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Get a seasoned, qualified Node.js developer or compile the entire team to pump up your project or create a new one from scratch. 4IRE has many skilled Node.js experts to deliver top-notch enterprise solutions and revamp your back-end functionality.

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    4IRE Node.JS Developers

    Full-stack Developer
    Angular.js Hardhat JavaScript Mongo Nest.js Node.js Solidity Typescript Vue.js
    Lead Blockchain Engineer

    Working in IT since 2003 and having a wide-range expertise, Eugene built more than 50 projects of different complexity in various industries. Recently focused on primarily Blockchain and DeFi projects, mentoring Solidity developers, developing and implementing architecture on Blockchain projects (vesting, yield farming, NFT, games) and implementing smart contract audits.

    AWS CSS Express.js Hardhat Java Mocha MySQL Nest.js Node.js PHP Solidity Spring Vue.js
    Head of Engineering

    Yaroslav is a Head of Engineering with a unique combination of strong technical, consulting, and management skills. Leveraging 5+ years of experience in Solidity, he leads world-class blockchain dedicated development teams, prepares the architecture vision for the DeFi and FinTech projects, conducts smart contract audits. Yaroslav participated in more than 30 ICOs ERC20 tokens development, and solution development for contracts deployment to the mainnet.

    .NET C# CSS Mocha Mongo MySQL Node.js Python Solidity Truffle Web3
    Senior Node.JS Developer

    Stanislav ia a senior Node.js developer with more than 12 years of experience in web development and over 6 years of experience as a back-end developer. He has excellent leadership and collaboration skills, making him an ideal candidate for team lead roles. Stanislav handled complex and demanding projects designing and developing scalable architectures and high-load applications in E-Commerce, Blockchain, and Fintech industries.

    Angular.js AWS Hyperladger Fabric Nest.js Node.js PHP Python
    Middle FullStack

    Andrii is a full-stack developer with 6+ years of experience proficient in both front-end and back-end development. He is well-versed in designing, coding, testing, debugging, and implementing high-quality software. Andrii has excellent communication skills, allowing him to lead the team, and effectively collaborate with customers and stakeholders.
    His strong foundation in both blockchain and full-stack development makes him well-suited for a variety of software development projects.

    Angular.js Hyperladger Fabric JavaScript Nest.js Node.js Typescript
    Senior Back-end developer

    Vladyslav is a senior backend developer with 7+ years of experience in web and mobile development and deep expertise in various technologies and programming languages. His strong understanding of back-end frameworks such as Node.js makes him a valuable asset to any development team. Excellent skills in developing payment service integrations, including Paypal, Stripe, and Skrill, ensuring seamless payment transactions for end-users.

    Express.js JavaScript MySQL Node.js React.js Typescript Web3
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    Want to Node.JS engineer?

    Who We Are

    4IRE is a Swedish-Ukrainian collaborative hiring only top Node.js talent and developing technically superior back-end solutions for clients of all sizes and scales. We boast 14 years of a strong presence in the global software development industry. So, our Node.js engineers are always ready to contribute new insights and integrate cutting-edge technology into your software project.


    Years in development & consulting


    Finished projects


    Specialists onboard


    Annual company growth


    Country of location


    Graduates finished our courses

    Providing Blockchain Services for 12+ Years.

    Hiring and Engagement Models

    Full-time hiring

    Need a Node.js development team to delegate the entire project? That’s what 4IRE can provide with a record turnaround. We will compile a team based on your unique project specifications and required tech stack, handling all work on our side.  

    Part-time hiring

    Want only partial support and assistance from a couple of Node.js experts? Lack a person with a specific Node.js-related tech stack? We can close these gaps in your team’s talent by finding the right Node.js developer in our extensive database and team. 

    Time & Material

    No need to pay the full monthly salary for each engineer you get on board your project. You can only cover the hours of work they complete on your project. This model offers unrivaled flexibility and helps you address minor dev issues quickly and affordably. 

    Our Node.js Development Services

    Custom Node.js Development

    We can build your Node.js-based project from scratch and equip it with the best-in-class tools and technologies, architectural solutions, databases, and frameworks. You won’t need to worry about any development aspect; it’s all on us, from message broker setup to testing and orchestration.

    Third-Party Software Integration

    Our Node.js programmers can help you integrate third-party Node.js software systems into the existing IT infrastructure without friction, security flaws, or data loss. We can walk you through the integration procedure without your business processes’ interruption.

    Maintenance and Support Services

    Those with an existing Node.js-based software product must keep it updated and maintained 24/7. The 4IRE team is ready to handle this ongoing task by monitoring your software performance, identifying and troubleshooting errors, and developing timely, custom-tailored updates.

    Dedicated Development Team

    Businesses with ongoing Node.js development needs can take advantage of dedicated teams at 4IRE. We compile a team of experts with various Node.js tech stacks based on your unique requirements and oversee its operations in our office with little input on your part.

    Let’s talk about your project implementation!

    How to start hiring


    We discuss the project with the client to identify its technical requirements and technology needs. At this stage, we can verify the availability of needed tech expertise and make preliminary estimates of work hours based on the general project idea and your expectations. 


    The next stage involves more detailed market and technology research on your project to plan the breakdown of costs and human resources needed for your project’s implementation. It’s a more concrete step that ends with budget and deadline roadmap planning. 


    If you’re okay with our provided estimates, it’s time to compile a team and get down to the actual coding. We offer candidates, you approve the final team composition, and the dedicated team works under our close guidance to deliver the project to you. 


    Once the dev work is over, we undertake extensive QA testing of the resulting product. Our experts run a series of automated and manual checks, review the code logic, and analyze the code’s cybersecurity before the final project submission. 

    Our Awards and Recognition

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    Can I hire a Node.js developer within 24 hours?

    Yes, you can get a Node.js programmer from 4IRE in under 24 hours if your decision-making processes are fast enough to make the proper candidate choice within such a short timeframe. The 4IRE manager will provide you with a list of Node.js candidates meeting your specifications in under 24 hours, and it’s up to you whether you interview these candidates and screen their resumes fast enough. 

    How much does it cost to hire Node.js developers?

    The hourly rate of Node.js development work depends on your requirements for the expert’s tech stack, seniority level, and hiring model. If you pay on a Time & Material basis, the hourly rate may be higher than the developer’s monthly salary recalculated in hours starting from $40 per hour. 

    Will I get a project estimation before starting the work?

    Definitely! We at 4IRE favor transparency in all operations with clients. Thus, we never start working on the client’s project before a detailed roadmap and time/cost estimations are ready. When entrusting your project to 4IRE, you will get a concrete plan for the work progression and cost estimation for each stage negotiated with your manager. Thus, as soon as you sign a contract and pay for the development work, you have all terms transparently laid out in the documentation. 

    Is Node.js good for back-end development?

    Key advantages that Node.js offers for back-end development are serverless architecture and real-time communication support. Besides, Node.js solutions are good at managing numerous simultaneous connections, which is a bonus for many software products, like, for instance, IoT. However, Node.js use is not limited to the back-end only; it may also be used for front-end coding tasks. 

    Why choose to hire Node.js developers with 4IRE?

    4IRE has a large team of developers in all specialties, from Node.js to blockchain. Besides, we’re a company with a firm offline and online presence based on a solid Ukrainian-Swedish partnership and the availability of in-house engineering staff at three regional centers. Thus, by choosing 4IRE, you always work with proven experts and receive a predictable quality of service and code, relying on our expertise and professionalism in all aspects of development work.