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Top 7 Crypto Marketing Agencies to Consider in 2024

17 Apr 2024 updated
11 min

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The paradox of the booming crypto startup niche I’m currently observing is that founders, CEOs, and technical guys have no idea of how crypto marketing works. This gap in knowledge makes it hard to find a well-matching CMO, boost the project’s outreach, and ensure its smooth head start. 

Yet, the secret sauce to any killer idea in the crypto market is a good marketing agency. They will help you answer the following critical questions: 

  • How to raise funds for crypto project when it’s only starting out? 
  • How to present the project in a favorable light? 
  • How to make people want to use your product? 
  • How to supercharge the project for sustainable growth? 

Though all these tasks are critical for the project’s survival, they often turn into a challenge for marketing laypersons. That’s why I strongly recommend engaging a reputable and experienced crypto marketing agency at the early stages of project development and promotion. 

The digital marketing niche is very overcrowded, and it might be hard to choose a reliable provider from tons of offerings. Thus, I’ve compiled this list of top crypto marketing agencies to help you out. I also use my rich hands-on expertise to explain a step-by-step algorithm for selecting a blockchain marketing leader from available options and show at which step you should engage this assistance. 

Nuances of Crypto/Blockchain Marketing 

One thing that all crypto projects should keep in mind is that crypto/blockchain marketing is fundamentally different from SaaS marketing, mobile app promotion, or e-commerce marketing. This field thrives on unique techniques and approaches, while crypto marketing as a standalone niche is only starting to emerge. 

Besides, I have singled out for myself that marketing crypto projects requires more relevant experience in the Web 3.0 world and more creativity than a traditional marketing and digital agency can offer. In most cases, you may expect good results from a team proficient in the crypto project’s lifecycle, which we’ve discussed in depth here, and its vital stages. 

Crypto marketing teams also put a greater emphasis on paid traffic, public relations (PR), work with key opinion leaders (KOL), community management, gamification, Twitter promotion, Discord, and the like.  

Why Hire a Crypto Marketing Agency for Your Project? 

The crypto market grows very fast as the digital community moves into the Web3 reality. That’s why I am witnessing a strong shift towards well-planned and funded digital marketing for cryptocurrency and DeFi projects online. These efforts give businesses a greater market share in the highly competitive industry. The main roles of digital marketing efforts are: 

  • Overcoming public distrust of crypto. 
  • Educating the target audience. 
  • Building strong brand identities and brand awareness. 
  • Improving customer retention. 

Even top blockchain development companies need marketing services to make their products visible and raise the demand for crypto services and software before it even sees the world. This way, they can ensure a smooth head start for a crypto project in line with the planned KPIs and market performance. 

How to Pick the Best Crypto Marketing Agency? 

My main focus in the review of top crypto marketing agencies is on the amount of marketing experience they have and the type of experience. Do these companies have sufficient resources for marketing management? Which crypto projects have they worked with? 

Here are some experience-based insights I can share in terms of service provider selection: 

  • Always pick a company with a successful track record in the market, rich experience in community development, and token sale promotion. 
  • If you plan to launch an NFT collection, find a marketing agency with relevant expertise. 
  • Determine your product type and the scope of work required for marketing experts and set the deadlines. 
  • Think over whether you have a go-to-market strategy and crypto advisors or want the marketing company to handle these aspects.  

An additional point to consider is the target market you plan to enter with your crypto project. Choosing a country with favorable legislation is key, as many states have restrictions on crypto activities, which may pose difficulties and threaten your business success. I recommend looking at the Crypto Adoption Index by country to find an optimal market for entry and product promotion. 

You may also try the fractional CMO service type to promote your crypto project. The term ‘fractional’ stands for a part-time chief marketing specialist who doesn’t work on your project full-time but still manages all strategically important milestones and processes. 

This variant is ideal for projects with a complicated ecosystem and a proprietary blockchain protocol or blockchain bridge. A fractional CMO can fine-tune and optimize all processes, handle the team hiring processes, and manage all other routine processes integral to project promotion. 

crypto bank cta

Criteria We Used to Make the List 

You might be wondering how to choose among dozens of top crypto marketing agencies, each claiming to be the best. I’ve used the following criteria when making this list: 

