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Green Assets Wallet

The Green Assets Wallet is the blockchain platform aimed to accelerate the market for green investments.

Green Assets Wallet (GAW) emerged as a transparent, reliable alternative to traditional investment platforms developed under the auspices of Stockholm Green Digital Finance (CGDF). It is a blockchain-based solution that provides a safe space for Green Bonds investors, validators, and issuers by ensuring trustworthy Green Impact Verification. 

Partnership Overview 

The 4IRE team was initially involved in the GAW project with the purpose of Chromia blockchain’s integration. The tasks we performed on the project covered the following areas. 

Multi-App Platform

The GAW platform featured four different apps to ensure the ecosystem’s smooth functioning.

  • Issuer app allows new funds to enter the ecosystem, setting up their profiles, publishing their impact reports, and connecting to investors. 
  • Validator app serves for impact report review and approval. 
  • Investor app enables investors to review issuer portfolios and impact reports, making informed fund allocation decisions. 
  • Admin app is used to control accounts and remove/block the inappropriate, low-trust entrants to the system. 

Blockchain Development 

The 4IRE team worked on the design of GAW’s back-end functionality based on the Chromia blockchain. This blockchain was selected for its ability to operate as a relational database, its high standard of transparency, and compliance with the relational data model. The developers integrated Chromia elements for secure synchronization of nodes’ databases in the GAW system, while Rell was used for dApp programming and design. 

Front-End and Back-End Development Synchronization 

All four GAW apps used a shared React components and GraphQL queries library. Thus, by using GraphQL, the 4IRE team optimized its work on API changes and new endpoint addition to the database and blockchain. New configurations allowed new query addition directly from the front-end, giving front-end and back-end developers more autonomy. 

Product Overview 

The GAW project was released in 2019, with new features added in later years. It gave a viable innovative solution to the green finance asset allocation in a transparent, immutable way to increase investor trust and popularize the sphere. The app’s market expansion, automated API integrations, and the introduction of crowdfunding functionality were scheduled for 2020. 


Location: Sweden
Team size: 5 team members
Date: October 2018
Industries Fintech Technologies React.js

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