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NFT Marketplace for Play-to-Earn Games

Nail the P2E gaming market by expanding your offer with a user-friendly, convenient gaming NFT marketplace. We can add the NFT exchange functionality to your value proposition.


Power Your P2E Game with a Branded NFT Marketplace

P2E games enjoy immense popularity, with gaming budgets in the NFT sphere exceeding 20% of the overall trading volume. Thus, combining the P2E gaming trend with NFT can reap maximum benefits from your digital products. 

Most blockchain-powered games following the P2E model feature some kind of NFTs today. So, giving your dedicated gamers a chance to exchange their earned trophies and rewards for crypto tokens is a great step forward in expanding your client base and increasing the in-game revenue streams. 

Speed Up Your Market Entry with a White-Label Solution

Creating an NFT game marketplace is a complex project with many technical nuances, so it typically takes several months to half a year to create one from scratch. But we have a better solution than waiting for market entry for so long. 

It’s a branded 4IRE white-label product that speeds up the time to market and contains a set of pre-engineered game NFT marketplace features. Go for the white-label NFT platform if you want to launch the product quickly and outperform slower competitors.

Benefits of Getting a P2E NFT Marketplace from 4IRE

Working with 4IRE on the P2E NFT marketplace creation is a sure choice for quality, speed, and predictability. Here is a list of benefits we offer in terms of NFT platform design.

Flexible core NFT marketplace solution

Flexible Core NFT Platform

The NFT solution you get from us possesses a robust and flexible architecture open for customization and scaling. You can introduce new features and updates without friction.
Main set of features

Main Set of Features

We know the NFT market inside out, advising on the best features to include in your project. Your P2E platform will comply with the highest industry standards and user demands.
The limited period of deployment

Limited Period of Deployment

Using the professional services of 4IRE engineers, you minimize the time to market and beat the competition with innovative, timely solutions for your P2E products.
Our NFT Marketplace White-Label solution

White-Label Solution

Our pre-made white-label NFT marketplace solution allows you to enter the market within weeks, thus responding to your gamers’ needs in real-time without quality compromises.
Secondary market and royalties

Secondary Market and Royalties

Your NFT marketplace for P2E games can become a lucrative source of revenue if you introduce secondary NFT sales and royalties to asset holders—widely popular NFT exchange models.
Wallet Connection

Wallet Connection

We offer seamless solutions for crypto wallet integration for your users. You can choose among many options depending on your P2E technology and the NFT platform’s functionality.
Open sea compatible

OpenSea Compatibility

There’s no need to limit yourself to your in-game NFT exchange. If you create a platform with NFT minting functionality, allow users to move NFTs to OpenSea and sell them to a larger audience.
Creat & purchase NFT

Create & Purchase NFTs Feature

Gamers can enrich your P2E game’s universe with customized NFTs, and this feature is in high demand today. Let your users trade the NFT assets they’ve earned and made from scratch.

4IRE Gaming NFT Marketplace Features

Extended Filters

Filters are the key component of any successful NFT gaming marketplace. As your platform expands and enjoys popularity, the number of available NFTs can confuse the users. We incorporate handy filters to simplify the NFT search and categorization and speed up the transaction.

Compatible with Different Wallets

There’s a multitude of crypto wallets that users prefer for on-chain operations. We can find a flexible API solution for any preference depending on the agreed technology and architecture of your NFT marketplace’s design. Your gamers won’t face friction during transactions.

Fully Customizable Design

The sky is the limit to customization when you choose our white-label solution. We’ve made all visual design elements, menu, and layout as customizable as possible to help you stand out in the overcrowded NFT market. Experiment with the design options to find your ideal mix.

Item Categories

Assigning categories to the NFTs available on your platform makes their search and sorting more manageable. Discuss the NFT categories featured in your gaming marketplace and design the best way for their arrangement so that users spend minimal time locating the correct item.

Let’s talk about your project implementation!

4IRE White-Label NFT Marketplace for P2E

It sometimes takes 3-6 months to see your NFT marketplace for games launched to the market (up to 1 year if your project is large-scale and feature-rich). Why wait so long? The business landscape in the NFT space changes quickly, and delivery of relevant solutions in real-time is your main competitive advantage. A great option for achieving such speed and responsiveness is the white-label NFT marketplace architecture from 4IRE engineers. Use the ready-made, customizable NFT platform environment to reduce the time to market to several weeks. A great option for achieving such speed and responsiveness is the white-label NFT marketplace architecture from 4IRE engineers. Use the ready-made, customizable NFT platform environment to reduce the time to market to several weeks.