  • Diversity of provided services. Even if you think you need only a narrow list of services, your needs may grow and expand as the project progresses. From receiving a crypto license to crypto shilling campaigns, you may need anything on your path to a successful project launch. Thus, it makes sense to choose a marketing agency with a broad range of services.
  • Industry reputation. The crypto space is very interconnected and public, so it won’t be hard to get genuine reviews from previous clients and partners. Most successful Web3 projects thrive on trust and connections, so a marketing agency showcasing these parameters is definitely worth working with. 
  • A portfolio of satisfied clients. Take your time to study the success stories and first-person testimonials from customers. These cases will illustrate whether the chosen agency can meet your credibility and quality expectations. 
  • Variety and scale of marketed projects. Crypto and blockchain markets are very versatile, and even top crypto marketing agencies often have a narrow specialization that may not match your needs. Thus, you should focus on providers with more universal service coverage for the sake of preserving flexibility. 
  • Skillset of the marketing team. A marketing company should typically include many experts to guarantee top-quality service coverage, from crypto advisory to obtaining a crypto license and growth hacking. For instance, financial trading software companies have marketing needs that are totally distinct from those of NFT artists. So, talk to your chosen provider’s representative to see whether they have relevantly skilled staff and can help you.  

Top Crypto Marketing Agencies 2024 

Look through the following list to find your best crypto marketing services provider. All these options are great, but the final selection definitely depends on your project’s specifics, the type of partnership you expect from a marketing agency, your location, and your budget. 

1. RGray 

RGray is a marketing agency specializing in crypto startup promotion. It promises business scaling and revenue growth as the key outcomes of your collaboration. The crypto marketing agency‘s experts design a detailed digital marketing roadmap that may help any business develop strategically, set up its marketing infrastructure, and attain sustainable growth. 

Its service range currently includes: 

  • STO marketing 
  • NFT marketing 
  • IEO marketing 
  • Web3 marketing 
  • Crypto PR and services for startups 
  • Go-to-market plan 
  • Web design and development 
  • Support with business funding 
  • PPC services 
  • Digital marketing audit 
  • Efficient SEO campaigns 
  • Branding and digital design 

The company also offers 28-day service packages that cover all aspects of marketing strategy building, from demand analysis to SMM and competitor audit, to supercharge a blockchain startup and achieve tangible performance improvements. Its prominent clients include Huobi, OKX, ByBit, and ShapeShift, among others. 


2. Coinbound 

Coinbound positions itself as a Web3 and crypto marketing agency with 5+ years of experience in this industry. Their main spheres of activity include influencer and thought leader marketing, community management, PR and organic media coverage, and top-quality SMM. They also offer SEO optimization, outbound sale process scaling for B2B companies in the niche, and consulting/advisory services on demand. 

Several well-known clients of Coinbound are: 

  • Etoro 
  • TRON 
  • Nexo 
  • OKX 
  • Immutable 
  • Consensys

Coinbound is also ready to provide a fractional CMO to a startup wishing to set up a sustainable strategy and fine-tune the marketing infrastructure. The proprietary Coinscribble service gives new crypto projects a voice in the Web3 space with automated content distribution over dozens of top Web3 websites, with a total reader audience exceeding 300 million users. 


3. Majinx 

Majinx works with early-stage Web3 startups and specializes in the most revolutionary and disruptive businesses with sound potential. The agency has investment and scaling divisions, each providing a separate set of services to support Web3 entities. Throughout the years of its operations, Majianx has helped Magpie, Folks Finance, Analog, Blast Royale, LayerZero, and many other successful Web3 businesses grow. 

Majinx Capital is a venture fund for early-round investments. Its areas of focus include DeFi, dApps, and blockchain-powered infrastructure. 

Majinx Labs is a marketing division of 50+ experts that handles: 

  • Long-term fundraising across 8,000+ VCs and angels
  • Marketing 
  • Legal advisory 
  • Pres-screening, due diligence, and audits 

To date, Majinx Labs has helped over 35 projects raise a total of $45 million for successful entry to, and expansion in, the Web3 space. 



4. Husky Labs 

Husky Labs is not a typical marketing agency in Web3, but:

  • Web3 Growth Studio
  • Dedicated in-house marketing team for crypto businesses
  • 10+ years of expertise in launches from scratch
  • Web3 Founders

They offer a unique marketing approach for companies seeking their ideal marketing team with extensive experience in Web3 campaign building. Among their clients are Immutable, Gods Unchained, HAQQ Network, Chainers, Plarium, Raid: Shadow Legends, Playrix, Magiccraft, Animoca Brands, World of Defish.

slava malchenko
Slava Malchenko CMO at Husky Labs
The Web3 market is currently experiencing a significant shortage in quality marketing experts. We are facing a situation where company founders are becoming disillusioned with crypto marketing agencies and are inclined to hire their own in-house marketing expertise. Assembling it piece by piece, diligently seeking valuable talent candidate by candidate. The preference for a dedicated marketing team is clear. The majority of marketing agencies offer services that can’t be delivered efficiently, mostly because they’ve never launched projects from A to Z. That's why we endorse this approach and offer our clients at Husky Labs a mixed type of working format where we train and outstaff teams. In my 13+ years of practice, I have come to realize that a dedicated and motivated team always delivers more qualitatively and effectively than commercially oriented agencies on a contract basis. And If it's well built it's even cheaper.


