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Harness the expertise and creativity of the 4IRE team to enter the high-revenue NFT market. Establish a strong presence with a functional, user-friendly NFT marketplace designed by our professionals.

Create your own NFT marketplace hassle-free

Create your own NFT marketplace hassle-free

The 4IRE team of blockchain engineers and DeFi developers is ready to meet your business needs and bring your NFT marketplace project to life.

Our in-depth expertise in blockchain, FinTech, DeFi, and crypto projects allows easy development of the NFT marketplace in compliance with your business strategy and further integration into your existing IT infrastructure. 

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Our engagement models

Dedicated development team

Hire the 4IRE team of NFT developers not to spend time, money, and energy on compiling an in-house team of blockchain engineers for one specific project. We have ready teams with the needed tech stack and skills for your NFT project creation.

Team extension

If you have in-house specialists but lack one or two professionals with a specific tech stack, we can augment your team with 4IRE experts on a project-based basis. They will collaborate with your team to deliver exceptional NFT development results.

Project-based model

4IRE developers can assist you on a full-time or project-based collaboration model, performing only the tasks you need or lack human resources for. You can count on our help with tasks and projects of any scale and complexity.


Marketplace development


Marketplace development


Marketplace development


Marketplace development


Marketplace development

Our development roadmap

Each client comes to us with a particular vision and expectations of the NFT marketplace. We review the feasibility of their requirements and assess their existing IT infrastructure to ensure cost-effective development and smooth integration.


Once the initial project requirements are clarified, 4IRE blockchain architects analyze the existing technology solutions and select the development tools. We consider cross-platform interoperability, easy integration, and effective maintenance criteria.


The actual development stage starts when all milestones are negotiated and the project pipeline is clear. The 4IRE team of coders works on the NFT marketplace, presenting intermediate progress reports to clients.


Once the NFT marketplace prototype is ready, it is tested for functionality, security, and other aspects of operation. We conduct multiple tests to eliminate bugs, troubleshoot all problems, and guarantee the system’s operability before market launch.


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Kickstart your NFT Marketplace by building a platform on 4IRE white-label solution


Features of our NFT Core Solution

Platform storefront

Shows the list of all available NFTs, allows filtering, wallet connection and NFT creation/re-sell.

  • Metamask wallet is used for connection
  • User can create a single unique NFT
  • User can create multiple copies of NFT
  • NFT can be purchased as a fixed price unit

Admin section

Shows basic statistics, allows to set the commission %.

  • User can transfer NFT to another user
  • User can re-sell purchased NFT
  • Creator can get royalties once NFT went on a secondary market inside the platform

Hire our NFT Marketplace development team

Hire our NFT Marketplace development team

Our team contains numerous experts with many years of experience in the blockchain and FinTech industries. Hiring 4IRE developers, you get flawless project execution, smooth management of all project stages, effective communication, and a functional, technically superior NFT product.

We guarantee timely and competent execution of your project in full compliance with cutting-edge technological requirements and financial sector innovation.

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Technologies used with our NFT Marketplace engine

Blockchain platform

Storage platform

NFT Standards


Front-end Frameworks

Schedule a meeting with our CTO

Schedule a meeting with our CTO

Still have questions or concerns? We’re ready to discuss your NFT project in detail. Contact us to schedule a meeting with our CTO to discuss project milestones, budget, and technical requirements. Let’s make your project more manageable and understandable together.

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Why do users buy NFTs?

The blockchain and crypto industry is hyping now, which is coupled with growing distrust of traditional banks and financial institutions. The popularity of crypto assets is growing, and forward-looking users go beyond the conventional cryptocurrencies and altcoins to expand their investments in digital assets. Thus, clients flock to NFT marketplaces to invest in the rapidly growing niche of NFTs and monetize the digital art craft.

How do you make money with NFT?

If you establish an NFT marketplace, you can generate revenue from it in many ways. First, you will receive “gas” fees from the NFT creators using the capacity of your platform for token minting. Second, you will receive a commission for all transactions and deals taking place between buyers and sellers on your platform. Third, you can take advantage of your own platform’s tokenization and launch your custom token into circulation.

How to launch your own NFT marketplace?

The launch of the NFT marketplace is a multi-stage process. You need to select technical solutions for it, such as the underlying blockchain platform, the token storage platform, payment options, and cybersecurity tools. After that, a blockchain development team will code your NFT marketplace from scratch (or will customize a ready-made SDK you choose). After QA and testing, you can launch the ready, functioning marketplace.

How long does it take to build an NFT marketplace?

On average, the end-to-end NFT marketplace development process takes from 4 to 6 months. If you use some ready-made solutions, the time can be minimized. But experts in the NFT industry recommend not skipping any step to research the industry first, then develop a business idea, transform it into a business plan, and use it to determine the development milestones. Post-development testing is also critical, as you should launch a safe and bug-free NFT marketplace to attract users and guarantee the intactness of their digital assets.