Take talks seriously.
Communication is a key to success. Toddle® is a key to communication.
A chat is the simplest and the most effective way to keep in touch with your team and your clients.

Adding a messager into your website or app, you boost the efficiency of the interaction hence ensuring a more productive atmosphere for your business.

Using the ready-to-use solutions, you don't get the desirable functionality. Developing your own communication tool, you have to invest a massive amount of money and time.

Toddle® is the sensible middle - the already developed platform enabling a quick but comprehensive customization.
It's a word that brings problems to the light. And it's nothing but the word that can solve them.
Toddle®'s base pack will cost you $10,000. Depending on the requirements and functionality expectations, the price may grow. Still, it will be less than you pay for any of the existing chat solutions. No monthly fees, no unexpected payments arriving as your organization grows.
Time is the resource that you cannot waste. Toddle® can get to work in hours.
Need a dedicated server? Would like to get your contacts synced? Want to create events and receive notifications? Does your business imply delivering media files or search in the virtual open-space? Toddle® gives you all of that and even more.
Information is priceless. Get yours protected by Toddle®. With a passcode, call/SMS/ID authentication, you can be pretty sure that nobody will ever see what the one isn't supposed to. Log out, erase personal data, delete your account - you can do it in a minute. Just in case you need to.
Мы сконцентрированы на главных ценностях и нуждах наших клиентов
Высокое качество
Многолетний опыт работы дает возможность браться за проекты любой сложности.
Индивидуальный подход
Каждый клиент уникален. Мы разрабатываем уникальные концепции для каждого.
Со всеми клиентами ы работаем только официально и даем гарантии на все виды работ.
Все члены нашей команды имеют большой опыт в рекламе, разработке и дизайне.