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Kirill Kirikow - Lead Blockchain Engineer/ Solution Architect
Basically I want to create great blockchain products, ones I would use mine. Now I'm managing a team of great blockchain engineers who I am responsible for and I would like them to become really successful.

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Ever since we started doing blockchain stuff, clients keep asking one and the same question: "What blockchain should I use in my project?"

Not an easy question even if you're a senior blockchain engineer. Quite a lot more complicated if you're not.

The blockchain field is evolving rapidly, frameworks get increasingly specific and their number is growing exponentially. In other words, there are awesome opportunities to code things the right way, you only need to know where these opportunities lie.

To help with that, we decided to create a collection of cheat sheets - cards briefly describing various frameworks and pointing out their best applications. In such a way, we're aiming to simplify the selection of a technological stack for the blockchain project.

Based on the ADD (attributed driven design) approach, the given game aids engineers with the machine learning and big data systems development by giving clear and comprehensible hints.

We've already crafted a number of cards - the ones overviewing consensus algorithms and containing some metrics and other info we consider useful in the development of blockchain-based systems.

What we see as the ultimate result of our efforts are the cards for each and every one of blockchain frames available for free for everyone - we're not seeking any profit here. However, we've already faced a trouble - a lack of documentation, libraries and a mere experience. Some solutions (for example Hyperledger Indy or Sawtooth) are just too fresh and unexplored, which makes the understanding of adequate guidelines for their applications pretty challenging.

We'd like to ask the community to support the project by providing the feedback, sharing experience, contributing with the content, and starting the discussion.

We really want to create the high-quality materials helping both the blockchain beginners and senior blockchain consultants with the information they need for making correct decisions and crafting an upscale blockchain software. But we need the informational support because our own expertise and resources are limited.

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