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Home Cases Tradeleaf: Blockchain-Based Trade Finance Platform

Tradeleaf: Blockchain-Based Trade Finance Platform

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UAE Client’s Location
10+ Team members
6+ months Project period

Blockchain rules the digital market today, with more robust blockchain technology solutions. This case examines our partnership with a UAE-based FinTech company on the creation of a global trade finance platform, TradeLeaf. 

Client’s Profile 

The client that turned to 4IRE is a UAE-based tech company Trade Leaf Solutions LTD. The business specializes in innovative solutions for the trade finance sector. So, the company’s founders decided to turn to blockchain technology for digital innovation and new trade finance platform creation. 

tradeleaf screen

Client’s Requirements/Goals 

The client contacted 4IRE to digitalize their existing business processes and transfer the current trade finance-related operations to the online space with the help of blockchain and Web3 technologies. They had an existing business infrastructure that needed to be moved online with the addition of blockchain features. Thus, 4IRE faced the need to build a blockchain-based trade finance platform from scratch. 


The process of the TradeLeaf platform’s development started in November 2022 and still goes on. The project involved a team of 10 specialists: a BC, a blockchain engineer, a CTO overseeing the project’s progression, a DevOps engineer, a Project Manager, a designer, a Business Analyst, and 2 front-end development experts. 

The project’s specifics required the use of the following tech stack for its completion: front-end development (React, React hooks, TypeScript), store (Redux (saga, thunk), Mobx), design systems (Antd, Material UI), styles (SCSS, CSS modules, styled components). Testing was performed using Jest (unit/integration) and Cypress (E2E). Web3 technologies applied in the project included MetaMask, Wallet Connect, Web3.js, and Ethers.js. 

We also applied Nest.js and Express.js back-end frameworks. WebUI technologies used: TestNG/JUnit, Maven/Gradle, Selenium, Allure, Serenity, Cucumber (optional, if needed), WebDriverIO, Cypress IO.  

Mobile technologies: Appium, Maven/Gradle, Allure, Cucumber (if needed) 

API integration: Rest Assured, Allure, Serenity

Solution Delivered 

The solution that the 4IRE team developed for the client on this project is a blockchain-based platform supporting SMBs in the global trade finance market. The platform was designed to provide a deal marketplace that unites dealers seeking financing and offering their services. The platform is also equipped with a user-friendly user panel and a crypto lending marketplace that gives users easy and quick access to p2p lending opportunities. This way, the project aims to close the trade finance gap by supporting small businesses and giving them access to various traditional and alternative financing tools.  

The TradeLeaf platform can be used by financiers and traders; each category of platform users is registered separately. Financiers can lend money for trade finance deals and receive profits in the form of interest rates from their loans. Traders are invited to the platform for closing deals between trade finance market participants. 


Project Outcomes 

The project is still in the works, with the final fine-tuning of the MVP in place. The MVP release is currently scheduled for April 2023. 

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