages compatible with WebAssembly, including Rust, C/C++, Go, etc.


Interchain connectivity 

All Substrate-based blockchains connected to the Polkadot relay chain enjoy superior connectivity without the need to engage bridges or oracles. All of them exchange data and complete transactions instantly, which is guaranteed by the innovative internal architecture of the blockchain.


Hire Substrate Developers

Are you planning a blockchain project on Substrate to connect to the Polkadot ecosystem? 4IRE developers can help you achieve this goal hassle-free by creating a Substrate project for you with a minimal turnaround. Our specialists are talented and experienced in blockchain engineering, thus compiling and customizing a Substrate-based product for you in line with your specific project needs and expectations.

Don't build from scratch! Substrate development with 4IRE offers a full set of tools to create a blockchain in no time.

Our Blockchain Projects

Hash Rush

With so much buzz around blockchain gaming, the play-to-earn market is expanding fast. The 4IRE team participated in the development of one of the early blockchain games, Hash Rush. It is the game with its native token, RUSH, involving users in exciting adventures coupled with crypto asset discovery and accumulation that gives gamers additional incentives to play and gain crypto profits.

Green Assets Wallet

Our blockchain development team participated in building an innovative blockchain-based solution aimed to ensure transparency and robust control of the financial flows in the green bond sector. The project was implemented in partnership with SEB bank, the governments of Sweden and Germany, and CICERO, held under the auspices of SGDF.


What is Parity Substrate used for?

Substrate was initially created to simplify and streamline the development of blockchain projects. It contains the standard Polkadot design components, neatly organized in a pre-assembled form for the developers’ convenience and a high degree of usability. Programmers can customize and configure the available toolkit to create unique Polkadot-compliant projects, thus easily joining the powerful, secure, and robust ecosystem. With the help of readily available Substrate solutions, anyone can build a new blockchain project within minutes, thus accessing the world of blockchain without restrictions.

How does Substrate relate to the broader goals of Web3?

Substrate is an ideal solution for the Web3 ecosystem as it manages to combine unrivaled decentralization with stellar user privacy protection and impressive interoperability. Unlike other blockchains processing their transactions in a linear fashion and suffering from enormous workload, Polkadot follows a multichain infrastructure and processes multiple transactions simultaneously. Thus, all Substrate-based applications and products joining the Polkadot mainnet deliver flexibility, interconnectedness, and user autonomy in line with the foundational principles of Web3.  

How much does it cost to build your own blockchain with Substrate?

The cost of blockchain project development on Substrate depends on your business idea’s complexity, deadline, and the amount of human resources it requires. Thus, it is hard to estimate a specific cost of a project, with every case including specific elements and factors affecting their budgets. Still, you should note that due to the library of pre-assembled blocks in the Substrate Core and module library, you will spend way less on a Substrate-based project than you would spend on a project using another blockchain type.

Why choose 4IRE for Substrate blockchain development services?

The team of 4IRE features the best talent and the most diverse tech stack in terms of end-to-end blockchain project development in Europe to date. We have dozens of successful Substrate-based projects and can provide competent assistance at any level of your project’s development, from idea feasibility audit to the quality assessment and troubleshooting of the existing product. We also handle blockchain project development from scratch to let you excel in the blockchain market with a unique product offering.

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