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Hash Rush Blockchain Game

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Blockchain gaming is firmly gaining momentum, offering numerous benefits to all stakeholders. Users love it for the increased accessibility, transparency, and privacy it guarantees, which are crucial aspects of service quality. Service providers also adopt it willingly as a way to attract new customers and to interact with them in a whole new way.

Hash Rush: a new word in the gaming world

Hash Rush is an intriguing gaming solution that many dedicated gamers will love. It is a fictional Hermeian galaxy in which the users can create their small settlements, fight monsters and creatures coming from distant corners of the universe, and build up their own fortune in the form of assets and items. The game is set in a galaxy destroyed by the Crystal Storm, urging the players to rebuild the normal way of life, while at the same time addressing the challenges of reconstruction and numerous external threats and attacks.

The primary evil here is Crystal Scourge, the force that attempts to destroy the galaxy and annihilate all living beings in it. Thus, the players face a tough mission of building settlements, discovering the valuable resources their planets conceal, and devising strategies for achieving the ultimate goal – defeating the Crystal Scourge.

The most valuable asset all users look for are Crypto Crystals – the tokenized blockchain rewards for which one can buy something, gain a competitive advantage in the game, unlock new levels, and advance their armor. Its principal features include:

  • Elements of combat: users have to fight the Crystal Scourge – a fuzzy force corrupting everything on the players’ planet in the form of flora and fauna deterioration;

  • Building and crafting: players are encouraged to create and strengthen their own settlements for survival, resource-gathering, and struggle against space monsters;

  • Space exploration: players are given one week for their planet’s exploration, with things getting gradually worse and the winner being determined by the length of survival.

Competitive leaderboards: players are awarded special Galaxy points for their successes in the game, ranked in the general leaderboard based on the number of those points.

RUSH – the blockchain token of Hash Rush

The token on which the blockchain game Hash Rush operates is the RUSH crypto coin based on the Ethereum blockchain. Users wishing to try the game’s premium cryptocurrency may either buy it in the specialized stores or earn the tokens by going through challenges, completing in-game milestones, or winning in the game’s quests.

By promoting such a system, Hash Rush creators encourage the “play to earn” philosophy of gaming, making the process of game exploration not only exciting but also profitable.

The most interesting thing about RUSH is that the game’s policy does not imply its mandatory use. Thus, players with no interest in cryptocurrencies may ignore it as a currency option, opting for classical money transfers instead to exchange for the in-game currency with a more familiar format.

Besides, the creators of Hash Rush have reserved the right for players to do whatever they want with RUSH as the game’s premium currency. Thus, users can now trade RUSH, exchange in-game items for RUSH, and other in-game currencies, as well as pay in USD for assets or crypto tokens they need.

Creators of Hash Rush also present RUSH as a wonderful opportunity for laypersons to get acquainted with the benefits of the crypto-world and blockchain in a fun, enjoyable way.

By means of trading items between players and transferring RUSH between wallets, players can get a firm grasp of how blockchain functions. This is all done in a highly user-friendly and user-centered way, making tokens a flexible and attractive option for game developers.


Users can play the game and earn tokens.



  • Experience with launching NFT prjects

  • High-level blockchain engineers 

  • Extensive expertise with blockchain projects

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