Husky Labs can help you:

  • Develop high-quality unique design and conceptual branding.
  • Build a community from scratch. Big online presence and guaranteed activity.
  • Drive traffic through ADS, PR, and partnerships.
  • Influencer marketing. They have a 3000+ KOL database worldwide.
  • IDO, IEO, what-ever-O Husky Labs can organize and launch having experience building our own products successfully.


5. Omni

Omni is a Canada-based crypto marketing agency with an attractive suite of services for any crypto entity. It promises tangible gains for any partner due to its strong focus on Web3 research and development services. Its unique service benefits cover: 

  • State-of-the-art Web3 marketing technology. 
  • Software and wallet data-driven strategies. 
  • Native Web3 tactics. 
  • Strategic industry partnerships. 

At present, the Omni agency welcomes clients to try their strategy planning, community management, PPC/paid media services, SMM assistance, guerrilla marketing, and influencer marketing. Some big names among its clients include Vulcan Forged, WAGMI Games, Raiinmaker, OptyFi, and many more. 


6. Suncrypters 

A top-tier marketing team specializing in blockchain and crypto since 2015, Suncrypters offers a full package of promotional services under close oversight of vetted CMOs. It applies a unique combination of creativity and growth tactics to provide qualified help in the following areas: 

  • Community building and growth 
  • CMO-as-a-service 
  • Crypto PR 
  • Blockchain marketing 
  • P2E game promotion 
  • Website design and branding 
  • Fundraising assistance 
  • Partnerships with influencers and bounties 
  • IDO marketing 

A long list of satisfied clients and audacious success stories make Suncrypters one of the most solid representatives in the crypto marketing industry. The agency has helped Orderbook, Phenom, Coti, Tinder, and many other well-known digital brands build a solid online presence. From discovery to launch and post-release marketing support, the team can do everything to make your project a success. 


7. Crowdcreate 

Crowdcreate is a marketing agency that specializes in multiple industries, including blockchain and crypto. It has an impressive track record of 600+ successful projects, which allowed the team to accumulate $250+ million in fundraising for clients. The company has been operating since 2014 and has recently added Web3 marketing services to its portfolio. To date, you can turn to Crowdcreate for: 

  • Investor outreach 
  • Lead generation 
  • NFT metaverse marketing 
  • Branded video creation 
  • SMM and media content creation 
  • Influencer marketing 
  • Marketing strategy development 
  • PR 
  • Twitter and TikTok marketing 

This way, Crowdcreate can become your dedicated partner in building a marketing strategy and expanding your project’s outreach. It has already partnered with big names in Web3, such as Iskra, Kucoin, the Sandbox, and Sharp Platform. 


Final Word 

Here you go with the list of top crypto marketing agencies to choose from in 2024. I’ve tried to include only tried and tested variants, thus guaranteeing positive outcomes and solid growth for your crypto project. 

Review these variants and pick the one that meets your needs; even if you hire 4IRE as your dedicated crypto wallet development company, you will need a bit of external effort to make the product a success. Each of the marketing leaders mentioned above will be of much help in this process, supercharging your project for success after deployment.


What are the key factors to consider when choosing a crypto marketing agency?

A top-quality provider should offer a variety of marketing services for your flexibility, have a team with a versatile skill set, and have a large portfolio of successful projects in different domains of the blockchain market. 

What services do crypto marketing agencies typically offer?

As a rule, a marketing agency’s service portfolio should include SMM, community building and management, airdrops and bounties, UI/UX design and branding services, fundraising campaigns, PR and influencer marketing activities, paid ad publishing, crypto license arrangements, and the like.

How do crypto marketing agencies contribute to the growth and sustainability of crypto projects?

The most important aspect of any crypto project’s growth is community building and engagement, coupled with the growing visibility of the project in the digital space. That’s why marketers organize community-building efforts, promotional campaigns, advertising, and user awareness activities to expand the project’s outreach and attract its target users.

What strategies do crypto marketing agencies employ to attract and engage potential investors?

Investors are a separate group of stakeholders that need to be convinced of the project’s unique value and prospects to give their money. That’s why a marketing agency works on the project’s whitepaper and creates an appealing USP to increase its perceived attractiveness.

Marketers can also organize conference attendance, events, and private dinners in support of the project, where potential investors meet to get relevant information about the investment opportunity.

What role does community engagement play in the marketing strategies of crypto agencies?

End users are the lifeblood of any crypto project, so marketers always prioritize the activity and growth of the project’s community. Attracting people with airdrops and bounties is a sure strategy for user engagement. Active users, in turn, spread word of mouth among their followers and friends, further serving as a free advertising channel.

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