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Signitfy is an Estonia-based blockchain startup. With the booming popularity of NFT technology, the client has decided to develop and launch a charitable project that would benefit from NFTs and address socially important issues.

Partnership Overview 

The client’s business goal was to launch an NFT marketplace where celebrities would sell the NFT analogs of their assets to fans. The funds raised from such deals would be allocated to charity funds, thus helping the company highlight important social issues and finance the charity work. 

4IRE was responsible for the end-to-end design of the NFT marketplace, with front-end and back-end concepts and functionality developed from scratch. The actual blockchain development process coincided with phase #1 and was held by a team of six experienced coders. All work was held in close collaboration with the project’s Product Owner – the co-founder of Signifty and the main think-tank behind the NFT marketplace’s business idea. 

Product Overview 

The charitable NFT marketplace is still in the process of development, with several significant milestones completed and finalized: 

  • Tokenization of 3D analogs of celeb belongings, turning them into tradeable NFTs. 
  • Admin panel’s full design. 
  • An operational infrastructure for smart contract development. 
  • A finalized project development plan with confirmed specifications. 

The remaining work relates to page layout finalization and back-end integration with the platform’s front-end. 

Location: Estonia
Team size: 8 team members
Date: March - August 2022
Technologies Node.js PostgreSQL React.js Solidity

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