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Agendo is a Swedish horizontal booking system aimed to streamline the process of booking appointments both for the companies and their clients.

Agendo is a Swedish software provider of robust and flexible horizontal booking solutions linking customers and service vendors. It offers a user-friendly app for iOS and Android with numerous handy features, simplifying businesses’ outreach to clients and the booking process – for service users. 

Partnership Overview 

The client contacted 4IRE with a request to develop an Agendo app for iOS. The previous efforts of working with Swedish developers and outsourced providers did not succeed. Therefore, Agendo hired the 4IRE team to ensure high quality of software and compliance with the latest technology standards. 

4IRE developers thoroughly reviewed the existing code and improved the app’s logic. The product created by 4IRE for Agendo includes the following beneficial features: 

  • A safe and instant payment system 
  • A user-friendly access control system 
  • Cloud-based storage with robust security measures 
  • A marketing platform enabling numerous integrations 
  • Functionality for API and collaboration 
  • Intuitive, sleek UI 
  • 24/7 support for users and service providers 
  • Extensive UI customization 
  • Data analytics
  • Emails and notifications

Product Overview 

The resulting app for iOS designed by the 4IRE team has become a success in the Swedish market of SMEs looking for affordable and effective booking solutions. Using the Agendo app comes with considerable automation potential, giving clients a competitive advantage with simple online appointment and reservation features. The 4IRE team also helped Agendo complement the app’s functionality with an e-commerce feature, adding the service shopping cart to its UI and enabling bulk reservations. The app was also equipped with the customization of service offerings based on the user’s geolocation and its cross-platform integration. 


Location: Sweden
Team size: 3 team members
Date: 2017 - till now
Industries Fintech Technologies React.js

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