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Blackchain: P2E Game Development

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Greece Client’s Location
8+ Team members
5 months + Project period

Client’s profile

A Greece-based investment fund specializing in crypto and blockchain startups. The company specializes in the P2E gaming industry and invests in P2E projects at different stages. It also invests in internal projects to develop trending P2E games and launch them to the market. 

Client’s requirements/goals

The client contacted 4IRE in November 2021 with a request to develop a successful V.1 of an RPG game operating on the blockchain. The game should possess a unique blockchain architecture, an appealing conceptual approach, and a set of workable features that would make it readily marketable in the booming P2E gaming market. 

blackchain case

Business challenge

The challenge faced by 4IRE developers and designers related to the need to propose a viable and marketable P2E game concept to the client, undertaking its implementation from scratch within a limited period and with a fixed budget in mind. The project was large-scale and complex, thus posing significant challenges for the team members in terms of self-commitment to continuous game development and integration of numerous processes into a single optimal workflow. 

Besides, 4IRE experts were required to design a product that could be launched and marketed smoothly. This required an in-depth examination of the current market trends and careful selection of the hottest P2E gaming trends for inspiration. 


The 4IRE team provided the client with the full P2E game development services package across the entire development pipeline. It involved the project discovery stage with rigorous market analysis and idea verification, the design stage with prototype evaluation and approval by the client, and the actual front-end and back-end development phase. 

4IRE designers created and negotiated the game’s digital art elements with the client, performed character and environment design, and developed a coherent game concept. Back-end engineers worked on the smart contract and back-end game architecture development.  

The work on the project was structured based on an incremental approach with systematic demo presentations of the progress reports to the client. 

blackchain screen

The process involved eight specialists: a Senior Blockchain (Rust) Engineer, a Middle Blockchain (Rust) Engineer, a Senior Full-Stack Engineer, a Middle Full-Stack Engineer, a Senior Project Manager, a Senior UX/UI Designer, A Middle DevOps specialist, and a blockchain architect. 

Technologies used to produce the P2E project for this client included: Rust, React JS, NodeJS, Redis, PostgreSQL, and Typescript. Smooth collaboration, communication, and file sharing were achieved by engaging a DevOps stack including Terraform, GitLab (Argocd, GitOps), Helm chart, Grafana, Loki stack, and Prometheus.  

Solution delivered

4IRE engineers and designers created a playable RPG game functioning on a blockchain and following the P2E model. The game’s architecture included a fine set of well-functioning, safe smart contracts enabling the players’ rewards for activity, in-game asset transfers and transactions, and other P2E functions integral for this gaming segment. 

The 4IRE team also provided full-range training for the client’s support team to enable them to provide adequate assistance to players with all kinds of technical or administrative issues.  

blackchain case study

Project outcomes

The project started in 2021 and is in the works now. The 4IRE team currently works on fine-tuning the game’s front-end and UX, completing the seamless integration of the blockchain back-end functionality with the appealing, user-friendly interface.

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