Restaurant application development. How we create Maitres - booking & payment app for the restaurants.

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We live in a world of digital transformations. Many companies from almost all industries are trying to digitalize their products and services, implementing technologies into their daily routines. Nowadays customers can buy, sell, book anything online. Interest in "Uber-type" apps is increasing, as such apps help clients and companies save money and time. Fintech industry develops fast and 4ire Labs team helps with prototyping and developing fintech applications. And we'd like to share with you one of our case studies.

About the project.

Maitres: Innovative booking app with an integrated payment system

Maitres is one of our Swedish clients, which works on a booking app for restaurants. Now it's integrated with 80+ restaurants all over Sweden. Potentially Maitres will cover other European countries. They have received $1,5 M funding for expansion during Covid crisis in April 2020. New investors are Acast founders Måns Ulvestam and Karl Rosander from Sweden. We are happy that they've succeeded in this tough and unstable period and proud to help them with achieving their strategic goals.

Maitres is available on Google Play Market and App Store. The app allows clients to make a reservation and pay for your visit. The app is free to install and has no subscription. Anyone in Sweden can install, log into it and make a reservation.

Technical details and communication with the client.

Maitres team consists of 4 engineers: 2 Backend Developers, iOS and Android developers. Main technologies used:

Go, PostgreSQL, Redis, Heroku Cloud, React

The app was launched a few years ago, but our team continues working on its improvements by adding new features.

The team communicates with the client directly. We organize business trips to the client's office.

Payment methods.

There are two methods of payment: for individuals and for companies. If you are an individual, you can add your card to the system. Once you make a reservation, the app charges a payment in order to check your card and its balance. After your visit to a restaurant, the system will automatically charge the whole sum from your credit card.

Another way is to register your company. In this case, you will receive one invoice with a total price for each of your visits to restaurants once a month.

No additional fees are required from the visitor.


Why do restaurants need mobile apps?

We live in a digital world. With a mobile app, the ordering experience could be easier for customers, and it could help to reduce lines and improve efficiency at the restaurant itself. Mobile apps help businesses and customers save their money and optimize their time. With the mobile app you can referral programs.

How much does it cost to make an app for a restaurant?

There is no certain range for the development of an app for a restaurant. The price will depend on the preferred tech stack, timelines for the development and additional features within the app. If you are interested in discussing custom app development for your restaurant, you can contact us to discover more.

Are mobile apps profitable?

It depends on the type of application and its purpose. People use their smartphones more often than laptops. The mobile market has grown substantially over the years and industry experts predict continued growth. Some apps can make up to $82k daily. In most cases, you can make your app profitable.

Should I build an app or a mobile website?

Both an app and a mobile website have their advantages. On the one hand, website development will be cheaper and faster. On the other hand, mobile apps are usually faster in terms of browsing, you can use an app both offline and online. The user can access phone contacts, location services, camera, or any such features through the mobile app which a website cannot. At the same time, an app requires installation, while you can easily reach the website.

What is the difference between PWA and native app?

PWA (Progressive Web App) is a web page that uses features, similar to a mobile app. PWA is accessible via a browser and provides the same user experience as a mobile application. At the same time, native apps run self-contained on your device. They are developed for specific platforms like iOS or Android.

Why Native apps are better than PWA?

Native apps have a few clear advantages:

  • Available offline functionality
  • More security options in native apps
  • The native app wins the market as to distribution in the app stores
  • Native code is faster and native app is more powerful


Fintech solutions are implemented in many different services and within many structures. Such apps help people save their time and money. 4ire Labs team is working on many different projects in order to help customers achieve their business goals. If you are interested in developing fintech solution for your business, you can contact us to discuss more.

Review provided by Maitres team is available on Clutch https://clutch.co/profile/4ire-labs#review-1457990
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