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Hiveonline helps businesses to show their reputation with a fact-based trust score built on their everyday work and financial transactions.

HiveOnline is a company enabling easy and safe transfers and service provision on a B2B and B2C basis. It provides a robust blockchain-based app bringing SMEs and service users together in a transparent, secure, and immutable space conducive to productive collaboration. To date, HiveOnline is firmly present in the African market, supporting and empowering the economic development of African countries. 

Partnership Overview 

HiveOnline partnered with 4IRE in 2017 to create the blockchain-based app for bringing SMEs and service/product users together in the digital space. The app was intended to help businesses and entrepreneurs make purchases, place orders, and conduct payments on a single, convenient platform. The 4IRE team completed the following tasks on this project: 

MVP Development 

4IRE team started the work with architecture vision development based on thorough market research and comprehensive idea validation. The existing digital apps of this kind were audited, research was done on user needs and unmet expectations, and a winning app design was finally negotiated with the client. 

App Development 

The next stage after idea validation covered turnkey app development. 2 iOS engineers, 1 back-end engineer, and 1 designer from the 4IRE staff worked on the core app features: 

  • User and SME profiles 
  • SME catalog and search filter 
  • Messaging and chat systems 
  • Unique dynamic contracts 
  • The milestones system for contract tracking 
  • E-wallet 

At the MVP development stage, the 4IRE team decided to integrate Mondido payments as an e-wallet for the app. Another team did further work on feature diversification and APIs after HiveOnline decided to focus on the African market instead of the EU region. 

Product Overview 

The work on the HiveOnline project took almost 2 years and involved a team of 6 experts of various tech specializations. The resulting product enabled smooth and safe collaboration between individuals and SMEs in various industries. The users could organize end-to-end partnerships on the HiveOnline platform due to the integration of the e-wallet and the function of unique, dynamic contracts. The project turned out very successful as a business solution.

Location: Denmark
Team size: 6 team members
Date: 2017 - 2019
Industries Fintech Technologies Python

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