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Mobile Banking Solution for the Bank in Eastern Europe

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Mobile Banking Solution
Ukraine Client’s Location
6+ Team members
6 months Project period

Client’s profile 

The client is the Bank in Eastern Europe serving thousands of clients via its mobile-only banking solution. The bank  was launched by Fozzy Group and was launched in the fall of 2021. 

Client’s requirements/ goals 

Since it’s a mobile-only bank aimed to provide customized banking services for clients based on their financial behavior, the client came across the need of customer onboarding and the app’s customization to the client’s needs. The bank turned to us for assistance in creating an onboarding app supplement, which would work in line with the interface and mission and would simultaneously comply with the National Bank’s legal requirements.  

mobile banking

Business challenge 

The principal business challenges the 4IRE team came across in this project’s implementation included: 

  • The need to conduct documentation checks and customer authentication without attending an offline bank for identity verification. 

  • Customization of a white-label solution to the client’s needs with regard to all design preferences and requirements. 

  • The requirement to integrate the onboarding solution as a part of the existing app infrastructure. 

  • Incorporation of customized client features, including personal finance monitoring, ongoing assessment of the customer’s financial health, setting of budget goals, and money flow control.  

  • Equipment of the solution with additional security measures to prevent personal data leakage or identity theft. 


Ukrainian banking service users typically have a variety of bank cards and accounts with several financial service providers. Thus, the solution was meant to harmonize the fragmented financial service use for clients wishing for a more systematic and controllable financial app. Besides, the main principle of client engagement used was the launch of an appealing system of bonuses and cashback, attractive loan conditions, and cashless deposit opportunities for the users. 

The new bank’s customers only need to download the app, fill out the form, upload the screenshots of their identity proof, and get a virtual card for universal use. Those wishing to have a tangible, physical card can get it in the partners’ centers. Thus, without physical verification of documents and offline customer referral and service points, the client needed to enhance the verification and onboarding procedures for better legal compliance and UX improvement. These were the major points of our focus during collaboration with the client on their onboarding functionality development.

mobile-only bank solution

Solution delivered 

The 4IRE team developed the following technological solutions for the app: 

UI Improvements 

An intuitive, user-friendly UI is at the core of any system’s robust functioning and adoption by users. Thus, 4IRE engineers introduced significant layout improvements to make the UI easier to use, more navigable, and straightforward even for newbies. Our white-label UI solution enabled positive dashboard changes, making the banking app more responsive to user preferences. 

Two-factor authentication 

The mobile-only banking solutions’ major vulnerability is the protection from hackers and thieves. The 4IRE team enhanced the app’s security by adding a robust two-factor authentication algorithm, increasing the system’s protection from unauthorized access. 

Innovative identity check system 

The mobile-only identity check should be precise enough to prevent forgery. The 4IRE coders introduced a reliable identity check system involving several document verification steps, thus minimizing the risk of false document submission. 

Quick digital onboarding 

The onboarding system was integrated into the app with handy videos, how-to manuals, and an interactive AI-powered assistant ready to consult new users on any system features 24/7. 

API integration for better integration with third-party services 

A new API layer was added to the app to simplify connection with new third-party services and help the platform scale sustainably. 

Loyalty program customization 

Since the primary focus of the client was made on loyalty programs and usability improvements, the 4IRE team added a flexible, highly customizable system of loyalty bonuses and rewards for users. The system adapts to individual users’ financial behavior, preferred services, and categories of expenditures to supply the most attractive cashback and bonus solutions. 

Project outcomes 

The project was prepared for six months, from spring till fall of 2021. The team involved in the app’s expansion project included six specialists – two front-end developers, one back-end developer, one UX designer, and one engineer. The technologies employed in the process were: 

Android SDK, Objective-C, Java 1.7, SQLite, and Hibernate 4, among others. The resulting app became easily navigable, intuitive, and highly customizable to user preferences and financial goals. All those improvements came with a sufficient digital protection layer preventing fraud and identity forgery, thus resulting in a modern, flexible, and individually tailored banking app.

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