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Ondo Finance

Ondo Finance is a US-based company delivering DeFi services to its clients via the Ondo protocol.

Ondo Finance is a DeFi company providing safe and user-friendly crypto investment solutions based on smart risk/return calculation. The company’s branded Ondo protocol connects with Vaults, to which the Ondo clients can pool their crypto assets, choosing the liquidity pool depending on their risk tolerance and return expectations. It distributes the rewards to clients based on the fixed return or variable tranches chosen by every user individually. 

Partnership Overview 

Ondo turned to 4IRE with a request to develop new smart contracts for the Ondo protocol to enable smooth and secure connectivity with new DEXs. The task involved frictionless integration of the new functionality into the existing smart contract architecture of the Ondo system/ 

Smart Contracts 

The 4IRE team of developers created new smart contracts for Ondo, using the combination of Solidity and React JS tools. These smart contracts aimed to expand the system’s interoperability with new DEXs and optimize asset allocation to the available liquidity pools. 

Front-End Development 

4IRE engineers also worked on the major redesign of the client’s official website, performing the troubleshooting activities for the old design to achieve usability improvements. 

New Feature Integration

The final stage of 4IRE work on the project involved achieving full interoperability and frictionless operation of existing and new smart contracts in the Ondo protocol. This outcome guaranteed the opportunity for sustainable expansion of partnering DEXs where the Ondo fund could place clients’ crypto assets with lucrative returns.  

Product Overview 

The results of 4IRE developers’ work on the Ondo project include better functionality of the Ondo protocol and its interoperability with the smart contract architecture of related DEXs. The Ondo ecosystem has become better prepared for the smooth expansion of the list of partnering DEXs without security compromises. The 4IRE team also achieved sizable improvements in the front-end design and UX of the Ondo website, ensuring that more clients capture the value of the service and join Ondo pools. 


Location: USA
Team size: 6 team members
Date: Aug 2021 - till now
Industries DeFi Technologies React.js Solidity

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