White-label NFT marketplace development service

Utilize the custom-tailored white-label solution for quick and pocket-friendly NFT marketplace development. Join the vibrant NFT industry with an appealing, user-friendly marketplace.

Setup your own NFT marketplace within а 3 weeks

Launching an NFT marketplace project has never been simpler! The 4IRE team offers a ready-made NFT creation platform with the full set of features and options and fully customizable design. Your NFT marketplace will see the world in as little as three weeks, letting you earn revenue and attract loyal customers while your competitors develop their NFT solutions from scratch. 

Our NFT white-label product enables selling, buying, and creating NFTs – all you need to set up a lucrative, successful NFT business.

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Creating NFTs

You can create your own NFT under different settings:


Build under ERC-721

Multiple NFTs

Build under ERC-1155

You can set ammount of copies of NFT

Selling NFTs

The NFT platform allows users to trade on non-fungible tokens selling all kinds of digital collectibles like art, sports, music, and many more.

The users can also place the necessary restrictions on how items can be traded.

Buying NFTs

Your users can browse and purchase NFTs of their choice via different payment methods without going through taxing or creating a wallet.

Our NFT marketplace offers buyers payment options like bank cards, fiat currency or cryptocurrency transfer.

Create NFT marketplace platform like Opensea, Rarible

Whatever blockchain solution of existing NFT marketplaces you like, we can implement the required features, functions, and design with our white-label NFT platform. 

The most popular NFT marketplaces are OpenSea, Rarible, and the like, each coming with a robust infrastructure and an impressive operability. The 4IRE team has developed clone scripts for all popular blockchain solutions underlying popular NFT marketplaces to give you a go-ahead in the NFT sector with smaller time and money investments.


Why choose NFT marketplace development with 4IRE?

Plug and Play

The white-label NFT solution of 4IRE is ready for use, with little technical or coding knowledge required to launch the ready, functioning marketplace.

Fully Customizable

We offer a huge variety of features and design blocks to let you create a unique NFT marketplace with minimal technical expertise.

User-Friendly Platform

Our white-label product is designed in a way that makes its use hassle-free for business owners and platform’s users. Its design is minimalist and intuitive.

Most Popular NFT Standards Support

We have incorporated all popular NFT standards in the architectural solutions to give your platform’s users and artists freedom of choice.

Easy to Use Admin Panel

Artists and buyers will enjoy a user-friendly, clear admin panel, allowing them to conduct transactions with crypto assets with ease and comfort.

Leveraging Multiple Blockchain Technologies

We have taken care of cross-technology compatibility to make our solution universal and easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure.

Our 3 weeks development model

Our NFT Marketplace White-Label Solution

Wishing to learn more about the white-label NFT solution offered by 4IRE? Watch our demo video showcasing the key features and functions available within the white-label NFT architecture.

We examine the marketplace layout and functionality, showing the design of clients’ personal cabinets, marketplace presentation design, artists’ profile layout, etc., to give you a natural feel of what you can get by applying our product and customizing it to your individual brand style and format.

Kickstart your NFT Marketplace by building a platform on 4IRE white-label solution

Why choose 4IRE NFT Marketplace development team?

Our team contains numerous experts with many years of experience in the blockchain and FinTech industries. Hiring 4IRE developers, you get flawless project execution, smooth management of all project stages, effective communication, and a functional, technically superior NFT product.

We guarantee timely and competent execution of your project in full compliance with cutting-edge technological requirements and financial sector innovation.

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Our NFT Game Marketplace Development Service

4IRE has a white-label NFT marketplace solution easily customizable for the gaming market that allows clients to minimize their expenditures and time-to-market of their NFT project.

This product is designed with extensive customization in mind, so we can quickly fit the features and functionality for meeting the gaming NFT marketplace requirements. You will quickly enter the NFT marketplace for gamers with a well-functioning, appealing offer to get a fair share of the booming, lucrative P2E market.

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Technologies used with our NFT Marketplace engine

We implement smart contracts to automate business operations with the following blockchain technologies.


Learn our cases

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Read about the role of 4ire Labs team in GAW project implementation and integration of Chromia blockchain.

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Hash Rush

Check how we developed online fantasy game where players can build mines, fight monsters and trade resources in the fictional Hermeian galaxy.

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Check out how 4IRE helped to develop the film collaboration platform addressing the main challenges of the global film industry.

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Thinking of your own NFT marketplace, but limited with time and budgetary constraints? Contact us to learn about the white-label NFT solution that will minimize your expenditures and time-to-launch.

Our prices and speed of project implementation will help you get a working NFT marketplace with minimal input.



What is NFT?

NFT is an acronym for non-fungible tokens. It means that you buy, sell, or store a non-replaceable token with a specific value (e.g., an image, a building, a painting). A simple comparison is NFTs and money; money is fungible as you can divide a $100 note into several smaller-value notes or buy some goods for the equivalent of that sum. But a Mona Lisa is non-fungible as you can’t sell a part of it without spoiling the painting (which causes its total loss of value). Some famous examples of NFTs are the autographed tweet of Twitter’s founder, Nyan Cat’s image, digital drawings, and even music.

What is the NFT marketplace engine?

NFT marketplaces run on the Ethereum platform. Still, there are different tools (SDKs) for NFT marketplace creation. Some publicly available SDKs include OpenSea and Rarible, but they are limited in terms of customization. So, we recommend using custom-made NFT solutions to design unique NFT marketplaces based on your unique project vision.

How much does the NFT marketplace white label cost?

Understanding the price of your NFT marketplace is impossible without detailing its features and functions. At a minimum, your marketplace should have an appealing, user-friendly UI/UX, a system for authorization and user security, an engine for user profile creation and customization, a system of search and filters, product pages, reviews, shopping cart, payments, and notifications. Inventory management, incorporation of your NFT marketplace to the Ethereum platform, and admin panel are also calculated separately. So, you can understand the final cost of your NFT project after discussing the price for each of the named features with your software provider.

Do I need an NFT marketplace CMS?

Yes, CMSs are an integral part of the NFT marketplace’s functionality as they help you manage customer profiles with ease. Some pre-made NFT marketplace development solutions already come with in-built CMS. You can also use open-source CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, or Magento – they are easily integrated and fit various NFT development engines.

How do I create an NFT platform?

The process of NFT platform development starts with the project plan, definition of your NFT marketplace’s features, and choice of the underlying technology. Then goes the stage of actual NFT software development and its testing. Finally, if everything works well, your NFT marketplace is integrated into the Ethereum platform.