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Decimated is a blockchain-based NFT gaming project headquartered in Estonia. It offers a post-apocalyptic gaming experience designed in the best tradition of cyberpunk. Gamers should complete challenges and compete against each other to win NFT assets and rewards in DIO tokens.

Partnership Overview 

The client turned to 4IRE with a threefold task: creating a staking system, a vesting system, and an in-game marketplace for Decimated. The project had a tough deadline, with 3 months provided for all three deliverables. The 4IRE team of engineers, UI/UX designers, and QA specialists worked on the game’s architecture expansion and design from scratch, following the client’s specification requirements: 

  • The staking system should be fully customizable and easily manageable through the admin panel, with the game’s owners’ ability to add new pools, change the reward terms, and stop/resume the staking pools’ functioning. 
  • The vesting functionality should allow manual data integration with the client’s Excel spreadsheets containing manually input vesting data. 

Product Overview 

The resulting vesting and staking systems for the Decimated project were developed in line with the latest NFT gaming UX/UI standards, allowing broad customization and settings management from the admin panel. 


The staking panel provides a convenient overview of the existing staking pools. It provides every user with data on pending rewards, the period of funds’ locking, the number of staked DIO tokens, and the APR they get. The system also informs about every pool’s status (whether it’s active or expired). 


The vesting panel was done with the specific needs of game owners and users in mind. The admin panel contains all real-time data about the seed sale, strategic, private, and public tokens vested by the members. The user panel also provides information about the number of vested tokens and tokens available for claiming and allows quick token withdrawal to the user’s wallet. 

The full-scale admin panel launch and design finalizations are still in the works. The project also presupposes the in-game marketplace design for Decimated. 

Location: Estonia
Team size: 10 + team members
Date: March 2022 - till now
Industries Gaming Technologies Nest.js Rust Solana

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