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The client is a Sweden-based provider of a smart B2B CRM for room entry management, Entryfy.

Entryfy is a provider of innovative room entry management solutions and a handy B2B CRM product, headquartered in Sweden. The company works with clients that need to customize room entry access for their staff and visitors across residential, production, and office facilities. 

Partnership Overview 

Entryfy contacted the 4IRE team once they experienced systematic failures and delays on the part of their previous software developer. The company wanted a high-quality product delivered within the timeline, so they assigned the project’s transition, audit, and finalization to 4IRE team. 

Project Transition and Troubleshooting 

The transition wasn’t smooth, as the previous team held poor and fragmented documentation, and the code audit revealed numerous bugs and flaws. The software draft possessed many vulnerabilities and did not look functional. The 4IRE team’s onboarding process was hindered by a lack of access to the actual web environment and real-time coding data. 


Location: Sweden
Team size: 8 team members
Date: Mar 2020 - till now
Industries Security Technologies GO Java RoR Swift Vue.js

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