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ARterra is a platform allowing sports fans to purchase collectibles and accessories related to their favorite teams and players.

ARterra is a US-based platform featuring esports NFT collections and allowing esports fans to trade and purchase tokens of their favorite teams and leagues. It unifies esports NFT creators and customers in a convenient and safe NFT marketplace with a sports spirit.

Partnership Overview 

The client turned to 4IIRE, seeking improvements in the functionality and security of its esports NFT marketplace previously developed by another software provider. The initial task of 4IRE was a code audit of the prototype and a consultation on the project’s finalization for a smooth and error-free market launch. 

The aspects on which the 4IRE team worked were: 

MVP Improvement 

The available MVP displayed numerous problems and inefficiencies, revealed during the code review and feature audit by 4IRE QA testers. Thus, the overall MVP functionality was evaluated as mediocre, while the MVP release was already scheduled. The 4IRE team thus worked overtime to complete all MVP fixes, ensure the full NFT marketplace’s functionality before its launch, and harmonize the MVP’s code with the NEAR protocol’s blockchain architecture requirements. 

UI and Design 

The initial UI version was cumbersome and counter-intuitive, which brought a risk of poor marketability. Thus, the 4IRE design team introduced several changes to the UI and front-end design to make it sleek, modern, and user-friendly. The app redesign work also included security improvements and debugging. 

PayPal and Stripe Integration 

The ARterra MVP was initially equipped with the PayPal payment method associated with instant and secure transactions for all users. However, PayPal appeared non-compliant with the NEAR blockchain design, and the payment method was changed to Stripe. The latter is a more popular choice for blockchain-based projects and more consistent with the NFT marketplace architecture. 

Product Overview 

The outcome of the 4IRE team’s work with ARterra was a functional, technically superior NFT marketplace MVP ready for further work on the ARterra 2.0 version. The whole platform’s architecture worked smoothly and without glitches, powered by the NEAR protocol functionality. The ARterra project enabled sales and purchases of esports NFTs among users and creators. The resulting NFT marketplace was ready for Stripe integration to diversify the available range of payment options for users.


Location: USA
Team size: 7+ team members
Date: May 2021 - till now
Industries Gaming Technologies .NET Node.js Rust

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