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Rewell: Diagnosis and Treatment

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As 4ire Labs has a presence in Sweden, most of our clients are from the Nordic region. We’re focusing on fintech and banking companies, but we are not limited by these industries. One of our clients, MedTech company Rewell, focuses on male health. Our team helped with the development of their iOS and Android mobile applications.

rewell interface

About the project

Rewell is a medical company that focuses on helping men aged 40+ with conditions that are under-diagnosed and under-treated by the general healthcare system. Their business concept is to identify people with testosterone deficiency and offer diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up with the support of evidence-based methods and care programs.

The app provides you with a digital health plan for your examination and treatment with regular blood tests and follow-ups with doctors. You can have video consultations with a doctor via the app, chat with Rewell, a nurse or a doctor, book time, and see your blood test results. The primary users of the applications are patients. More on

Currently, the service is only offered for Swedish residents. A patient chooses if they want to purchase a simple testosterone blood test or do a full examination on the website, and do payment there. After which they can use the app where their digital health plan will become available.

Partners in Sweden:

partners in sweden

Rewell offers three packages for different prices: “Testosterone test”, “Investigation and diagnosis” and “Treatment, support, and follow-up”. Payment can be made on their webpage. After the payment, a patient can use the application to make an appointment to a laboratory or to a clinic or schedule a call with a doctor, depending on the purchased package.

What is the testosterone test?

A testosterone test is a blood test that gives you a first indication of whether your symptoms may be linked to testosterone deficiency. Using your mobile app, you can select the lab closest to you, which will automatically create an e-remittance for a blood test. After performing the blood test, the results are reported back to Rewell and are presented in the application to the user.

Investigations that are available:

  • Blood status: Hb, Leukocytes, EVF, Erythrocytes, Thrombocytes, MCV, MCH, MCHC
  • Prostate: PSA
  • Liver: ASAT, ALAT, GT, Bilirubin
  • Kidney: Creatinine
  • Blood Sugar: HbA1C
  • Hormones: Testosterone, Estradiol, SHBG, TSH, LH, Thyroxine, T4 (free)
  • Blood Fats: Total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides

The application includes an integrated chat. It can be used if a patient needs to clarify something. Thus, there is no availability to attach documents there.

Overall the whole process wasn’t so difficult as the development team works on the mobile version while the web version is ready.

How we developed a mobile healthcare app for Rewell

The main task was to develop a mobile application for iOS and Android, based on the ready web platform, thus, there were no issues while the development process.

As the application allows video calls for consulting sessions with a doctor, it was necessary to focus on this part of the app. It was one of the challenging parts of the development, as WebRTC should be implemented well in order to keep a video connection excellent no matter of operating system and its version.

The technical specifications of the project include:

  • Swift
  • Web rtz
  • Rx swift
  • MVVM
  • Material UI
  • Rest API
  • Localisations

Chats between a patient and doctor in the application were realized on WebSockets. iOS version is still in progress, but Android users can already try the app.

We’ve started a collaboration with the Rewell team more than a year ago. Our experts work directly with the core team based in Sweden.

The application is still under development, but it’s already available on Google Play Market:

The review on our mutual collaboration provided by Goran Panic, CTO at Rewell is available on Clutch:

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