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Digital Banking Unlocked: A Strategy Workshop

Join our workshop to connect with industry leaders and gain valuable insights and strategies for successfully launching your digital bank. Don't miss the chance to network and redefine your path into the future of banking innovation.

December 20, Time: 17.00 (GMT +2.00)

About event

Wondering why digital banking is a new gold? 4IRE event offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, and innovators to gather and explore how to bring their digital banking dreams to life with remarkable speed and precision.
Learn from some of the brightest minds in the fintech industry. Our expert speakers and facilitators have extensive experience in launching and scaling digital banks, from compliance and security to customer acquisition and asset management.
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Stay updated on the latest trends in the digital banking sector, keeping your venture at the forefront of industry advancements.

Event Speakers

Andrew Klesov

10+ years of experience in FinTech, Software Development, and Consulting, Andrew's career path includes roles as the Ex-VP at Mastercard and a former Manager at Bain & Company. Additionally, he's the CEO and Co-Founder of MobID, a pioneering KYC & AML SaaS solution, showcasing his dedication to innovation in the industry.

Helen Petrashchuk
Helen Petrashchuk
Managing Partner

With 8+ years of business development experience, Helen is a driving force in fostering innovation and sustainable business solutions. She is a leading expert in blockchain within the 4IRE Group, specializing in blockchain consulting and enterprise solutions in DeFi, Fintech and GreenFi. Helen is a vital connector, fostering collaborations between startups and VCs in Nordic.

Peter Shubenok
Managing Director

Founder at ProcessMix no-code decision management system, Founder at ABLE lending automation platform. Peter developed multiple enterprise-level solutions at FinTechs and led digital transformation at banks, insurance, and healthcare companies. 15+ years of IT&Tech consulting experience.

Danylo Kondratiuk
Co-Founder of Actana Research

Dan is an interdisciplinary expert with a background in Applied Mathematics and Management & Marketing. His journey into blockchain and Web3 technology led to the founding of Actana Research in 2021. Dan specializes in user-centric Web3 products, complex token economies, and startup sustainability enhancement.

Our experts worked at:

Event hosts

4IRE is a global blockchain consulting and software engineering company combining extensive expertise in Blockchain, Fintech, and Green Finance. We’ve gathered a large team of professionals with extensive expertise, a strategic vision of the crypto market, and the best international-level practices in the digital banking and crypto industry.

Actana Research is an analytics and consulting company specializing in Web3 and FinTech industries and offering in-depth research insights and strategic consulting for business development. The enterprise serves Web3 startups and helps FinTech businesses with all aspects of project development.

ProcessMIX is a low-code platform for backend development that delivers the benefits of native development and speeds up the project’s launch. ProcessMIX solutions are broadly used by frontline banks across the globe to optimize banking operations and accelerate testing, integration, and data model creation in digital banking projects.


Event Moderator
Johan Lundin
Partner at 4IRE
How to find the right partners or who needs banks anyway?
Andrew Klesov
The Financial Frontier: Digital vs. Crypto Banks
Helen Petrashchuk
Helen Petrashchuk
Managing Partner
Security and Tech Insights of Launching a Digital Wallet 
Peter Shubenok
Managing Partner
Data-Driven Discovery: The Role of Analytics in Digital Banking
Danylo Kondratiuk
Co-Founder of Actana Research

Who will get benefit from meetup:

Product Managers
Connect with like-minded individuals and industry leaders who share your passion for digital banking.


How can I register?

Please book a ticket here for FREE.

What is the address of the event?

The event will be conducted entirely online, so there is no physical address. You can access the workshop from the comfort of your home or office, provided you have an internet connection.

When is the event taking place?

The workshop is scheduled for December 20, 17.00 (GMT +2.00).

What is the focus of the workshop?

The primary focus of the workshop is to provide attendees with the knowledge, tools, and insights needed to successfully launch a crypto bank in no time. The workshop covers a wide range of topics, including compliance, security, customer acquisition, innovation, and regulatory aspects in the context of the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency and fintech industry.

Who can benefit from attending the event?

This event is designed for a diverse audience that includes entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, innovators, financial professionals, and anyone interested in starting or scaling a crypto bank. Whether you’re a seasoned expert in the field or new to the world of crypto finance, attending this event can provide valuable insights and guidance for achieving your crypto banking goals.