Before creating innovations, you've got to assemble the team. Innovatively.
We're trying to challenge the conventional approaches to running organizations via facilitating the self-management, wholeness and proactivity among our personnel.

Our management palette has one color — it's teal. We're what is known as a Teal organization — the one that promotes consciousness instead of hiring supervisors and putting pressure on the people. We appeal to our team's honesty and morality — the natural desire to do things well. And we're not giving up on that any time soon.

After becoming teal just about a year ago, we nearly doubled our monthly revenue. It was the natural outcome of the dramatically increased quality of the software products and services offered in the area where quality is everything — the blockchain.

Holacracy is the organizational concept advocating the principles at odds with those stated by the majority of traditional hierarchical management systems. There are no bosses, no executives, no subordinates, no orders — there are only partners, roles, circles and suggestions supplemented by the democracy in its purest form. And that's the main reason why we manage to deliver what the majority struggles to.

In short, holacracy gives people enough freedom to act the way they consider optimal and inspires to stay the active member of the team, hence giving space for the self-expression and providing the otherwise unavailable insights to the leaders.

That's what the 4IRE labs is. That's how we get things done.
To move the concept of teal management even further, we've adapted the holacracy.
We have no employees. We only have business partners.
They don't just work. They create.
Max Semenchuk
Business Developer
Yuriy Riznyk
Blockchain Engineer
Kirill Kirikov
Senior Blockchain Engineer
Helen Petrashchuk
Business Developer
Stas Varetskyi
Project Manager
Oleg Bugrovoi
Software Engineer
Yaroslav Morgunov
Software Engineer
Andrew Krit
iOS Developer
Bohdan Malkevych
Senior Blockchain Engineer
Roman Malkevych
Blockchain Engineer
Face-to-face meetings matter and we take steps to make them possible all across the globe. Being headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, we currently have the partners representing us in Scandinavia (Stockholm), Asia (Hong Kong) and North America (Toronto).
Toronto, Canada

Johan Lundin
Stockholm, Sweden

Amirsan Roberto
Hong Kong, China

Helen Pertashchuk
Kyiv, Ukraine

Scott Douglas
We're a small company that expands slowly not because our services are not popular enough. It's the result of two factors:

1. The holacracy lets us use the available human resources the most effective way without straining our specialists;
2. The sustenance of the afore-described system commands individuals with a somewhat uncommon mindset, which makes the search for the new candidates difficult and time-consuming.

But that's fine to us.
When it comes to the blockchain, volume is not the key. Quality is.