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We’ve Made Your NFT Gaming Marketplace Launch a Kid’s Play

Requirements Gathering

First, we discuss project requirements with the client. We need to translate your business idea and vision into a blockchain technology language to start the development process.

Research and Concept Creation

Using an idea in its rough form is a risky endeavor. 4IRE experts validate your ideas and find out what target users really want by researching the market. The fine-tuned concept is negotiated with the client.

Development Stage

The actual software development stage is the longest and the most resource-consuming. We engage the team of blockchain engineers and UI/UX designers to program the platform’s code and front-end.

Testing and Release

No product should see the world without rigorous QA testing. We conduct an end-to-end code audit of the created code, test it with different work scenarios, and prepare the product for the official release.

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4IRE: Official Integrators of NEAR Protocol

4IRE has a large team of seasoned NEAR experts who can create a NEAR-powered project from scratch or migrate an existing one to the NEAR protocol’s ecosystem. NEAR has emerged as a promising competitor to Ethereum 2.0, offering robust performance, low commissions, and quick on-chain transaction processing. Embrace its functionality and scalability with us.

Official Integrators of NEAR Protocol & 4IRE

Technologies used with our NFT Marketplace engine

Blockchain networks


Front-end Frameworks


NFT Standards

Storage Platforms

Your community will be happy. Launch NFT selling for p2e game hassle free!
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NEAR - NEAR Powered NFT Marketplace

Read the case study of our collaboration with a US-based company aimed to streamline its blockchain-based NFT marketplace’s launch. We share the evolution of our collaboration from project consulting and oversight to NEAR optimization and project redesign from scratch.

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Check out the case study where we share the successful experience of the 4IRE team in P2E game development for a Greece-based investment fund specializing in crypto and blockchain startups.

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Hash Rush

Read how our P2E NFT marketplace development company participated in the development of Hash Rush – a fictional Hermeian galaxy in which the users can create their small settlements, fight monsters and creatures coming from distant corners of the universe, and build up their own fortune in the form of assets and items.

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Why Choose 4IRE for Your NFT Gaming Marketplace?

  • A large team with in-depth blockchain dev expertise;
  • Hands-on expertise in NFT marketplace design and launch;
  • In-depth knowledge of the gaming industry;
  • Dedication and professionalism in software development.

What Else 4IRE Offers

Turning to 4IRE with your NFT-related idea, you always get turnkey development solutions and all-around support of experts with in-depth technical expertise. We can handle any aspect of the business project, ranging from idea validation to development to marketing and post-launch maintenance. Thus, working with us is always a safe choice for businesses looking for long-term partnerships and dependable service.

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How to create an NFT marketplace for a play-to-earn game?

The P2E NFT marketplace design and launch algorithm is generally similar to that of a regular NFT marketplace. The only difference is that you adjust the features and architecture of your NFT platform to a specific P2E game or a set of games. A P2E-specific NFT marketplace enables the sale, purchase, and creation of NFTs meant for use in particular games. So, your functionality should consider the underlying blockchain architecture of the games you want to cover. 

How much does it cost to build an NFT marketplace for p2e games?

It’s hard to give a concise estimate of the NFT marketplace’s cost because it ranges widely. The key factors affecting the price are the blockchain technology you want to use, the location of your dev team, and the number of planned features. Another vital criterion is the availability of the NFT minting feature; some NFT marketplaces allow the NFT exchange only, while others enable minting as well. Thus, the cost of building a P2E NFT marketplace may range from around $100,000 for a simple project outsourced to an affordable provider to $500,000+ for complex, global NFT marketplaces covering many different games.

What is the NFT marketplace for play-to-earn games?

In a nutshell, an NFT marketplace for P2E games is a platform where in-game assets, like armor, cards, and equipment, are traded in the stock exchange-like form. Users who have won the in-game rewards can trade their belongings to monetize their P2E experience, while others come to the NFT marketplaces to upgrade their game status and enhance their earning potential. Examples of such platforms featuring NFTs from multiple games are GameFi and OpenSea, while local NFT marketplaces for specific games are The Sandbox NFT marketplace or World of Defish.

Which blockchain is better for an NFT marketplace for P2E games?

You can build a functional, secure NFT marketplace on many blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Tezos. The characteristics you should evaluate when making this choice are the blockchain’s transaction speed and cost, security of on-chain operations, the functionality of its smart contracts, and the consensus mechanism it uses. Experts also recommend focusing on the scalability of your chosen solution and researching its adoption rate and other users’ reviews. Look at other NFT-related projects built on your chosen blockchain platform: are they functional and user-friendly? If your answer is yes, then the chosen blockchain is a good way to go.