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Swedish-Ukrainian IT Consulting and Development Company Focused on Fintech Projects

4ire Labs is focused on the FinTech domain. We help to launch a FinTech startup from scratch, assisting with validation from the business and tech perspective. 4ire Labs collaborates with experts leveraging a solid background in FinTech, and professional experience in Mastercard, and McKinsey&Co. In our team, you will find people who launched their own Neobank in Europe from the ground up. FinTech instruments automate complex and time-consuming business processes. After developing 200+ projects both on mobile and web platforms in the past 10 years we are sharing our experience and providing you with the best and the most innovative solutions in the Fintech industry. We know the key issues that come up while launching the Fintech startup and all the tools you may need to create your own Fintech product or service.

Our Fintech Expertise

Mobile Banking
Saving & Investing
RegTech, AML
Open Banking
Payment gateway development & Integration

Are you looking for a safe and stable payment method for your marketplace, bank, or financial institution?

We can do such integration. Our specialists will add all the needed modules to your website on time. You will be satisfied with its fast and stable work, even in the case of the high load.

Mobile Banking Applications

We are developing innovative applications for mobile banking and intuitive UI-UX interfaces. Make your bank the leader with modern solutions for your clients. Transform their phones into easy and workable tools for the management of their finances.

Investment & Saving Applications

Leveraging extensive fintech expertise, the 4ire Labs team can build payment management solutions from scratch. If you want to develop a saving app or green bonds platform, we will assist you on every step of the development process starting from idea validation.

RegTech, KYC & AML Solutions

Make your relationships with regulators clear with our RegTech solutions. Know your customers and their responsibility to protect your business with KYC & AML solutions. We will provide safe modules and improve your bank’s infrastructure. Or, if needed, create it from scratch.

Open Banking Solutions

Take advantage of Open Banking API. 4ire Labs is ready to develop and provide new open systems with high-speed and secure data exchange by API for you and your partners. Get confidence with our safe and friendly solutions and increase your profit.

Invoicing and escrow platforms

4ire Labs is ready to develop a multi-functional platform for modern accounting with all options required by your customer. Automatize the process of generating escrows and invoices. Add new Fintech solutions to your business to make your company more financially efficient.

FREE consulting with our FinTech experts

What we do

Architecture and environment setup
Our financial specialists are ready to configure the clear architecture and environment for your financial product according to the requests of your business. We offer the development of full software packages with the protected-on-blockchain database, user-friendly interface, and workable and protected components of business logic. We will guide your fintech products through all needed iterations and will deploy them according to the tech descriptions.
Third-party providers consulting and integration
Do you need to integrate a fintech platform or application? We work with the technical properties of the product and integrate them through architecture for client-server relations between your and third-party products. Both your and third-party modules should be able to exchange requests and answers with synchronization. As well, we are able to assist you with a business description of methods and solutions for the desired outcome. Our team will find a profitable and secure system based on blockchain with a user-friendly interface.
Deployment and monitoring
The life cycle of your product after the release is only the beginning. 4IRE Labs continues to monitor and provides support for your product at 24/7/365 mode. You will use our knowledge and skills for regularly updating and constantly improving your fintech environment. Therefore, you will always offer the most innovative and convenient service for your clients and will be one step ahead of your competitors.
From idea to release development
We share the method “from idea validation to release” development. It means that we will lead your fintech products through all phases. We are going to develop and prepare tech requirements with a detailed description of every step. You will be able to monitor every phase of work done, get the MVP after every iteration, and give your feedback. Our team of financial experts will take all necessary tasks and work until the desired result is achieved. After that, we will release your product according to your requirements.


Green Assets Wallet

Read about the role of 4ire Labs team in GAW project implementation and integration of Chromia blockchain.

October 2020
by Slava Malchenko

Aztec Protocol

Aztec Protocol uses cutting-edge zero-knowledge proofs to enable private transactions on Ethereum.

October 2020
by Slava Malchenko


Read how we collaborated with Hiveonline, a Sweden-based startup, on building an MVP of their app.

October 2020
by Slava Malchenko

Services that we offer


The industry is facing a boost of interest in investing and saving apps. Our team has an extensive background in collaboration with the TOP TIER banks on saving and investing app development.


Banking software development is pretty challenging because of software security and compliance. We believe that AI solutions can bring huge value. We have a team of Data Scientists, who are great experts with a solid background working with retail and banking industries and can help companies with consulting.


PSD2 regulation has influenced the whole banking industry in Europe and made banks open their APIs for third-party service providers. Our solution architects help customers with the integration of open banking APIs to their apps and platforms.


We help SMEs and startups with their ideas and develop FinTech software solutions, no matter if it’s a wallet for kids or an exchange system.


The current generation of Millenials was grown with the boost of digital technologies. Thus, more and more people prefer using online banking solutions instead of traditional banks. Our experts help with prototyping, testing, and developing NEO banks for our clients.


We live in a world of digital technologies. Our experts will help you with the digitalization of your products.