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Klash: Film Collaboration Platform

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In the global film and television industry, movie-recording is just a part of the painstaking and time-consuming filming process. This involves a lot of raw material (moving images, sounds, and other effects) that will later be compiled and edited in post-production. The film teams consist of a large number of experts including producers, sound designers, editors, visual effects artists, colorists, clients, and more, and it’s crucial to establish good communication between all the participants in the filmmaking process.

It’s often problematic to connect the team with film producers or clients to collect feedback, get the review or rating of the work done. On top of that, data storage and transfers of large movie files can be very cost-intensive.

Klash is addressing the main challenges of the global film and TV industry and provides effective interaction between all the participants in the film production. 

Collaboration with 4ire Labs

Klash is a Swedish cloud-based platform for film project collaboration that streamlines the process of reviewing and managing films worldwide. 4ire Labs has been cooperating closely with Klash since spring 2020 when they contacted us during the MVP development stage. 

The 4ire Labs team was responsible for the development and technical support and provided a dedicated team to work on the project:

  • the tech lead covering the front- and back-end
  • full-stack software developer
  • back-end developer.

The Klash platform allows professionals working in film to process and share digital assets securely as all the transfers are encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. Users just need to sign up, create a project, upload video clips, images, or music and invite other participants to collaborate. There are two subscription plans: corporate and individual, and users also can try the platform for free (up to 5 GB of data storage). 

klash studio

Here are the main features developed and refined for the Klash platform:

  • video reviewing and digital asset management;
  • invoicing and other financial services;
  • notifications on procurements/ request for proposals; 
  • ability to submit proposal features;
  • ability to connect to long-term archiving (you can store your data on the cloud)
  • user-friendly interface for interaction between creators and clients.

At the moment the team is developing two other essential features which are coming soon:

  • ability to find and license music from leading libraries and manage music rights;
  • ability to publish directly to YouTube, Adtoox, and other platforms.

What’s next

In July 2020, the team managed to win a public procurement contract for video review and collaboration services for SVT – the public service television channel with the highest TV audience market share in Sweden, with roughly 32 percent among viewers. The contract is valid for 12 months with the possibility of extending it for a period of 10 years.

Therefore, now Klash is mainly focused on the long-term partnership with SVT, and is planning to expand in new markets within the EU and beyond in the nearest future.

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