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Klash is a cloud-based platform for film project collaboration that streamlines the process of reviewing and managing films worldwide.

Klash is a company headquartered in Sweden, working to streamline and optimize the collaboration of various artists involved in the film production process. The company’s platform provides a safe cloud-based space for collaborative post-recording work on the films, including editing, sound addition, and visual effect creation. The Klash platform takes into account the specifics of film production, such as the large size of intermediate materials, the need for effective communication between specialists, and data security. 

Partnership Overview 

The 4IRE coding staff worked on the Klash platform’s MVP from the beginning to the end, listing the necessary features and creating the back-end and front-end functionality for its performance. The ultimate feature set on which 4IRE developers agreed with the client included: 

  • Review of video materials 
  • Optimal digital asset management by all project participants 
  • Automated invoicing, billing, and payment integration 
  • Notifications for platform users about procurements, requests for proposals, and related activities 
  • Proposal feature submission 
  • Cloud-based data storage, archival, and retrieval 
  • User-friendly UI with simple client-artist interaction 

Product Overview 

The 4IRE team came up with a feasible MVP for the Klash project, helping the client win a procurement contract with a Swedish public service TV channel. The company plans to expand its outreach to other EU countries with its film production collaboration software. 


Location: Sweden
Team size: 3 team members
Date: 2019 - till now
Industries Media & Entertainment Technologies Python Typescript

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