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Agendo Booking Application

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Sweden Client’s Location
3+ Team members
7 months Project period

Agendo is a Swedish horizontal booking system aimed to streamline the process of booking appointments both for the companies and their clients. It allows service providers to accept bookings through the application and helps users find the services they need in a more efficient way.


How does it work?

Agendo is a game changer among the booking applications for both service providers and their customers. Their solution allows users to schedule appointments and make reservations for almost any type of service, space or item. 

As it appeared to be a problem to sync an establishment with the client, the mission was to facilitate bookings and payments for a variety of companies or organizations and their customers. 

Both clients and employees are able to avoid spending unnecessary time on the administration and focus on the things they are really good at.

Working closely together we’ve managed to build a platform for all kinds of bookings offering competitive features including:

– Payment solutions online

– Access control system with digital keys

– Secure data storage in the Cloud

– Marketing platform

– Opportunity for new collaborations

– User-friendly design 

– Personal support

Partnership with 4ire Labs

4ire Labs has been collaborating with Agendo since 2017 when its CEO, Johan Lundin, turned to us as they were looking for a reliable vendor to build the application for iOS. Initially, they tried to find local software development providers in Stockholm but it appeared to be quite challenging and time-consuming. They also had several attempts with outsourcing partners but things didn’t go as they expected and that’s how Agendo found us.

“We had a great experience from day one. We got really good feedback from the start and we sensed that you truly understood the product and what we wanted to do with it.” Johan

The 4ire Labs team managed not only to develop the iOS application as planned but also to make some changes and improvements helping to meet the ever-shifting needs. To date, the successful cooperation between 4ire Labs and Agendo has turned into a long-term partnership.

What’s next?

Being initially a mobile booking application, Agendo is rapidly growing into a complex business administration tool. Most of the clients are essentially small businesses offering different products or services, so what they get is business process automation in the first place. 

Agendo provides an online payment solution tailored to their specific services with a marketing platform that reaches out to customers they did not know existed. On top of that, the user-friendly interface of the platform reduces the complexity for the customers to make appointments and reservations.

At the moment, the team is working on additional features bringing together all the innovations built for eCommerce with physical products which are not yet available for the service companies. For instance, a shopping cart for services (so you can make several bookings at once), a complementing feature that will offer services you may be interested in according to your time and location, and also integration with other platforms.

The company is also planning to expand the team in Ukraine and enter the international markets.

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